CHANEL Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Ready-To-Wear Show: Beauty


CHANEL’s recent Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection was held once again at Paris’ Grand Palais which had been transformed into the N°5 Launchpad complete with a 115-foot rocket, no less (excellent touch), and was a show that looked both to the past and the future. With an homage to Coco Chanel’s icon tweed and quilting, Karl Lagerfeld reinvented both for today’s modern world, while 60’s model Twiggy served as inspiration for the graphically romantic looks seen on the models. Oh, and those stunning jewelled headbands? They ∗almost∗ make me long for winter…. (but I can wait)

Of classic imagery, there was much to be seen: timeless CHANEL tweed, sparkly go-go boots, backcombed hair, and intensely lined & heavy-fringed eyes abounded, all given a contemporary spin that totally works for the present. Leaning on the editorial side, the makeup created can still be made to work on us non-models as well with just a bit of tweaking; I can totally see it applied as either in a cut-crease way or slightly diffused in the socket-line — both styles absolutely beautiful. The Rose Violine lip shade worn by the models is one of my favourites from this range (reviewed here) with its rosy bloom of colour acting as the perfect counterpoint to the more dramatic eyes. Cheeks were lightly flushed with yet another favourite, Elégance from the Coco Codes Spring/Summer Collection (reviewed here), a shade that if you don’t already own, I highly suggest you pick it up.

2017-18 Fall/Winter CHANEL Ready-To-Wear Show Backstage


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Photos: Benoît Peverelli

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Paris’ Grand Palais transformed into the CHANEL N°5 Launchpad

Twiggy: hitting up a 60s icon for inspiration

Skin was first prepped with Hydra Beauty Micro Gel Yeux and La Solution 10 de CHANEL

FACE: Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation, Les Pinceaux de CHANEL Retractable Foundation Brush (2017), Éclat Lumière Correcteur Perfection

EYES: Le Blanc de CHANEL, Ombre Premiere Titane N°38 & Ombre Premiere Noir Satin N°26 (Eyes Collection 2017), Hyperblack N°65 Calligraphie de CHANEL, Les Pinceaux de CHANEL Retractable Dual-Tip Eyeshadow Brush & Dual-Tip Eye Contouring Brush (2017), Le Volume de CHANEL Noir N°10, false eyelashes (not for sale)

EYEBROWS: Le Gel Sourcils (Eyes Collection 2017)

CHEEKS: Joues Contraste Elégance N°370 (Coco Codes, Spring-Summer 2017 Collection)

LIPS: Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur Rose Violine N°2 (2017)

NAILS: La Base, Le Vernis Blanc White N°548 (Coco Codes, Spring-Summer 2017), le Gel Coat

Fly me to the moon … with CHANEL

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The finale, in which the rocket actually took off (sort of) …

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  1. @laurantaina says:

    I ADORE the 60’s make up style and Twiggy, they’re always been an inspiration for me. Very happy to see these pictures, I think Chanel make up is beautifully executed. Thank you for this post!

    xx Laura

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