CHANEL | Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation & Mimosa Le Blanc Makeup Base

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The house of CHANEL has recently introduced the latest addition to what is already one of their most successful ranges (having Gisele Bündchen as the spokesperson doesn’t hurt) and has launched Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation. Following the concept of ‘bonne mine’ (French for ‘healthy looking’), this is a lightweight foundation that is meant to even out your skin tone but still provide flawless coverage … and leave everyone wondering what you did to get that healthy glow.

Other new releases from CHANEL that are being added to one of the brand’s cult-fave products, are Le Blanc N°20 Mimosa and N°10 Rosée (not shown) Makeup Brightening Base. These new face primers not only offer colour-correcting properties, but also come equipped with SPF 40/PA+++ for an extra layer of sun protection. Fans of the original Le Blanc, now have options (see? CHANEL totally listens to their consumers).


CHANEL Les Beiges foundation & Mimosa Le Blanc with Coco

CHANEL | Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation & Mimosa Le Blanc Makeup Base

CHANEL Les Beiges foundation caps

CHANEL Les Beiges foundation 2

CHANEL | Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation

CHANEL Les Beiges foundation nozzle

CHANEL | Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation


CHANEL Les Beiges Foundations trio

Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation SPF 25/PA ++ (CAN $65.00) | Available in 8 shades (here in Canada; more Internationally), this foundation has a weightless feel along the skin and comes to a natural-looking satin/matte finish. Some of the key ingredients include:

  • Kalanchoe Extract & UV Filters to protect against harsh environmental conditions
  • Hyaluronic Acid Derivative to provide long-lasting moisture
  • Healthy Glow Mineral Pigments to deliver that ‘dazzling healthy glow’
  • Soft Focus Powders to even out the complexion and provide a sheer finish

Housed in a square glass bottle, the pump delivery system is effective in dispensing just the right amount of product needed for application without any waste. This foundation bears the signature CHANEL rose scent (which I personally love) and while noticeable, it does soon after application. The silky texture falls somewhere between lotion and cream, with enough density to keep it from being runny but that will lay down easily along the skin. Regarding application, CHANEL recommends using your fingers, although I really love working this into my skin with a primer-dampened beauty sponge for the most flawless-looking finish. The final look is velvety soft and with a natural-looking sheen; like your skin, but so much better. As to longevity, I experience no fading, creasing or separation (when the foundation starts to break apart on some areas such as around the nose), and in fact seems to look even better as it fuses further with my skin’s warmth and natural oils.

  • N°20 – the lightest of the 3 shown, slight rose undertone, suitable for light to light-medium complexions
  • N°30 – neutral hue suitable for a broad range of complexions, mix of rose & golden undertones
  • N°50 – the deepest of the 3 shown, mix of gold and some rose in the base, suitable for medium to medium-dark complexions (as well as light-medium skin like mine, but only once I’ve had some sun colouring)


CHANEL Les Beiges foundation swatches 1

CHANEL | Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation swatches

CHANEL Les Beiges foundations watches 2

CHANEL | Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation swatches (partially blended)

CHANEL Les Beiges foundation swatches 3

CHANEL | Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation swatches (blended out)

CHANEL Mimosa Le Blanc

Le Blanc Brightening Makeup Base N°20 Mimosa (CAN $58.00) | Similar in concept to the brand’s iconic Le Blanc primer base, this product also has SPF 40/PA+++ in the formula for added sun protection, and comes housed in a rectangular plastic bottle (like the Vitalumière Aqua Foundation) with a nozzle dispenser; note that the contents need to be thoroughly shaken prior to application. The two shades available also provide colour-correcting properties, with N°10 Rosée helping to add brightness and luminosity and N°20 Mimosa to help visibly correct the appearance of shadows and unevenness. Bearing a fresh fragrance plus a lighter version of CHANEL’s signature rose scent, the texture is somewhat runny and more lotion-like, but you can dispense as much or as little as you like for an effortless application. Some key ingredients include:

  • Enlightening Ceramic Ingredient to transform the energy of surrounding light into visible light along the skin, helping to even out imperfections
  • 2-Year matured Akoya Pearls for a brighter complexion and light-reflecting translucency
  • Glycine in high concentrations, a main component of skin’s natural moisturizing factor

Applied to bare skin Mimosa acts as a smoothing base for laying foundation on top, helping it to adhere better and resist being deposited into facial lines and pores. Another feature of this product is that you can also dab it strategically over foundation and blend it into any areas that may need a touch more ‘help’. Don’t let the pale lemony hue throw you; once blended into the skin, the finish is transparent but still with a slight light-reflecting sheen.

Available in N°10 Rosée  as well (not shown)


CHANEL Mimosa Le Blanc open

CHANEL | Le Blanc N°20 Mimosa Makeup Base


CHANEL Le Blanc 20 Mimosa swatches

CHANEL | Le Blanc N°20 Mimosa Makeup Base swatches

CHANEL Les Beiges foundation & Mimosa Le Blanc 1

CHANEL | Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation & Mimosa Le Blanc Makeup Base


Finding the right foundation can be a challenge, primarily because of the vast choices available today. I personally like to change my foundation with the seasons, as my skin has different needs at various points throughout the year but one factor that’s non-negotiable, is that I expect a flawless finish. What I absolutely love about the new Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation, is that it truly gives that healthy, natural-looking, and easy-feeling coverage kind of glow — most particularly at the end of the day when I physically may be tired, but my face is still going strong. If fuller coverage is your thing, then you might want to look elsewhere but if you’re like me and like to forget you’re wearing foundation but still have the security of knowing your skin looks amazing, then THIS may just be what you’ve been waiting for.

Available at The Bay CHANEL counters nationwide (CANADA)

CHANEL Les Beiges foundation and Mimosa Le Blanc 2



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