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Nude polish is a shade everyone can wear: it’s basically a question of finding one with the right undertone. So when CND released this capsule collection, I was pleasantly surprised to find that these 4 hues actually had such a good range. Colour fads will come & go, but let’s face it; nude is a classic … as in the nail version of the ‘little black dress’.



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Nude The Collection (CAN $11.95/each) | An industry secret for many years, CND hit everyone’s radar when they came out with Shellac™ — the Vinylux range is the brand’s commitment-free version. The new formula now has Keratin, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E to provide moisturizing benefits to your nails, along with 7-day wear and a gel-like shine. Said to be ‘breathable & caring polish’, you don’t need base coat as it’s built into the polish, and the top coat can be applied weekly to keep your colour vibrant and chip-free, and natural light needed to help with the curing (drying) process.

All shades of this collection have certain commonalities: an easy & smooth application, a self-levelling formula that comes to a natural glossy finish, good drying time, and effortless stain-free removal. With the exception of  Uncovered that needed 3 coats to meet my expectations (but you can definitely get away with 2 — I wanted it perfect for the swatches), the rest are with 2 coats of polish, and NO top coat (how about that crazy shine?!)

  • Uncovered – nude peach (3 coats)
  • Unlocked – putty
  • Unmasked – café au lait
  • Unearthed – stone



Playing around with nail polish colour is fun, but I tend to reach for a good nude “palate cleanser” in between. Another perk to wearing nude polish, is that it’s very forgiving (tip wear & chips are not as noticeable) and matches basically any outfit without competition — probably the reason why it’s the preferred shade seen on the red carpet. Then again, it’s about performance, and in that department, these all get a major thumbs up.

Available at select retailers & salons



Kindly provided by CND for my unbiased consideration
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