CHANEL – Le Blush Crème de CHANEL #62 Présage (Limited Edition)

CHANEL #62 Présage opener


I’ve always shied clear of cream-based cosmetics, primarily because I have combination skin and don’t need the extra emollient factor, but formulas have come a long way since this finish was originally introduced, and the new Le Blush Crème de CHANEL takes that innovation one step further, by creating a product that may look like a cream, but winds up feeling (and applying) like a powder. Of the 6 shades launched, some are slated for permanent status, while others, such as #62 Présage being reviewed here today, are limited – the CHANEL website lists 3 on the limited edition list, but I’ve had conflicting information from their counters – one thing is certain, this particular shade is definitely on that list.


CHANEL #62 Présage & ad

CHANEL Cream Blush – #62 Présage

CHANEL #62 Présage ingredients

CHANEL Cream Blush – #62 Présage (ingredients list)

CHANEL #62 Présage with sleeve

CHANEL Cream Blush – #62 Présage

CHANEL #62 Présage

#62 Présage (US $38.00 – 0.09 oz/2.5 g) – this is a hot and vivid coral/peach shade with a definitive orange cast to it seen in the pan, which thankfully doesn’t translate onto the skin. There’s a faint shimmer seen on the product surface, although it’s not apparent when applied, but most likely serves to add depth and catch/reflect light. This relatively unscented blush product comes with the usual CHANEL velour sleeve for added protection, especially useful when travelling. Lasting power was quite impressive as well, going easily 12 hours without any fading – longer when applied more densely. As this is a warm leaning shade, it is best suited for medium to darker complexions, while fairer skin might find this absolutely perfect to go with a light tan.

Application Technique:

As this particular shade is quite exceptionally pigmented, a little really does go a long way.  The unique finish of these blushes means that you have several methods at your disposal with regards to application, starting with the most obvious – your fingers, although that can not only get messy, but could end up wasting more product than is necessary. A flat paddle-style foundation brush yields a more intense layer of colour, although that can still be easily blended out, as desired. I found that I had the best control, as well as the most realistic wash of colour, by using a dense slant-headed brush; lightly dabbing the brush into the blush, I then stippled that in a rapid up-down motion across the apples of my cheeks or along the tops of the cheekbones, then finished by lightly blending out using the same brush.


CHANEL #62 Présage label

CHANEL Cream Blush – #62 Présage

CHANEL #62 Présage side view

CHANEL Cream Blush – #62 Présage

CHANEL #62 Présage macro

CHANEL Cream Blush – #62 Présage (with flash)

CHANEL #62 Présage swatch

CHANEL Cream Blush #62 Présage – swatched heavily (left), blended (right)

CHANEL #62 Présage vs Dior #651 Panama

Upon bringing #62 Présage home, I immediately wanted to compare it to the only other similarly hued blush in my collection, #651 Panama (reviewed here) from Dior’s recently released Diorblush Cheek Creme Collection. While both are vibrant salmon/peachy shades in a cream to powder format, there appears to be a hint of shimmer in Panama that translates in a very subtle way upon the skin, as well as a less pigmented formula for a sheerer veil of colour – but only in comparison to the intensity of Présage.

Note how in the above photo of both cream blushes, the Dior shade, while looking so much more vivid than the CHANEL, actually applies in a much sheerer fashion – which just proves that you can never judge cosmetics based on first impressions.


CHANEL #62 Présage vs Dior Panama swatches

CHANEL #62 Présage vs Dior #651 Panama – swatched heavily (left), blended (right)


If you haven’t tried out any of these CHANEL Cream Blushes yet, I strongly urge you to give them a look next time you’re near a counter – they will NOT fail to impress. I love their portability and ease of use, and the colour range – while not large – definitely covers the spectrum for the fairest all the way to the darkest skin tones. The innovation of this formula gives the most believable flush of colour, and the long-lasting properties ensures you don’t have to fuss about touch-ups. The only downside? The fact that this particular colour, is limited. Guess I should consider a back up before it’s too late …


CHANEL #62 Présage closer

12 Responses to CHANEL – Le Blush Crème de CHANEL #62 Présage (Limited Edition)

  1. I can’t afford these right now, but when the time comes, definitely going to scoop up one or two of these creme blushers. I keep hearing different things about the limited edition shades at every counter I query, and sometimes what is limited here turns out to be permanent in another continent. So, I’m not going to panic and bide my time. Presage is definitely a great pick!

    • Eugenia says:

      It drives me nuts that I can never get a straight answer about things like that – and for some reason, CHANEL is the brand that’s usually the most confusing in these matters. The only constant I’ve come across with regards to these blushes, is that everyone agrees Présage is on the LE list. I won’t swear it on a stack of bibles though, lol! If anything, I can see this shade working beautifully on you, Liz!

  2. ashli113 says:

    I am very hesitant to try anything cream-based (eyeshadow, blush, whatever) because of my extremely oily skin. I recently found Urban Decay Primer Potion for eyes which has really increased my ability to wear eye makeup for over 2 hours. Any tips on what I can do to de-slick my face a little?

    • Eugenia says:

      First of all, you should never skip moisturizer; by doing so, you’re basically telling your skin that it’s parched & it will then produce even more oils to compensate. Start with an oil free moisturizer and let that get absorbed fully into your skin. You might want to look into a mattifying face primer such as Mr. Mat by Givenchy (Smashbox, Korres, and even Urban Decay all have a version as well). Once you’ve moisturized and primed, then you should look into foundations that are made specifically for oil-prone skin. Setting your foundation with an ultra-fine translucent powder will help seal everything in and give you some extra oil-free time as well. As a last resort, you can also keep some blotting papers (such as those by Shisheido) on hand for any touch-ups. Glad to hear that the UD shadow primer has helped you out; my personal preference is the transparent primer from NARS … my shadows hold on like iron with that! Hope this helps!

  3. I’ve heard so many great things! I need to get my hands on these 🙂 great post

  4. I picked up Revelation a couple weeks ago and I absolutely adore it – it’s the perfect warm, soft, natural looking shade! I tend to always go for brights (like the drool-worthy ones above) so I was trying to switch it up. It’s going to get SO much love from me once my tan fades – though it’s pretty now, it tends to fade a bit because I’m so dark. But come late fall/winter, it’s most definitely going to be my go to! Absolutely gorgeous texture too, you’re right Eugenia. 100% love!

    • Eugenia says:

      I had picked up Revelation while on holiday, but ended up returning it as I didn’t think I would get as much mileage from it…that was back when my tan was in full force and now that it’s faded some, I may have to rethink that decision. Thanks for reminding me, Toya! I’m sure that this shade looks amazing on you!

  5. Elektra King says:

    I totally agree with you regarding the improved formulas. This also applies to cream eyeshadows nowadays. They are really, REALLY long-lasting and stay in place all day long! I used to worry about cream eyeshadows to settle in the eyelid crease but these days are clearly gone.

    • Eugenia says:

      You’re so right about cream eye shadows having improved as well; I guess it really helps that the new formats come in a gel-cream hybrid, which makes them lighter and less prone to creasing!

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