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From the day Charlotte Tilbury launched her eponymously named range, one product struck a chord with everyone who tried it, and that was the Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk — a “universally flattering” nude-pink hue that just works on all. Like magic. Recognizing this incredible appeal, it was only natural that an entire collection would be spawned around this shade … and I for one am so glad of that.

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Pillow Talk Instant Eye Palette*, limited edition (CAN $95.00) | Inspired by Charlotte Tilbury’s universally flattering nude-rose shade, this is a one-stop eyeshadow palette containing 12 shades (4 shimmers, 8 mattes) housed in a gorgeous metallic rose gold case sporting an Art Deco vibe. The shadows are divided into 3 categories (prime – the base, enhance – for the crease & lid, and smoke – to line and add depth/definition) and 3 distinct groups (Day, Desk, Date and Dream) although that’s obviously a general guideline and you’re free to go with any combo that suits your fancy. All shades display an excellent level of colour saturation and effortless blendability, with minimal fall down seen upon application. Personally, I love the fact that there are so many matte options in this palette and how diverse the shade range is, giving the opportunity to create quite a few looks.

Day Look:

  • dreamy champagne pink (prime)
  • shimmering rose gold (enhance)
  • matte dusty pink (smoke)

Desk Look:

  • matte peachy camel (prime)
  • matte peachy coral (enhance)
  • matte burnt terracotta (smoke)

Date Look:

  • matte taupe (prime)
  • matte soft tawny brown (enhance)
  • matte warm velvety brown (smoke)

Dream Look:

  • shimmering rosy pink (prime)
  • sparkling sunset pink (enhance)
  • matte berry rose (smoke)

Pillow Talk Cheek To Chic Blush (CAN $50.00) | I had been eyeballing this blush since it originally launched but had yet to pull the trigger; even though the shade intrigued me and I’m a fan of the formulation, I had a hard time justifying adding yet another blush to my collection, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to receive it in the package. Housed in a slim-profile disc compact case, it contains two blush hues in Pillow Talk‘s flattering pink-nude. The outer ring (“Swish“) has the bulk of the colour while the centre (“Pop“) serves to add a touch of highlight and a multi-dimensional tone. The ultra finely-milled texture lays down beautifully along the skin, as opposed to simply sitting at surface level, and the colour can even be dialled up or down, depending on the look you’re going for. Staying power over primer/foundation is excellent, without any significant fading.

Pillow Talk Collagen Lip Bath™, online exclusive (CAN $40.00) | A high-shine lip gloss in a sheer version of the brand’s iconic nude-pink shade, the formula contains a ton of “kiss-me-quick” ingredients, such as:

  • Super Lip Peptides to enhance the look & volume of lips
  • Mustard Sprout Extract to hydrate lips & define contours
  • Marine Collagen for a boosted hydrating effect
  • Vitamin A to help improve the appearance of rough & dry lips
  • Coconut Oil for added softening and nourishing properties
  • Marula Oil rich in essential fatty acids & antioxidants
  • Peppermint Oil for a refreshing flavour
  • Organic Menthol Crystals to create a cool feeling upon lips
  • Pearlescent Pigments that are light reflecting & add highlight

As far as lip glosses go, this one is definitely one of the most high-impact formulas I’ve tried. The slim transparent tube depicts the colour of the contents and helps in monitoring usage, while the flocked applicator comes in a unique heart shape. Personally, I would have preferred a regular shaped applicator as I find this one more gimmicky than innovative, but maybe that’s just me. The texture of the gloss is buttery smooth and considering how emollient it is, staying power is quite impressive, lasting easily 2-3 hours (less, if eating/drinking), while the shine is nothing short of brilliant. The minty scent is pleasant and dissipates soon after application and there is a slight tingling effect felt at first, but which also fades quickly. The shade is a perfect nude-pink that should suit most complexions, with lips feeling nourished long after all traces are gone. I must add that I’m quite impressed by the actual plumped-up appearance this gives to lips along with how well it works to camouflage lip lines.

Pillow Talk 3. Intense K.I.S.S.I.N.G Fallen From The Lipstick Tree™ (CAN $42.00) | Despite the ridiculously long name (like, why?), this is a creamy textured satin finish lipstick housed in a lovely ribbed rose gold case. My first impulse was to assume that this shade would be much darker than I prefer wearing, but surprise, surprise! It’s not only wearable, but utterly gorgeous … not to mention comfortable and hydrating as well. There are 2 other shades in the collection (the original Pillow Talk and the Medium version), both in a matte finish — and that’s the reason why I haven’t picked them up since I prefer a bit more slip (and let’s face it; matte is certainly not as flattering to those with a lot of lip lines such as yours truly), but this shade is bang-on perfect and probably my new nude-rose fave.

Pillow Talk Beauty Light Wand, online exclusive (CAN $50.00) | Available exclusively online and in 2 shades (Pillow Talk Medium, not shown) this is described as a ‘liquid high-blush’. The squeezable tube comes equipped with a rounded flocked applicator, presumable for ease of spreadability, and while effective, it’s not the delivery system I prefer as I find the spongy tip can not only absorb too much product, but may also muddy up and disturb other products you’ve already applied to your face. That said, I will confess that having a sponge applicator attached makes it great for when you’re on the go — so maybe it’s not so bad after all. What I’ve found effective is to squeeze out a bit onto the surface of the applicator, and then go in with either fingers or a brush to lay onto the skin. The texture is wonderful and very well pigmented; a little really goes a long way. The formula also includes:

  • Lustrous Polymers to enhance skin’s luminosity & highlight effect
  • fast drying Film Former to provide a soft feeling finish to the skin
  • Sensorial Oil, a non-greasy emollient to impart softness & shine
  • Velvety Silica for oil absorbing properties
  • Brightening Pigments for coverage and radiant looking skin
  • Lindera Extract for skin hydration & a light-boosting effect

As someone who loves her glow, I must say that Charlotte Tilbury seems to have a winning formula here; this shade is lovely as a highlighter but I can also see it layered over a blush to jazz things up. Easy to blend out and great staying power after that, this is a perfect accompaniment to the entire collection — and I even like how travel-friendly the tube format is.

Charlotte Tilbury is the undisputed queen of all things glamorous and totally sultry, and if you’ve read down to this point then it should be clear that I’m definitely a fan of everything shown here. Starting from the Pillow Talk name (which I find myself repeating in an endless loop for some reason, lol) to the shade varietals, and finally the formula of each item, I’d say that all are worth investing in … especially if neutrals — with a kick — are your thing. For the record, there are several other items in the collection that you can check out on the her website. To paraphrase Ms. Tilbury, have fun darlings!

*Pillow Talk Instant Eye Palette and Lip Cheat purchased by me

Available at Sephora, Holt Renfrew Ogilvy & online

Kindly provided by Charlotte Tilbury for my unbiased consideration

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