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Following the success of the Glitter Storm Eyeshadow Palette (reviewed here), Ciaté London introduces Glitter Storm Lipsticks: 6 new-technology metallic hues that are super fun to wear, over-the-top cool, and with Christmas right around the corner (yikes!), absolutely perfect for all holiday festivities. Oh and for the record, this brand is Leaping Bunny approved, Peta Certified, cruelty-free, and vegan.

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You know there’s something glam inside when packaging looks like this, am I right?

Glitter Storm Lipstick (US $22.00/each) | Housed in champagne-pink smooth outer casings that bear a reflective glitter look (which is really pretty, I might add — not to mention almost impossible to capture on camera), the lipstick bullet will BLOW YOU AWAY. Seriously; I spent the longest time admiring each one, and trust me when I say that I had to force myself to actually swatch them as I didn’t want to mar the effect. The outer portion of the bullet looks exactly like velvet with crushed diamonds embedded into it, while the tip of the bullet displays an almost holographic metallic sheen (see below photo to better understand what I’m trying to describe). The texture is extremely smooth and all display excellent pigmentation as well, providing lips with relatively full opacity from the first swipe. You can wear them as is, or even layered as toppers over any other shade, although I’d avoid putting gloss on top as you really don’t want anything to distract from the super-metallic effect they give. Staying power is really good as well, with the darker shades obviously lasting longer. One caution is to be careful with removal (pat, don’t swipe), to minimize any fine glitter spread.

Completely unique in my beauty collection, these lipsticks actually have me mesmerized. The first time I even heard of a lipstick with this type of exterior look, was with the recently launched collection by one of my makeup artist icons, Lisa Eldridge (I hesitated to purchase her shades for some ridiculous reason, and now I’m probably one of a bajillion waiting on a restock). Then Pat McGrath (yet another talented makeup artist that I look up to) came out with her version, Blitztrance Lipstick, and once again I’m hesitating, as there are new shades coming that interest me AND the fact that they’re exorbitantly priced here in Canada (each works out to $61.50 here in Québec. Ummm, no). So I’m guessing it was only a matter of time before a brand was ‘inspired’ by this new finish, and it looks like Ciaté is first out of the gate. That said, I find it interesting that the 6 shades of Blitztrance Lipstick shown on Sephora’s site, are the exact 6 shades of these Glitter Storm Lipsticks … coincidence?

  • Spark – rose gold
  • Topaz – coppery bronze
  • Flash – brick red
  • Cosmic – iridescent lavender
  • Elektra – magenta
  • Apollo – berry/plum

As someone who has a makeup collection as vast as I have, it’s always a pleasant surprise when something unique comes along — especially when it’s a product that performs beautifully and looks so damn impressive too, as these Glitter Storm Lipsticks do. The fact that they’re so reasonably priced as well, only sweetens the deal further and at the risk of repeating myself, I can guarantee that they’ll thrill any beauty lover on your holiday gift list. The fact that my 24-year old daughter wants to wear them too, just proves what I’m saying. I’m not sure if they’re limited edition or not, although something tells me they might be; in other words, you might want to jump all over them.

Available at Sephora and online

Kindly provided by Ciaté London for my unbiased consideration

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