CHANEL Harmonie du Soir – Holiday 2012


CHANEL’s Holiday 2012 Collection offers so many beautiful pieces that resistance, as the “Borg” (Star Trek Next Generation reference – yes, I’m a sci-fi geek) would say, is futile. The ‘Harmonie du Soir’ eyeshadow quad is the jewel of this group; visually stunning with the iconic CHANEL quilted pattern and interlocked C’s embossed on the surface of each shade, with colours that are fresh and unique and in a formula that is rich & sublime.

CHANEL Eclats du Soir Holiday 2012 Collection (source)

Harmonie du Soir – iconic black & gold packaging

Harmonie du Soir


Regard Signé de CHANEL in Harmonie du Soir – quite different in texture from CHANEL’s other eyeshadow quads, the four shades in this compact each bear a similar silky feel in their formulation, are quite pigment-saturated and last an incredibly long time. With almost no fallout to speak of and no powdery kickback, the first thing you notice upon application is their  butter-smooth glide, followed by the complex & rich jewel-like tone of each colour.

I was a little concerned about wearing a reddish hue on my eyes, but the mulberry shade of the compact has enough brown/russet tones in its base, that it becomes very wearable and adds just the right amount of depth to your look. Mixed with the taupe – a complex and ultra rich mink hue – it develops into a unique mauve/plum tone that will enhance all eye colours. The antiqued hue of the gold shade lends itself well as an inner eye corner highlighter or under the browbone for more dramatic impact, while the pale pink colour works exceptionally well when used to soften the edges of the deeper shades, or even alone as a light wash across the lid.

Gold – top left shade

taupe – top right shade

pink – bottom right shade

mulberry – bottom left shade

swatches – in sunlight

swatches – indirect light


The look and format of this year’s ‘Harmonie du Soir’ eyeshadow quad, was originally featured on last year’s limited edition ‘Topkapi’ eyeshadow quad from the limited edition ‘Les Byzances de CHANEL’ collection. Bearing the same buttery smooth and highly pigmented formula in all of the shades offered, I’m happy to see that there are no duplicates in the two and yet they seem to have a common thread, with both cool and warm tones available in each palette for extra wearability and versatility. As you can clearly see from the usage in the above photo, I absolutely love ‘Topkapi’ and turn to it quite a bit for so many looks, although ‘Harmonie du Soir’ has been getting an equal amount of love from me lately.

swatches – in sunlight

swatches – indirect light


Final thoughts: It’s difficult for me to choose just one “standout” item from this collection, but as far as versatility goes, you definitely get your money’s worth with the ‘Harmonie du Soir’ eyeshadow quad. The formula is unbelievable and a complete pleasure to work with, while the selection of shades work beautifully either worn alone, in various combinations, or even layered together. In my opinion, this is definitely one of the must-haves of this collection.

Available at The Bay counters and Holt Renfrew across Canada, please note that this is a limited edition item – get it while you can!

Congratulations to Laura B. – winner of my Elizabeth Arden Fall Glam giveaway! Hugs and thank you to all who entered!

17 Responses to CHANEL Harmonie du Soir – Holiday 2012

  1. Rats! Topkapi is really appealing to me right now and it’s too late. While I love the look of this year’s quad, I’m pretty sure I’ll end up with Notorious only for now. Enjoy your new pretty! 🙂

    • Eugenia says:

      You don’t want to know all the hoops I had to go through last year to capture ‘Topkapi’, lol! I ended up ordering it from the Holt’s in Vancouver (one of only 3 stores to carry it), while I was in Florida vacationing! Talk about a crazy addiction, am I right?! As to ‘Notorious’, I picked up my order today (it came in a few days ago, but I was too busy to go downtown & get it) and if you’re planning on it, my advice to you is to nab it ASAP – they’re going like hotcakes!!

      • I had it on reserve Wed and picked it up today, lol. It’s a bit tricky but hopefully I’ll get the hang of using it! How have you been using/liking it so far?

      • Eugenia says:

        Yay! It’s an excellent purchase! I have been using this quite a bit actually; I’ve worn it fairly neutral-ish (the lightest shades all over the lid, taupe for a touch more definition on outer corners), I’ve worn this vampy-ish (mulberry hue amplified all over the lid, sometimes mixed with a bit of the taupe for more depth – edges softened with the pink), the gold as a highlighter as well as layered over the taupe to make it “pop” – you name it, the possibilities are endless! Let me know how you fare!

      • Oh, ooopsie! Should have mentioned that I was talking about Notorious and not the quad. 🙂 I ended up ordering the LORAC Pro Palette from Sephora to fulfill my eye shadow lemming! It’s fun to hear about how you’ve been wearing the shadows too though. 🙂

      • Eugenia says:

        Ahhhh….guess I just assumed you referred to the eyeshadows, lol! As to ‘Notorious’, I only got to play with it today and let’s just say that I still have a few learning curves to overcome, but I’m getting there! 🙂 I’m interested to hear your thoughts about it and how you’re going to make it work!!

  2. ltbeautyblog says:

    It’s a totally wearable quad – so happy with this investment!
    *It appears your original comment was accidentally removed – I’m so sorry about that! If you’d like to re-send it, that would be so great!*

  3. UGGGhhh Big Sis this one is so pretty! And there’s an almost red in there! Why do you do this to me? 🙂 I should go see it, right?

    • Eugenia says:

      Lil Sis, even if it weren’t for the “almost red”, you NEED to see this – it’s in the same formula as last year’s Topkapi, which will go down in history as one of my favourite CHANEL quads ever!

  4. I love that there is a Star Trek reference in your Chanel quad review. You are so awesome, Eugenia. This is so pretty! I’m not much for Chanel eye shadows, but I wonder if mum wants this for Christmas…hahaha!

    • Eugenia says:

      Lol – thanks, my friend! I am a “Trekker” not a “Trekkie” (the latter is the wrong term…only a true fan would know this ;)) Mum would SO want this for Christmas…..!!!

  5. Maribeth says:

    These are just so beautiful!!!!! That burgundy/rose shadow is calling to me!!!!

    PS I’m alive! I just got my power back (it’s been out since Monday). We were very lucky compared to what others are going through in the surrounding areas. Thanks so much for worrying, Momma Bear 😉

  6. nawi says:

    totally in love had to have it and yesterday I was lucky enough to get it. cannot wait to play with it. Will you be reviewing other items from this collection?

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