CHANEL – ‘#68 Troublant’ Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss fall 2012 (swatches, comparison & review)


Back in 2010 when CHANEL first introduced the Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss format, I wondered why the brand would need yet another type of gloss – I was already devoted to their glossimers – how could they top that? This new format was designed to provide all the shine and ease of application of a regular gloss, but with a bit more heft to it & lasting power, staying put where you placed it without the need for a lipliner. After taking the plunge and trying these out, let’s just say that I got my answer.

#68 Troublant


#68 Troublant is a beautiful plummy brown hue with some slight mauve undertones, as well as some hints of an inner pink, gold & copper sparkle, which luckily only add some depth here – subtle and refined. The softened rectangular spongy tip is also quite unique, in that it offers enough surface to pick up a fair amount of product to be deposited quickly along the lips, as well as being flexible enough to follow your contours smoothly. Using the top edge of the tip can also help with precision application ie: the cupid’s bow. The formula is thin but with enough body to provide decent coverage, and the shine left at the finish is excellent. Lasting power, while not as long as a lipstick, was definitely more than regular glosses provide, easily staying evenly visible for about 4 hours, gradually becoming somewhat less shiny after that – when the bulk of the product fully faded at about the 4-hour mark, I was left with softened and hydrated-feeling lips.

natural light

in sunlight

indirect natural light


The only other Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss I own to compare ‘#68 Troublant’ to is ‘#51 Insouciance’, and while the formula is the same, the colour is vastly different, with ‘Insouciance’ being a true nude shade and a touch less pigmented than ‘Troublant’ – but nonetheless, one of my go-to standards for daily wear.

natural light

in sunlight


Final thoughts: It’s no secret to those of you who have come to know me, how devoted I am to CHANEL products, but I believe my loyalty is justified; the quality of basically everything the company produces, is vastly superior to many other high end brands, and I love how they have taken a concept like “gloss” that’s been around for decades, and given it an update. ‘Troublant’ is a shade that is not only easy to wear colour-wise, but feels feather-light on the lips (no heavy stickiness present at all), and has the bonus of also providing good moisture throughout the wearing. I was told that the 2 Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss that were released for the fall 2012 collection, are limited shades, but a quick look on CHANEL’s website doesn’t state that – in other words, I’m not sure if they will become part of the permanent range, so be warned. A little pricey (US $32.00/0.28 fl. oz), especially for a gloss – absolutely. Considering the ease of portability while providing some gorgeous colour? Well worth the splurge, in my opinion.

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