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The ethereal beauty of the ballet is the inspiration behind La Perle du CHANEL for Spring 2015, the latest release from this luxury brand, with airy metallics and fresh rose hues the order of the day. This is a relatively small collection that has several lovely pieces (look for upcoming reviews on my other selections), but today, it’s all about the shimmery silver, whisper-soft & impossibly gleaming beauty of Illusion d’Ombre N°102 Mysterio (CAN $38.00 limited edition).

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CHANEL | Illusion d’Ombre N°102 Mysterio

CHANEL Mysterioso label


CHANEL Mysterioso & applicator

CHANEL | Illusion d’Ombre N°102 Mysterio


CHANEL Myserioso

Illusion d’Ombre N°102 Mysterio | With its perfect mix of warm and cool undertones, N°102 Mysterio can either appear platinum hued (when seen in direct light/sunlight) or as a brilliant steely-ice silver (lower light). If you’re new to the Illusion d’Ombre range from CHANEL, this is actually a gel-to-powder eyeshadow product in a cushiony format, claimed to be long-lasting and can be worn as either eyeshadow or liner.

With the exception of one shade (Rivière) that was never released here in Canada, I have all the rest of the Illusion d’Ombres from CHANEL, and I can truthfully say that not all perform as expected; N°102 Mysterio, however, has redeemed the range with its spectacular colour (the initial texture seen in the pot looks somewhat dull, but once swatched, its true brilliant nature appears) and wonderful texture (which is smoothly applying with zero fall-out). In the swatch photo below that was intentionally blurred, you can see the ultra fine prismatic shimmer that lends such depth and vibrancy to this shade, while application couldn’t be easier as well.

There are several ways to apply and wear the Illusion d’Ombre shades; the best is actually with one’s fingers – great for a broader sweep of colour across the lid, but not so easy for finer or more detailed work. That’s where a synthetic haired brush comes in (which absorbs less product than a natural haired brush would), enabling you to do more precision work or even layer N°102 Mysterio for increased intensity. Depending on the look, I might also go in with a blending brush to smooth and soften out any edges, although I wouldn’t recommend starting with that type of brush. With regards to staying power, I have oily lids and definitely need to prime first or risk having the product crease within an hour – despite the long-wearing claim. With primer, I experience basically no creasing, flaking, or fading, with the colour staying true until removal.

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CHANEL | Illusion d’Ombre N°102 Mysterio

CHANEL Mysterioso macro

CHANEL | Illusion d’Ombre N°102 Mysterio (taken with flash)


CHANEL Mysterioso swatch 1

CHANEL | Illusion d’Ombre N°102 Mysterio

CHANEL Mysterioso swatch 2

CHANEL | Illusion d’Ombre N°102 Mysterio (blurred to highlight the complex shimmer)

CHANEL Mysterioso swatch 3

CHANEL | Illusion d’Ombre N°102 Mysterio (same angle, alternate lighting)


Silver eyeshadow is not always an easy colour to wear but N°102 Mysterio is one of those silver hues that will just work on everyone. Despite its über-gleaming nature, this is also a wonderful shade for daytime wear, especially when worn as a sheer veil of colour along the lids, drawing light to your eyes. As a bonus, the finely milled texture of the shimmer also lends itself to being applied as a highlighter (cheekbones, cupid’s bow), adding another level of versatility. In my opinion, this is by far one of the best Illusion d’Ombre shades from CHANEL, and well worth picking up.

Available now at CHANEL counters across Canada. I picked mine up at The Bay.

CHANEL Mysterioso closer

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