Clarins · Sunkissed Summer 2019 Collection

For Summer 2019, Clarins has launched the Sunkissed Collection and I’ve also opted to show it along with some other recent releases — mainly because I feel they complement each other perfectly, and regardless of whether you’ll be travelling or not (if so, lucky you!), these are all amazingly useful pieces.

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Instant Poreless Pore-Blurring Mattifying Primer (CAN $32.00) | Not part of the Sunkissed Collection, but it may as well be since this is the type of primer you’ll want to reach for when the temperature rises. Said to provide a blurring effect and help minimize the appearance of pores, the formula contains Meadowsweet to purify and Purslane for a soothing effect. Lightly fragranced but which dissipates quickly after application, it also has silicone in the mix and while I have no issues with ‘cones’, it’s still worth mentioning for those who have sensitivities.

Unless it’s a special event or I’m applying makeup that I want to last through heat & humidity, I rarely reach for an allover face primer; that said, I was pleasantly surprised by not only how lightweight this one feels, but how it appears to magically erase my pores once applied. And now I’m thinking I may have to rethink my stance on primers …

02 Sunrise Glow Bronzing Compact, limited edition (CAN $42.00) | In 2013 I bought my first Clarins Bronzing Compact and I was blown away; that love affair continues with this latest release. Also available in 01 Sunset Glow (not shown and which is slighter deeper toned), the beauty here begins with the eye-catching design on the outer casing, then continues with the lovely pattern on the powder’s surface … plus the bonus of an oversized mirror on the inner lid. There are three shades inside: an iridescent bronzer makes up the bulk of the powder, a soft highlighter is found at the top, and an iridescent blush (the floral part) along the left. All are large enough that they can be picked up individually if desired, or you can swirl your brush through all three shades for a unique customized glow.

Apart from the beautifully light yet buildable colour this bronzer imparts, the formula also contains skincare benefits via Clarins’ Anti-Pollution Complex (extracts of White Tea and Nipplewort) which helps protect against free radicals and other external aggressors, while the Micropatch Vegetal forms a network on the skin’s surface to prevent dehydration. The effect on the skin is what makes it noteworthy, giving a soft and natural looking tan glow.

Ready In A Flash Eyes & Brows Palette (CAN $42.00) | Recently released (but not part of the Sunkissed Collection), this is an all-in-one product for both eyes and brows, housed in an ultra-slim profile compact. The lid features a fun 3D design of a winking eye (I may have spent more time than is normal moving it back & forth to get the effect), and the shade designations inside are all clearly marked, although I feel that that’s more a general guideline, since all shades can basically be used along the eyes. There are 2 Eyelighter hues to highlight the lids, 2 Matte shades to provide depth, and 2 universal powder shades that can be applied to brows. As seen in the swatch below, all are well pigmented and have an easy blendability, displaying an excellent staying power when worn over primer.

Apart from the universally wearable shades, this compact is slim enough that it takes up little room in your makeup bag and has the added benefit of being quite useful for travel, since you’ve got basically all the colours you need to create both day & evening looks (for eyes and brows), and the Eyelighter hues can even double as cheek highlighters in a pinch.

02 Golden Peach Blush & Highlighter Duo (CAN $32.00) | Not part of the Sunkissed Collection but which fits in perfectly nonetheless, this is a dual-ended cream blush + cream highlighter (also available in Glowy Pink, not shown). Even though there are many powder blushes and highlighters that I enjoy using, there’s nothing quite like the ease of a cream product; for starters, you don’t need specific tools for applications — fingers do a great job, and since the product is rubbed into the skin, it imparts the most natural looking and seamless finish. I’m also a huge fan of the portability that this product has, making it a perfect travel companion. The coral leaning blush hue is highly flattering on a broad range of complexions — don’t let the vivid colour put you off, since it can be easily sheered out. To get the glow benefits of the highlighter shade, you’ll need to sheer it out; otherwise, you can build it up by layering and have it then serve as a radiant bronzer (still gorgeous).

07 Blue Lily Waterproof Eye Pencil, limited edition (CAN $28.00) | Safe to be used along the inner lash line as well, this is a waterproof eye liner in a retractable pencil format. The vividness of the colour is absolutely beautiful and so hard to accurately capture on camera; trust me when I say that it’s one of the most intense cerulean blue liners I’ve ever seen. The application is creamy and will not tug at the sensitive skin of the eyes, and if planning on blending it out (useful if you want to layer a shadow on top), I recommend working one eye at a time to prevent it from setting too quickly. When worn along the lower inner lash line, it really serves to make the whites of the eyes even brighter.

Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D (CAN $30.00) | This newest mascara from Clarins is said to address four dimensions: volume, length, curl and definition. Made with nourishing ingredients to protect lashes, it has a rich black colour and provides a clump & smear-free application, but is also easily removed at the end of the day with a bi-phase makeup remover.

I’m very particular about my mascara and while this may not be the blackest I’ve ever worn, it’s deep enough to provide the definition I look for. Both the volumizing and lengthening properties score high, although since I always curl my lashes beforehand and I have a decent natural curl to begin with, I can’s say whether this mascara added anything in the curling department. I actually tested it out on a ridiculously hot & humid day and was pleasantly surprised to find that it passed with flying colours: no flaking or smearing. Swatch below is with 2 coats.

06 Sparkling Red Water Lip Stain, limited edition (CAN $25.00) | First introduced last year (reviewed here), this is a liquid stain that literally feels like water when first applied, yet still manages to deposit colour just the same. Long-wearing and transfer proof once set — and for what it’s worth, the colour lasts a long, long time — there are 3 versions in total with this collection (Sparkling Rose Water and Sparkling Violet Water, not shown) all made unique by the addition of fine non-gritty shimmer in the formula.

Apart from the ease of use and the lovely colour this shade imparts, what makes it a great Summer staple is the staying power (which I suspect will even last through swimming) and goof-proof application, and thus it’s a totally commitment-free red.

It’s odd, but I feel that Clarins always seems to fly under most people’s radar — but here’s the thing: this brand not only makes some pretty amazing products with excellent ingredients, but everything is incredibly well priced as well. That said, everything shown today is a great buy and utterly wearable, although the Sunkissed Collection is limited edition so … fair warning.

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Kindly provided by Clarins for my unbiased consideration

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