CHANEL Beauty Edit · Paris/New York Métiers d’Art 2018

The tradition began in 2002 where each December, Karl Lagerfeld began unveiling a collection dedicated to CHANEL’s Métiers d’Art — the specialist manufacturers behind the exquisite detailing found on the House’s fashion & accessories. This past December 2nd, the show was held in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art with the spectacular Temple of Dendur as backdrop, hinting at the theme of the collection itself. For an armchair archaeologist like myself, I can’t even begin to express my feelings at this fusion of two of my passions: Ancient Egypt & beauty … be still my beating heart.

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The venue: The Temple of Dendur, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Paying homage to the grandeur of ancient Egypt via the use of colour, sumptuous fabrics, opulent jewels, and Pharaonic-inspired makeup looks, the entire effect was breathtaking, to say the least. By using artfully drawn liner around the eyes while keeping the rest of the face (and nails) relatively neutral, Lucia Pica easily captured the essence of the collection, allowing every facet to work in perfect harmony.

The Face: Les Beiges Teint Belle MineNaturelle, Les Pinceaux de CHANEL – Pinceau Fond de Teint, pinceau Duo Correcteur Rétractable brush, Palette Essentielle, Le Correcteur de CHANEL

The Brows: Stylo Sourcils Waterproof, Le Gel Sourcils

The Eyes: Calligraphie de CHANEL N°65 Hyperblack, Stylo Yeux Waterproof N°924 Fervent Blue*, Still Yeux Waterproof N°949 Blanc Graphique (available August 2019), Les Pinceaux de CHANEL – Pinceau Eyeliner*, Le Volume Révolution de CHANEL

The Cheeks: Palette Essentielle, Les Pinceaux de CHANEL – Pinceau Duo Correcteur Rétractable

The Lips: Rouge Coco Baume

The Nails: La Base, Le Vernis de CHANEL N°548 Blanc White*, Le Gel Coat

The Body: gold makeup on legs

Like a modern-day Nefertiti, no?

From the gorgeous metallic fabrics (of which I can’t get enough of), to the sublime craftsmanship of the beadwork, I am in awe of how these period details have been incorporated into the designs, making them both fashion-forward yet still maintaining a regal timelessness

I don’t even care if this beaded corset isn’t practical; I would wear it daily just because

A golden mummy-inspired hand wrap? Yes please

Another piece I have been missing in my wardrobe, yet never realized it: a beaded overskirt

Métiers d’Art 2018/19 Paris-New York Backstage CHANEL show

Makeup CHANEL – Lucia Pica
© CHANEL 2018

Photos Benoît Peverelli, CHANEL, Karl Lagerfeld

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