CHANEL Spring 2013 Le Vernis – Emprise, Fracas & Accessoire

CHANEL Spring 2013 (opener)


CHANEL’s 2013 Printemps Precieux Collection does not disappoint, especially as far as the varnishes are concerned. The three shades shown (only #573 Accessoire is supposed to be permanent) have a fairly broad appeal with colours that should fit all tastes, from neutral fans to vampy lovers, but #571 Fracas steals the show with its flirty hue – I see this becoming my summertime staple!

All swatches are with base and top coat.

CHANEL Spring 2013

CHANEL #569 Emprise, #571 Fracas & #573 Accessoire

CHANEL #569 Emprise

#569 Emprise – a muted ballerina slipper pink hue with pearly shimmer – clearly seen in the bottle, but appears less distinctly on the nail (in some angles & lighting, you can see an almost silver/pearly sheen). The medium density formula applies in a self-levelling way with a nice gloss at the finish. Coats applied: 3 (very thin)

CHANEL Emprise swatch

CHANEL – #569 Emprise

CHANEL Emprise swatch 2

CHANEL – #569 Emprise

CHANEL Emprise and Frisson

Going through my collection of CHANEL polishes, revealed #543 Frisson (previously reviewed here) to be the closest to Emprise in base colour, but they are still quite different from each other.

  • index & pinkie fingers: #543 Frisson – sheerer, pale baby pink with pink, silver & gold finely ground glitter, less apricot in the base
  • middle & ring fingers: #569 Emprise

CHANEL Emprise vs Frisson swatch

CHANEL – Emprise vs. Frisson

CHANEL #571 Fracas

#571 Fracas – a hot salmon pink shade with extremely fine gold, silver, & pink/magenta shimmer, that once more does not translate as clearly on the nail to what’s seen in the bottle, although it does add some overall depth and reflects well in certain lighting. Good density and flow, self-levelling and glossy, there’s a nice saturation of colour to this uniquely vivid hue. Coats applied: 2

CHANEL Fracas swatch

CHANEL – #571 Fracas

CHANEL Fracas swatch 2

CHANEL – #571 Fracas

CHANEL Fracas and Riviera

The only CHANEL shade I own that bears a similar intensity to Fracas, is #537 Riviera (CHANEL Summer 2010 Collection), although the only thing in common between them is that they’re both vivid pink hues.

  • middle & pinkie fingers: #537 Riviera – sheerer, a hybrid jelly/crème formula with no shimmer, a truer pink with blueish undertones, cooler leaning
  • index & ring fingers: #571 Fracas

CHANEL Fracas vs Riviera swatch

CHANEL – Fracas vs. Riviera

CHANEL #573 Accessoire

#573 Accessoire – an ultra rich & decadent deep burgundy hue with hints of brown in the base. An absolutely stellar formula, highly colour saturated, self-levelling and finishing with a high gloss, making top coat almost superfluous. LOVE this! Coats applied: 2

CHANEL Accessoire swatch

CHANEL – #573 Accessoire

CHANEL Accessoire swatch 2

CHANEL – #573 Accessoire

CHANEL Accessoire and Provocation

I initially thought that #573 Accessoire was almost identical to CHANEL’s Provocation (previously reviewed here), and while they both share a similar depth, there are differences as well.

  • index & pinkie fingers: Provocation – grape undertones, cooler leaning, amazing glossy shine, formula even more spectacular (if possible!)
  • middle & ring fingers: #573 Accessoire

CHANEL Accessoire vs Provocation swatch

CHANEL – Accessoire vs. Provocation


Final thoughts: With every CHANEL launch, I always assume that the nail lacquers couldn’t possibly top the ones that came before before, and yet I am always pleasantly surprised just the same. Along with a few other pieces that from the collection that came home with me, there was no way I would leave any of these behind, but as my comparisons show, the only shade that is truly unique amongst the three, is #571 Fracas. And with these CHANEL beauties, Spring has truly begun for me!

I purchased these varnishes from The Bay (Canada) – feel free to me know what you’ll be indulging in with this collection!

CHANEL Spring 2013 (closer)

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