Clé de Peau · Féeries d’Hiver Holliday 2018 Collection


Inspired by the tale of Alice in Wonderland, luxury Japanese beauty brand Clé de Peau has created the Féeries d’Hiver Collection (“Winter Fairies”) for Holiday 2018. Featuring illustrations by Italian surrealist artist Daria Petrilli, the pieces are a whimsical take on a traditional theme, and what’s more surprising, is that everything is utterly wearable.



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Display-worthy packaging designed by artist Daria Petrilli

La Crème, Holiday Limited Edition (CAN $700.00) | The brand’s star moisturizer has been given a new look for this collection, coming housed in pale rose faceted acrylic (as opposed to clear). A small disclaimer here: I have not personally tested this product yet, so I can’t speak for its efficacy, although I will be diving in once I’m done with my current regimen. According to the brand:

  • Contains Illuminating Complex EX, a special combination of moisturizing and retexturizing ingredients that normalizes communication within skin based on Intuitive Skin Theory* and works to reduce the appearance of damage caused by environmental stress
  • Delivers Retinol ACE, an effective treatment in wrinkle care.
    Formulated with the intensive brightening ingredient, 4MSK (Potassium 4-methoxysalicylate)
  • Delivers intensive ingredients quickly and reduces dryness instantly to advance the benefits of the skin’s natural nighttime activity
  • Increases moisture, resilience, and firmness by morning
  • Features special ingredients developed through studies in anti-aging that optimize conditions for the vitality of skin (Inositol, Rosemary Extract, Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract)
  • Formulated with an exclusive clé de peau BEAUTÉ ingredient, Cellular IC Normalizer that enhances conditions for optimal functioning of the cellular ion channel system
  • Contains a deep elegant fragrance of natural rose and rare orchid that further enhances the luxury of application
  • To be used in the evening as a last step in your skincare regimen

Apart from all the above-listed benefits, this moisturizer also claims to help diminish the look of dark spots and facial lines while giving skin a more lifted/firmer appearance, reduces visible sagging, brings overall brightness and illumination to skin, and promotes skin vitality with continued use. In my opinion, that’s a tall order to fill and even if this cream does half of what it claims, I’m definitely on board (at that price, it better do all that AND clean my house too).

I’m totally serious when I say that I want to frame these



Tea Party Eye Color Quad, limited edition (CAN $110.00) | Housed in a sturdy peachy-pink plastic case (but which feels as luxurious as something heftier) bearing a stunning illustration on the cover, this compact comes with a full-sized mirror on the inner lid as well as 2 small applicators (which I personally can always do without). Each of the four shades come embossed with a playing-card symbol that will wear down with use, and the hues are all relatively cool leaning, with a lovely ethereal quality to them; I can totally see the Japanese aesthetic for translucent colour represented here. With a buttery smooth texture that’s both seen and felt upon application, they all display an excellent blendability and while not super pigmented, they can always be built up for more depth. That said, I actually prefer the ‘Snow Queen’ vibe they impart — so in tune with the season and a nice departure from a more traditional palette.

  • icy pink, light shimmer
  • dove grey, satin
  • frosted white, shimmer
  • charcoal, satin/matte



Light Me Stick Highlighter, limited edition (CAN $95.00) | Housed in a coral/pink case which also bears an illustration from the artist (I hadn’t realized the image wasn’t showing when I took this shot — ugh), this is a cool leaning cream highlighter in a retractable stick format. The shimmer is exceptionally fine and lays down smoothly along the skin, while the texture is very soft, helping it glide smoothly upon application. That said, I still suggest patting it on if planning to use over foundation, in order to keep everything from breaking up and moving around underneath. The finish is sophisticated yet subtle, so if you’re the type who prefers highlight that is visible from space, this may not be for you. I absolutely love the gleam it gives to skin, an effect that is enhanced when light hits it at certain angles — very angelic. ∗Cues the choir



Paint me Lipstick Cashmere, limited edition (CAN $80.00) | I’ve said often enough that I’m a total sucker for details, and I must say that this lipstick borders on the exquisite. Housed in the same peachy/pink casing as the rest of the collection, the tube also bears a blue argyle design to go with the whole Wonderland theme, while the bullet is really the main attraction. Take a close look: see that tulip-shape? Apart from being absolutely unique in the genre, it also happens to hug lip contours better than anything I’ve ever tried before. The texture is velvety smooth and the colour unbelievably pigmented, laying down opaquely from from first swipe and coming to a lustrous satiny finish. Staying power is amazing as well (although reapplication will be needed, given its emollient nature), and it leaves a gorgeous stain behind.

Also available in in one more shade: Follow Me (beige-pink)




Push Me Refining Pressed Powder, limited edition (CAN $140.00) | With a stunning illustration on the outer cover, the inside reveals a pressed powder in an icy pink hue embossed with the 4 playing card symbols (which will definitely be worn down with use). The texture is incredibly fine-milled and the slight shimmer seen in the pan along with that subtle rosy tone, all work towards imparting a brightness to skin tone (although I don’t think it will be suitable for those with darker complexions). Another advantage is how effortlessly it blends into the skin, and never looks like its sitting at surface level. Perfect for setting your makeup and might even help in keeping natural oils at bay — at least for a little while.




One of the ‘issues’ I face, is that I have access to quite a few products, yet never find the time to get around to trying them all — first world problems, I know … but still. Clé de Peau is one of those brands that I remember always admiring and hearing quite a bit about (all positive), but never indulged in — although I suspect that that’s about to change. This collection, while outwardly breathtaking, also happens to be unique colour-wise, and I always look for beauty that can surprise me in a good way like this. As to the moisturizer, it’s quite the investment (and then some), but if it works as promised, then my skin is most definitely worth it. Bottom line: if you’re looking to spoil yourself, your mom, beauty lovers, or loved ones, then you may want to give these gems a try.

Available at Holt Renfrew/Ogilvy



Kindly provided by Clé de Peau for my unbiased consideration
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