Deborah Lippmann ‘Raise Your Glass’ – celebrating Holt Renfrew’s 175th Anniversary! (swatches & review)


Deborah Lippmann, über-manicurist to some of the most famous people in the world of beauty, fashion & film, and noted as the woman responsible for making glitter lacquers chic & sophisticated, recently collaborated with another grand name – Canada’s very own Holt Renfrew. To celebrate the luxury retail giant’s 175th anniversary, many of the store’s brands created exclusive & unique one-of-a-kind items just for the occasion … all managing to incorporate Holt’s’ signature magenta colour (vivid fuchsia Coke bottles anyone?!). The limited edition ‘Raise Your Glass’ Deborah Lippmann varnish, made specifically for the store’s birthday milestone, means that you can now have a piece of Holt’s always at your fingertips … literally!

the original Holt Renfrew store, founded in 1837 – Québec City (source)

the art deco building of Holt Renfrew Montréal, 1937 (source)

Holt Renfrew Montréal today (source)

the legendary & stunning art deco bronze doors of Holt Renfrew Montréal (source)

Diet Coke for Holt Renfrew (source)

Christian Louboutin exclusive for Holt Renfrew (source)

Giorgio Armani exclusive lipstick for Holt Renfrew (source)

Deborah Lippmann – ‘Raise Your Glass’ for Holt Renfrew

Deborah Lippmann – ‘Raise Your Glass’ for Holt Renfrew

Deborah Lippmann – ‘Raise Your Glass’ for Holt Renfrew


‘Raise Your Glass’ – is a lusciously deep & rich magenta hue, filled with vivid fuchsia fine hexagonal glitter. The rather thick formula which gives excellent coverage and opacity even by the first coat, which also means that it will stay put exactly where applied, without running or pooling into the cuticle area. Its crème base seems to have some jelly-like qualities to it, brought out clearly with the addition of a top coat. The ultra-fine glitter doesn’t sink into the depth of this colour, but seems to float near the surface level – giving the final appearance a slight “sandwiched” tone, or as though seen through a filter.

Paradoxically, the glitter – which is very visible to the naked eye, seems quite camera-shy here, with the swatches only barely revealing hints of its brilliant flashes, but it certainly serves to add a beautiful dimension of depth overall. While the application is relatively smooth despite the glitter, the final finish not only looks a little rough, but feels gritty to the touch – I applied 2 layers of top coat here, in order to truly enhance this vivid beauty. Some elbow grease is definitely required for complete removal, although on the plus side, it’s a 100% non-staining shade. All swatches are with Seche Clear Base Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat. Coats applied: 2

in sunlight

in sunlight/alternate angle


shaded light

with flash

shown against the iconic colour of a Holt’s shopping bag


Final thoughts: For all you non-Canadians out there, I want you to know that Holt Renfrew is our “holy grail” department store … or, at least it is for me, and has been since I was about 3 (I believe my first word may have been “luxe”). I tend to shy away from many pink shades, mainly because I’ve always felt that it wasn’t a colour suited to my particular skin tone. ‘Raise Your Glass’ is a far cry from feeble, and I absolutely love its strong intensity; the fine glitter looks especially gorgeous when sunlight glints off the nail surface, giving your mani a sly “zing” – captivating, really. As this is a Holt Renfrew exclusive (retailing for CDN $22.00), it is only available through the store itself and if my sources are correct, for a limited time as well. Get some of your “Canadian” on, eh?!

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  2. Nikki says:

    First…your entry pushed me over the fence to get my Canadian connection to get a bottle for me. I love it! The glitter layers and twinkles in a way I didn’t expect.

    Second…unless you’re the seller, I thought you might like to know what your photos are currently being used on an eBay listing.

    I can’t report it myself, but thought you might want to know.

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks for the heads up, Nikki (I removed the link so that this seller can’t benefit from any traffic by my readers) – I emailed them and hopefully my photos will be removed, although I won’t hold my breath; my work gets ripped off on a weekly basis.

      Now … YAY! for scoring ‘Raise Your Glass’ – looks so incredible in person, way better than any photo can ever show! Enjoy your new beauty!

  3. Just received this polish today and it is my new favorite! So stunning! I feel fortunate that I have a dear friend from Canada that was able to get it for me!

  4. This one I had the occasion to admire yesterday and sought it out after seeing your review! lol It is super peppy and instantly cheering! I have a few Lippmann lemmings right now and am biding my time to pick a really good classic shade. This one failed to make the cut in the end but I still really like it!

    • Eugenia says:

      That’s the smart way to do it, Liz; being selective will help you eliminate possible dupes and help you hone in on what you really, really want! Glad you liked it just the same! 🙂

  5. Reminds me of butter LONDON’s Disco Biscuit!

    • Eugenia says:

      I can understand where you see the resemblance, but the Lippmann has an opaque base colour for one, and the glitter isn’t prismatic like that of Disco Biscuit – another fabulous shade, by the way!

  6. Latoya says:

    Hmmm…I’m not really loving this shade, flaky glitter isn’t usually my thing 🙁 And tone on tone glitter usually falls flat in my world. I love the base shade though, and the tone of it overall looks quite lovely on your skintone my dear!

    And of course, Hooray for Holts and it’s 175 years! Though we don’t have one in Hali I frequent the store every single time I’m in a city that has one and I’m always sure to leave with something 😀

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks once more, Toya — you do my ego good, lol! To be honest though, the glitter in this shade isn’t flaky at all, but rather very fine and evenly dispersed throughout the base colour – I guess it’s hard to tell from photos, though; it was really difficult to capture it well (first time that’s happened to me!). I think Hali is more than deserving of their very own Holt’s, don’t you?! Let’s hope the powers that be are reading this!

