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CHANEL Sunkiss Ribbon opener

The undoubted star piece from CHANEL’s L.A. Sunrise Collection for Spring 2016, is without question the Sunkiss Ribbon Blush Harmony (limited edition). Evoking the mood of a dreamy Los Angeles morning sky, the five hues of this blush bear an exquisitely crafted logo-embossed ribbon pattern that begs to be admired from afar – but trust me, you’ll definitely want to use this beauty. Just take a lot of pictures first as a keepsake.

CHANEL Sunkiss Ribbon with brush

CHANEL | Sunkiss Ribbon Harmony Blush (with brush)

CHANEL Sunkiss Ribbon 1

Sunkiss Ribbon Harmony Blush (CAN $57.00) | Protected by a velour sleeve and housed in the brand’s iconic black lacquered square compact with the white double C’s (as well as a full-sized mirror on the inner lid), it also comes with a flat angled natural hair brush, also in its own separate sleeve. A surprisingly good brush with very soft bristles, I still prefer using my own brushes for the job – although this one works beautifully and is perfect for travel. The colours include:

  • tangerine with coral undertones
  • rose pink
  • hot pink
  • nude/tan
  • rosewood

Sunkiss Ribbon is one product that shows the amount of thought that went into its creation; the three most saturated colours (tangerine, hot pink and rosewood) form the smallest portions of the pan, while the two more universally wearable colours (rose pink and nude/tan) comprise the largest section. As the shades are in ribbon ‘segments’, they are not meant to be worn individually but rather swirled together to create a multi-dimensional blush shade. Depending on where you concentrate your brush will determine the final colour; for example, adding more of the tangerine hue will give the blush a coral (and therefore warmer) cast, while picking up more of either the hot pink or rosewood hues will result in a brighter (and slightly cooler) tone. There’s even room to play with using either of the rose pink and nude/tan hues, helping to dial the colour up or down as desired, giving you so many possibilities. The overall look of these colours is warm-leaning, but there is enough of the more ‘neutral’ hues to make it wearable by light skin tones, while the more vivid colours in the pan will help this blush pop on darker complexions too.

The powder is quite finely milled and displays minimal kickback when swirling a brush across its surface; personally, it was almost painful marring its pristine appearance but the resulting blush colour is just so gorgeous, that it made up for it. Infused with the ultra fine shimmer that CHANEL does so incredibly well, there’s a slight sheen in the finish that makes your skin glow and is seriously, seriously gorgeous. Worn over foundation, staying power is impressive and stays true until removed.

CHANEL Sunkiss Ribbon macro

CHANEL | Sunkiss Ribbon Harmony Blush (detail)

CHANEL Sunkiss Ribbon macro 2

CHANEL | Sunkiss Ribbon Harmony Blush

CHANEL Sunkiss Ribbon macro 3

CHANEL | Sunkiss Ribbon Harmony Blush

CHANEL Sunkiss Ribbon 2

CHANEL | Sunkiss Ribbon Harmony Blush

CHANEL Sunkiss Ribbon 3

CHANEL | Sunkiss Ribbon Harmony Blush

CHANEL Sunkiss Ribbon swatch 1

CHANEL | Sunkiss Ribbon Harmony Blush swatch (individual shades)

CHANEL Sunkiss Ribbon swatch 2

CHANEL | Sunkiss Ribbon Harmony Blush swatch (blended)


With Sunkiss Ribbon, what CHANEL has done is to create a piece that is as beautiful to wear as it is to behold, and so incredibly worth investing in. As someone who has more than her share of blushes, it speaks volumes that I find myself reaching for this lovely ever since it first landed across my desk, creating a new custom shade with every use. My advice? Get yourself to a CHANEL counter and grab one before they disappear … much like an L.A. Sunrise (I couldn’t resist).

The CHANEL Collection L.A. Sunrise for Spring 2016 is available now. Find more information via

CHANEL Sunkiss Ribbon closer


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