Clé de Peau · Cushion Foundation, Lipsticks & Refined Lip Luminizers

Japanese über-luxury brand Clé de Peau (yes, despite the French name, the brand is most definitely Japanese) is one I’ve long been familiar with but haven’t really indulged in all that much, so when these items arrived, let’s just say I was so excited to test-drive the lot. Spoiler: I may now be hooked, dammit.

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Radiant Cushion Foundation in B10 (CAN $128.00) | Available in 6 shades, the foundation cushion comes sealed in a separate pouch which is then inserted in the compact, along with a flat sponge for application. Created with Chestnut Rosa Fruit Extract to defend against oxidation, UV protection, and ‘Complex EX that consists of a combination of moisturizing ingredients that normalizes communication within skin‘ (based on in vitro testing), this foundation is meant to help even out skin tone while providing long-lasting hydration benefits, resists dullness, fading & creasing with an ultra lightweight feel, and comes to a radiant finish upon the skin.

I’ll confess that part of me wanted this all to be hype and I didn’t want to love this product (umm, the price?), but DAYUMMMMM. As someone who prefers foundation coverage to be on the lighter side, I knew that I’d probably like the texture, but I was totally NOT expecting how beautiful the finish would be. You know when they say “your skin, but better” but no one ever really believes that? Well, believe it here. With an effortless application that’s slightly buildable — I say slightly, because the thinner formula means you can’t really pack it on, not that it’s meant for that anyway — and ultra weightless feel upon the skin, the only downside is that the shade range is rather limited. Other than that, it’s perfection.

Rouge à Lèvres Lipstick (CAN $80.00/each) | Inspired by Ultra HD optical technology, these lipsticks are created with ‘Translucent Pigment Technology‘ which is meant to reproduce hues as they appear in nature. Basically, this is said to be colour that’s as accurate as it gets, and as far as that claim goes, I can definitely vouch that the shade seen is exactly what’s applied. But the beauty begins with the navy blue outer casing that looks as if it’s been imbued with what looks like the night sky — so gorgeous. The petal shaped lipstick bullet is also unique to this brand, meant to hug lip contours with ease, as well as wear down evenly. The texture gives ‘creamy’ a whole new meaning; rich, velvety, and an absolute pleasure to apply. Seriously — it’s like a whole other sensorial experience and while I’ve tried many beautifully made lipsticks, this has to rank at the top of the list. Staying power is excellent as well, especially considering their emollient nature, with all eventually fading to a light stain while ensuring lips feel hydrated throughout wear.

Note: these 3 shades are limited for 2019 but all still available

  • 16 petal Delight | lush candy pink
  • 17 Rose Water | juicy raspberry rose
  • 18 Cherry Berry | intense burnt red

Refined Lip Luminizer (CAN $80.00/each) | Housed in a slim retractable-style pencil format, these are available in 12 shades that were inspired by the ‘Rococo style that flourished in the court of Versailles‘ (sounds interesting). The transparent colour scape tip is injected with the shade of the actual lipstick inside, making it not only easy at a glance to know what shade you’re reaching for, but totally accurate at that. The teardrop-shaped bullet was designed to follow lip contours for precise application, but depending on how you like to apply your lipstick, just know that this will round out and definitely smooth out. The texture is buttery smooth and comes to rich shine at the finish, leaving lips feeling hydrated throughout wear. Lasting power is typical for a product with slip, so expect anywhere from 2-4 hours (obviously this is shade-dependant, with deeper hues going longer).

Note: I believe these 3 shades are limited for 2019, but all are still available.

  • 1 Old Rose | petal nude
  • 3 Sweet Satin | faded pink
  • 4 Dahlia | soft rose red

I’ve always stated that “you get what you pay for” and while this brand’s pricing leans rather steep (it is a luxury brand after all), the upside is that everything delivers. So I’ll keep this short: if any of these products have hit a chord, then I feel quite comfortable recommending them — and I do apologize to your wallet in advance, lol.

Available at Holt Renfrew/Ogilvy

Kindly provided by Clé de Peau for my unbiased consideration

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