CHANEL – Dentelle Précieuse Illuminating Powder (LE)

CHANEL Dentelle Precieuse opener


Drawing inspiration from the delicate lace enhancing their haute couture designs, CHANEL introduces Dentelle Précieuse Illuminating Powder. Embossed with an intricate lace pattern (which, by the way, you’d swear upon initially viewing it, as being real fabric), the three complimentary hues of beige, rose, and copper add a soft luminosity and warmth to the face. If you can bear to dip a brush in it, that is.

Unlike oversprays, the life-like lace pattern printed on the surface of Dentelle Précieuse (CAN $76.00) doesn’t vanish the instant your brush touches it. This ultra-finely milled and relatively unscented powder is unique in several ways; not exactly a finishing powder nor a highlighter, it’s like a hybrid of the two, as it adds a light touch of colour (think really really light bronzer) but enhanced with a kind of softly glowing shimmer, like the way your skin would look in candlelight. Housed in a protective velveteen pouch, the accompanying angled soft natural-hair brush is actually quite usable, although I prefer my own brushes for the job. NOTE: the last 2 Illuminating Powders CHANEL has released both came with a rounded sponge applicator that was tricky to use at best – so I’m happy to see that the brand went back to the original angled brush format (as seen in the photo below of the 4 powders together).

I’ve worn Dentelle Précieuse a number of ways – on bare skin for a subtle sheen, over foundation but before blush – which gives a hint of a glow, and finally as a last step in my makeup routine, ie: over foundation + blush and applied to upper cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and temples – the best way to draw light to those areas, and my preferred method as well. Wear time was quite good, especially over foundation, easily passing the 8 hour mark – without oxidizing (changing colour as it merges with the skin’s natural oils) or emphasizing pores, as most shimmery products usually do.

What I find absolutely original with Dentelle Précieuse, is the finished look it gives to the skin which appears softly lit and boasting the barest hint of colour, a nice alternative to more visible highlighters (and more natural looking as well). If subtlety isn’t your thing, then this product will not be for you but for those who prefer a more understated kind of glow, you need to track this down.

I encourage you to click to enlarge the following photos for a closer look at the pattern detail.



CHANEL Dentelle Precieuse closed compact

CHANEL Dentelle Precieuse label

CHANEL Dentelle Precieuse 3


CHANEL Dentelle Precieuse powder


CHANEL Dentelle Precieuse 4

CHANEL Dentelle Precieuse 5


CHANEL Dentelle Precieuse 6

CHANEL Dentelle Precieuse 7


CHANEL Dentelle Precieuse swatch

CHANEL – Dentelle Précieuse Illuminating Powder swatch, in direct sunlight & blended out at right

CHANEL Dentelle Precieuse swatch 2

CHANEL – Dentelle Précieuse Illuminating Powder, seen indoors

CHANEL Dentelle Precieuse & comparisons

I pulled three other Illuminating Powders from my CHANEL collection (to keep the comparison consistent, I deliberately excluded any with deeper tones or with too many varying colours), and here’s how they compared to Dentelle Précieuse:

  • Mouche de Beauté (reviewed here) – closest in overall tone, although without the same multi-dimensional colour with a larger & more evident shimmer
  • Poudre Signée de CHANEL (reviewed here) – paler and more beige-leaning, similar texture in application, although the shimmer seems more pronounced
  • Lumière Sculptée de CHANEL (reviewed here) – lightest and more white-leaning with an extremely subtle shimmer, appears chalkier next to the rest

CHANEL Dentelle Precieuse & comparisons 2

CHANEL – Dentelle Précieuse Illuminating Powder & comparisons

CHANEL Dentelle Precieuse & comparisons swatch

CHANEL – Dentelle Précieuse Illuminating Powder & comparisons, in direct sunlight

CHANEL Dentelle Precieuse & comparison swatches 2

CHANEL – Dentelle Précieuse Illuminating Powder & comparisons, different lighting


The stars must have all been aligned or something, because I’m not exactly sure how I lucked out on this beauty, especially when you consider that all info released thus far has it as a France early exclusive, slated for launch on April 1. Yet here it is, in Canada and in my possession, no less. The collector in me would have no doubt scooped this up no matter what, but it turns out that Dentelle Précieuse might very well be the most amazing illuminating powder I have ever come across and totally backup-worthy. A must-have? I’d say yes, if you prefer your face powders on the understated side but which can still add light to the face and no, if a more visible look is what you’re going for. Either way, it’s worth a look, if only to marvel at the stunning design.

I picked mine up at The Bay (Canada).

CHANEL Dentelle Precieuse

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