Clarins · Fall 2019 Cheeky Cheeky Bam Bam Collection & Joli Rouge Lacquer

I don’t know which I like better; the way these blushes apply, or saying “Cheeky Cheeky Bam Bam” … I actually can’t stop repeating it, lol. Clarins came out with some fresh products for Fall 2019 that focus on lips & cheeks, and I’m totally loving this simple take. Of course, the way these all perform doesn’t hurt the cause either.

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Natural Lip Perfector (CAN $20.00/each) | First of all, while these are listed as “Intense Lip Perfector”, the tube has “Natural” written on it — so I’m going with that. Basically, these are a hybrid balm + tint for the lips; sheer enough that you can’t possibly mistake them for lipstick, yet still managing to impart some colour just the same. The texture is 100% buttery, applied by squeezing the contents onto the flocked applicator and onto lips, and thus totally mess-free (no need to go in with fingers or a brush). Delicately fragranced, they come to a lush glossy finish, although due to their emollient nature, reapplication will be needed. Totally not a deal-breaker, as far as I’m concerned.

Available in 4 shades (not shown: 16 Intense Rosebud & 18 Intense Garnet)

  • 19 Intense Smoky Rose – nude rose
  • 17 Intense Maple – pale rosewood with shimmer

Joli Rouge Lacquer (CAN $29.00/each) | Available in 8 shades, think of these as ‘high-shine lip lacquer’ in stick format (by the way, the outer case is colour-coded to the contents, making it easy at a glance to know what shade you’re reaching for). Thanks to a formula that’s infused with over 70% oil (shade exception: 762 Pop Pink at 68%), these apply creamy smooth and almost seem to melt into the lips, delivering intense colour and leaving a mega-watt shine behind. And even though they are quite emollient (almost balm like, truth be told), the deeper shades leave a light stain behind for that extra bit of staying power.

  • 705 Soft Berry – rose nude
  • 762 Pop Pink – deep pink
  • 742 Joli Rouge – true red

Joli Blush (CAN $33.00/each) | Housed in hard plastic casings with lids colour-coded to the contents, these blushes contain an ultra-pigmented texture combined with unique new ‘tint pigments’ to provide a flawless melt-into-your-skin pop of colour. Almost creamy when touched with a fingertip, they also blend super easy and their staying power when worn over primer or foundation — is bang on, staying true without oxidation or showing signs of fading. I have to say, that the actual application of these blushes took me by surprise, as I was totally NOT expecting them to fuse so beautifully along the skin. Well done, Clarins.

Available in 6 permanent shades in total.

  • 02 Cheeky Pink – warm fleshy pink
  • 03 Cheeky Rose – faded rosewood
  • 06 Cheeky Coral – soft pinky coral

Clarins is a perfect example that you don’t need to break the bank in order to enjoy luxury beauty, and every single item in today’s post is proof of that. While the packaging may not be as lavish as that of other brands, I’m perfectly fine with saving on that end in order to reap the reward of products that deliver. Of course, I’m not about to abandon my love of luxury brands anytime soon, but it’s nice to know that a girl’s got options, am I right?

Available at all Clarins counters

Kindly provided by Clarins for my unbiased consideration

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