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While I usually lean towards luxury beauty, Ciaté London has been steadily gaining ground on my affections, and I attribute this phenomenon to 2 factors: creative* products and consistency of performance. Their latest launch, Wonderwand Lipstick, brings all that to the table and includes nicely detailed packaging too — and all without breaking the bank. Well done, Ciaté.

*Check out these Ciaté posts to see the creativity factor I’m referring to:

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Wonderwand Demi-Shine Lipstick (US $18.00/each) | Housed in slim metallic casings bearing an ombré look (which basically depicts the colour of the shade found inside), the top of the lipstick bullet is embossed with the cute little Ciaté “bow” emblem. Formulated with a unique blend of oils that includes Avocado Oil for nourishment and hydration, these lippies are meant to provide “layerable high impact colour with a smooth, satin finish and just a hint of shine“.

With two exceptions (Dreamer which clashed with my skin tone, and Royal that showed some patchiness upon application — but which I was able to fix by layering a matching pencil underneath), I found them all to be well pigmented, very smooth and easy to apply, and absolutely comfortable to wear. Staying power will vary, with the lighter shades lasting obviously less than the deeper ones, although the latter will fade to a hint of colour.

  • Dreamer | nude peach
  • Wanderlust | spiced caramel
  • Exposed | coral pink
  • Muse | soft berry
  • Sunday | deep rose
  • Rocket | vibrant coral red
  • Ruby | classic red
  • Royal | rich plum

My usual preference is to reach for a balm or nude gloss, mainly because they don’t require precision to apply and the commitment is minor — unlike lipstick which usually involves more effort. One of the features I really like about these Wonderwand Lipsticks is their slim profile which in turn makes them easy to transport plus the fact that the exterior is colour-coded to the contents, making it easy to know at a glance what shade you’re reaching for. Finally, I’m all about the super comfortable formula & demi-shine finish… a nice departure from all the mattes that have saturated the market these last few years. Bottom line: well priced & well behaved. And they look really cool, too.

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Kindly provided by Ciaté London for my unbiased consideration

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