  7. Angie says:

    Eugenia, you’ve done it again..I have this on reserve at the Mtl Holt Renfrew downtown LOL! Beautiful swatches as usual 😀

    • Eugenia says:

      Awww…thanks, Angie – you’re such a doll! Glad you were able to snag one!

      • Angie says:

        Only a nail polish addict would understand why I’d fight ridiculous downtown traffic for this polish LOL! OMG it took me forever but I’ve got in my possession and it’s gorgeous 🙂 Of course, I also wanted to pick up the anniversary Giorgio Armani lipstick too while there but refrained LOL..Did you pick it up?

      • Eugenia says:

        Angie, you deserve a purple heart; you actually went downtown during rush hour? Only at gunpoint, if I had to, lol! Congrats on the acquisition – enjoy it to bits! As to the lipstick, I didn’t even know about it until I cam home & did some research, but I’ll definitely give it (and a few other HR anniversary beauty items) a second look next time I go, which will probably be either today or tomorrow!

  8. NEED. And the lipstick. And the coke. 🙂 Time to go back to the mothership Big Sis!!

    • Eugenia says:

      Hahaha! “the mothership”… know it, Lil Sis! I’ll be heading back to check out the lipstick too! And they were giving out the Coke for free, but because I don’t drink soda, I SAID NO!!! I’ll be picking one up anyway, cause the bottle is so darned cute!

  9. olivia says:

    I want the nail polish and the diet coke just to put in my “pop culture” cabinet display. And the shoes, well, I want those to wear! 😉

    • Eugenia says:

      First of all, can I state for the record that I’m totally envious of your “pop culture” cabinet display? I want one too! And the shoes….yeah….the shoes…..

  10. I love it! Beautiful pictures.

  11. Amanda says:

    Need is an understatement. I MUST own this. Sometimes you Canucks have all the luck!

    • Eugenia says:

      That’s exactly how us Canucks feel most of the time with all the US exclusives that we have no access to! I’m looking at you CHANEL — time to start accepting Canadian credit cards!

  12. Shimmer says:

    Oh MY GOD! Want want want *grabby hands*! I may or may not be singing Veruca Salt’s “Give It To Me Now” 🙂 Beauteous!

    • Eugenia says:

      Hahaha! Oh my God, Maribeth – where on earth did you remember to dredge up Veruca Salt? I love anything Charlie & the Chocolate Factory related! Glad you like the swatches, my friend!

      • Shimmer says:

        You’d be surprised how often I sing this song throughout the week (to my children! and much to their embarrassment!) Whenever they use “I WANT…”, I sing it. Hahahaha

      • Eugenia says:

        Lol…..I wish I had thought of that when my Anna was growing up….guess it’s not too late to start! It’s either that or the Oompa-loompa song!!!

  13. pajammy says:

    Eugenia, I have never been to Canada and I have never set foot in Holt Renfrew. Is it wrong that I want this polish? Haha! Gorgeous gorgeous swatches! And that Coke bottle looks awesome as well!

    • Eugenia says:

      First of all, you absolutely should come and visit Canada – we’re a vast & beautiful country 🙂 Secondly, you NEED to visit a Holt Renfrew store – just make sure your credit card has plenty of room on it, lol! I don’t blame you one bit for wanting this polish, Pam…it would look amazing on you!

  14. Julia says:

    Gah, today I’m jealous of you lucky duck Canadians! I love this polish and I really can’t think of a good substitute…I also like the fuchsia Diet Coke bottles!

    On another note, the Holt Renfrew Montreal building is really interesting–it’s very of a period, that’s for sure. Here’s my favorite part of (what used to be–now it’s a Macy’s :((((() our premier department store:

    • Eugenia says:

      Sort of makes up for all the times us Canucks have been jealous of you folks south of our borders, lol! Love that ceiling of that heritage Macy’s building – stunning architecture!

  15. Linda says:

    What a fun post! Loved the building photos. Oh the shoes, so cute, I wonder how much $$ ? Nice polish, too. Kind of a ‘murky’ pink, not clear. Seems unique!

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks, Linda! Murky is a good word – it’s murky & vivid at the same time…really cool! As to the shoes, they were made specifically for the occasion and retail for CDN $1,295.00 *gulp* – had them in my hands this past weekend…didn’t want to put them down, lol!

  16. lissette says:

    Oh I want it but I don’t live in Canada 🙁 . But thank you for the swatches they’re beautiful. So, how about you buy it for me and I’ll pay you back?

    • Eugenia says:

      You’re welcome, Lissette! even though you don’t live here, you can still enjoy the swatches, right? 🙂 As to picking it up, I’ll need to get back to you on that – I’ve already been flooded with a ton of emails from many readers asking the same thing!

  17. The color is gorgeous! But Eugenia, tell me you picked up that Armani, too!

    • Eugenia says:

      I’m a dolt; I went right by the Armani counter, completely oblivious that they even had an exclusive of their own and didn’t realize it until I came home *slaps head*. I’ll definitely be heading back though – if nothing else, to check it out at least!

  18. Tara says:

    omg..I LOVE it! I NEEEEED it! My birthday is tomorrow; any Canadians want to get it for me and I will pay you back? Or swap? 🙂

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