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There are days when I wrestle with what I want to talk about, and other times it just comes so easy; today’s post falls in the later category. Several weeks ago when this Clarisonic Mia Fit arrived, I immediately jumped all over the Foundation Brush attachment and couldn’t wait to try it and see what all the fuss was about. And because I’m a skincare fiend, I was chomping at the bit to take everything right off by using the included Cleansing Brush. So basically, I spent a few days going back & forth like that and while this was done in the name of proper testing, I confess to having had way too much fun in the process.



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The bundle comes with everything seen above (except the towel, lol) and includes the device, charger, Foundation and Cleansing Brushes — each with their own caps. Note that you can buy either brush separately as well and furthermore, the Foundation Brush (CAN $39.00) is compatible with other Clarisonic devices you may already currently own, such as the Mia 1, Mia 2, and Smart Profile.

Mia Fit + Sonic Foundation Brush Bundle (CAN $308.00) | Clarisonic’s face cleansing devices have been garnering praise since they first came out a few years ago, and with good reason; short of having your very own facialist on the payroll, these gizmos do an incredible job of cleaning and maintaining your skin. Taking things a step further, the brand has gone on to create a Foundation Brush head that uses the same oscillation technology — 18,000 micro-blends per minute, to be exact. If that sounds like an extraordinary amount, that’s because it is, not to mention way more than a human hand could ever hope to replicate, that’s for sure.

TIP: to avoid squashing the bristles, I suggest you leave the cap on the attachment before popping it onto the device.

Meant to be used with liquid products only, the brush — which effortlessly pops on & off the device — is equipped with ‘anti-microbial and nonporous’ bristles that feel soft to the touch; not as plush as some other synthetic brushes I own, but quite good just the same. Once charged, you have two speeds to choose from: regular and/or turbo (although turbo might just be a tad overkill for foundation application) and according to the brand, you can get your ‘full foundation coverage in 60 seconds or less’. Yes … and no, as this will also be dependant on your particular skin’s needs, coverage preferences, and type of foundation being used. The device beeps at specific intervals as a guide to moving along the various areas of the face, but to be honest I pretty much ignore that and go with what feels right for me which is usually a couple of easy 60-second sessions.

So, the big question: does it work? The answer is a resounding YES. Using circular motions to work product in as mentioned in the directions, yields excellent results and leaves skin looking airbrushed and pretty much flawless. The brush is even able to get to trickier areas — such as around the nose — with ease. As a safety precaution however, it’s not recommended you use the device/brush too close to the eyes; that said, I actually do use it there but trust me: I’m being EXTRA careful. Regarding the ‘nonporous’ claim, while product does get into the bristles, I noticed that it stays close to the top third, making it easier to clean after, thus requiring less foundation per use.

Apart from foundation, you can also use this brush to apply your favourite BB/CC cream (although I’d personally rather use my fingers for that and not waste the brush on such a mundane task), cream contour (the results are the most realistic you’ll ever see and border on AH-MAZING), concealer (again, stick to covering blemishes and avoid the delicate eye area), colour correcting primers, and highlighters — but the latter should be only with liquid or highly emollient cream versions; I made the mistake of trying out the brush with NARS’ Hot Sand Multiple, and the effect was a Hot Mess.

Sonic Radiance Brush Head (CAN $30.00) | This brush head can be used by all skin types including sensitive, and has also been designed to help with brightening, age spots and any hyper pigmentation concerns. The slightly rigid outer ring of bristles acts as the ‘backbone’ while the inner ridiculously soft bristles all effectively yet thoroughly clean skin. Easy to pop in and out of the device as well, it’s recommended to clean the brush after each use.


If you haven’t jumped on board the Clarisonic wagon yet and are probably rolling your eyes thinking that your usual cleansing method works just fine, think again. Unless you’re secretly The Flash and can move faster than the eye can see, trust me: you’re not cleaning your skin as well as you believe. As to the Foundation Brush, it has hit the top of the Leader Board for me from the get-go and definitely worth investing in. Here’s the thing; with Christmas now something like 6 weeks away, I’m in a frenzy to get my skin in top shape so let’s just say that this Clarisonic duo will be getting quite the workout. Speaking of Christmas, I’d consider adding this to your list. Just a thought.

Available at The Bay, Sephora and online



Kindly provided by the Clarisonic team for my unbiased consideration

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