CHANEL Fall-Winter 2021 · Tone On Tone Collection


I know it’s still summer, but beauty marches to its own calendar … case in point: today’s post on CHANEL’s Fall-Winter 2021 Tone On Tone Collection. With a focused colour palette, this collection is about a hushed kind of harmony, and while winter might be in its name, to me this grouping seems like it’s encapsulating fall’s full splendour — which is what I’ll be going with, as I’m nowhere near ready to even think of cold weather.



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I’m loving everything about this Fall-Winter 2021 campaign look (CHANEL)



608 Ombre Joues Contraste Powder Blush (CAN $56.00) | Looking at this unconventional colour, you’d be forgiven in assuming it was either a contour or bronzing powder, but it’s most certainly a blush. In line with the theme of the collection, this shade is more about giving cheeks some soft structure and a natural-looking healthy glow, rather than a straight-up flush of colour. The texture is incredibly fine-milled that won’t just sit upon skin’s surface, but meld to look absolutely seamless. Buildable to a certain degree, it can also be used as eyeshadow, whether alone or worn as a transitional shade — which is a great tip if you’re looking to tie a look together. Staying power over primer/foundation, is also excellent.



I went through my Joues Contraste collection looking for similar shades, and while Jersey has the same finish as Ombre, it’s definitely warmer and several degrees more intense colour-wise. Accent is in the same colour family but with shimmer, as well as being more pigmented. Ultimately, Ombre stands unique in my collection.


Ombre Première Laque (CAN $43.00/each) | Considering the scope of this collection, I’d have to say that all 4 shades of Ombre Première Laque are standouts. Housed in glass tubes with flattened flocked applicators, these are cream eyeshadows that come to a powder-like finish. Ultra-pigmented, they also contain a high level of complex shimmer — but no glitter — which gives each shade some added dimension. You can layer them for major impact, or blend them out for a more diffused finish. Whichever method you choose, I suggest working one eye at a time to prevent them from setting too quickly. Staying power over primer, is excellent with colours staying true until removed.

  • 33 Lamé Bronze – metallic platinum khaki
  • 35 Lamé Pourpre* – metallic brownish red with subtle plum reflexion
  • 37 Lamé Acier – metallic pewter
  • 39 Lamé Ivoire* – metallic ivory





Stylo Ombre et Contour (CAN $41.00/each) | A chubby retractable pencil with a sharpener hidden at the top end, these can be worn as eyeliner, eyeshadow, or even kohl. The texture is buttery smooth and glides effortlessly along the delicate skin around eyes, and blending them out couldn’t be easier — however you should work one eye at a time to prevent them from setting before you’re done. While you can certainly wear them solo, they can also be applied under powder eyeshadow to add more depth and act as an anchor. Staying power over primer is excellent as well, without any creasing, smudging, or flaking.

There are 2 more shades available: Contour Khaki & Contour Graphite, both not shown


  • 15 Contour Marron – browned garnet
  • 19 Contour Beige – terracotta beige


I pulled the closest matches from my collection of Stylo Ombre et Contour pencils, and while I assumed I would find similarities, it was surprising to note that both Contour Beige and Contour Marron stand unique.



74 Low-Key Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick (CAN $52.00) | A dusty rose/nude/peach shade in a formula that comes to a velvety finish. The texture is quite pigmented, despite the light hue, and I love how it’s not drying at all, but feels comfortable throughout wear. There’s a good balance of both cool and warm undertones to make it suitable for a broad range of skin tones. TIP: you can also apply this to cheeks as blush, which is another great way of tying a look together.

Also available in 75 Mode, not shown



Le Vernis (CAN $38.00/each) | The four nail polish shades here all echo the colours of the collection and are in line with the whole “tone on tone” theme. It’s been some time now that CHANEL has reworked the brush, and it’s now one of my favourites to use. All four are crèmes, apply in a self-levelling way, and come to a naturally glossy finish. I advise layering a base coat underneath the deeper colours to avoid any potential staining.

All swatches are shown with 2 coats of polish, no base or top coat


  • 905 Brun Fumé – brownish concrete with a khaki undertone, crème
  • 907 Rouge Brun* – blood chocolate, crème
  • 909 Beige Cendré* – khaki grey, crème
  • 911 Terre Brûlée – terracotta brownish red, crème


When photos of this collection began circulating, there was some talk of it being too “safe”, but I disagree; in my opinion, when you’re dropping top dollar for beauty products, it’s nice when everything not only delivers, but turns out to be 100% wearable — both factors in clear evidence here. I love how cohesive everything is and what’s more, I can definitely see myself wearing these shades all year round. I’m not even mad at the fact that there’s no highlighter … I guess CHANEL has to hold something back for the next collection!

Available at CHANEL counters nationwide



Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

*purchased product

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