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Ciaté London is a brand that continues to impress me with their products, and this latest Jessica Rabbit Collection — inspired by Toontown’s bombshell chanteuse, just brings that point home. Say what you will, but this is one fierce lady packing a helluva sultry punch … my kind of woman.

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I’m an absolute sucker for eye-catching packaging like this

For me, details are a key component to a collection and I’m really loving the kitschy yet fun packaging of this grouping. Both the eyeshadow palette and highlighter compact come with plush vinyl covers depicting images of Jessica Rabbit, while the lipstick case has the same smooth glitter design of the other Glitter Storm shades (reviewed here), but bears this fiery vixen’s signature. Almost overkill but not, am I right?

The Jessica Palette, limited edition (CAN $46.00) | Filled with 9 shades that include mattes, shimmers, and glitters, this is a primarily warm leaning selection but can still be made to work on those with fairer complexions. Beautifully pigmented, all have a smooth texture that blends effortlessly and can even be applied with a dampened brush for more intensity. Minimal fallout is seen with the glittery hues, but make sure to tap any excess off your brush first just the same. Interestingly enough, by reading the shades vertically, they form 3 cohesive family groups: orange (left column), violet (centre column), nude (right column) — making it easy to create a monochromatic look, which also happens to be so on trend right now. The top swatch shows the 3 distinct colour families, followed by the entire group of shades.

  • Love Letter – red glitter
  • Oh, Roger! – purple glitter
  • Sunset Blvd – gold glitter
  • I’m Not Bad – bronze shimmer
  • Patty Cake – purple shimmer
  • Drawn That Way – gold shimmer
  • Carrot Cake – peach matte
  • Toon Kisses – purple matte
  • Honey Bunny – cream matte

Roger, Darling Glow-To Highlighter, limited edition (CAN $38.00) | Embossed with an image of the siren, this is a creamy powdered highlighter in a soft peach/gold shade. The texture is surprisingly very finely milled and looks beautiful applied to the skin without emphasizing pores. By using a loose dual-fibre brush and tapping off any excess, this can even be lightly swept across the entire face for a “halo” effect, but I find that it works best as a traditional highlighter: along upper cheekbones, inner eye corner or along the brow bone. Think: NARS Orgasm, but in a lighter and more ethereal form.

Jessica Rabbit Glitter Storm Lipstick, limited edition (CAN $26.00) | Jessica’s signature red has been perfectly captured with this shade, and the glittery texture on the bullet couldn’t be more bang-on perfect. This is a red hue that appears to have both cool and warm undertones, meaning it will suit a broad range of complexions. The shimmer is smooth laying and never feels gritty along the lips. That said, while these little glittery bits do provide an incredible level of brilliance and depth of tone, just note that they can also leave some glitter spread. In other words, stay away from any aggressive wiping off. Still, it’s such a gorgeous red that it’s worth that little bit of hassle.

I remember when this movie came out and how innovative the entire concept was; live action combined with animated characters & so totally cool. I also recall being impressed with Jessica Rabbit, not only for how risqué she was portrayed, but by her inner strength — definitely not a woman you’d want to mess with. This collection seems to have captured that spirit and while I love all 3 pieces, if there’s one item I’d say you should get your hands on, it would definitely be the highlighter … it’s well worth your time tracking down, believe me.

Available at Sephora

Kindly provided by Ciaté London for my unbiased consideration
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