Deborah Lippmann ‘Raise Your Glass’ – celebrating Holt Renfrew’s 175th Anniversary! (swatches & review)


Deborah Lippmann, über-manicurist to some of the most famous people in the world of beauty, fashion & film, and noted as the woman responsible for making glitter lacquers chic & sophisticated, recently collaborated with another grand name – Canada’s very own Holt Renfrew. To celebrate the luxury retail giant’s 175th anniversary, many of the store’s brands created exclusive & unique one-of-a-kind items just for the occasion … all managing to incorporate Holt’s’ signature magenta colour (vivid fuchsia Coke bottles anyone?!). The limited edition ‘Raise Your Glass’ Deborah Lippmann varnish, made specifically for the store’s birthday milestone, means that you can now have a piece of Holt’s always at your fingertips … literally!

the original Holt Renfrew store, founded in 1837 – Québec City (source)

the art deco building of Holt Renfrew Montréal, 1937 (source)

Holt Renfrew Montréal today (source)

the legendary & stunning art deco bronze doors of Holt Renfrew Montréal (source)

Diet Coke for Holt Renfrew (source)

Christian Louboutin exclusive for Holt Renfrew (source)

Giorgio Armani exclusive lipstick for Holt Renfrew (source)

Deborah Lippmann – ‘Raise Your Glass’ for Holt Renfrew

Deborah Lippmann – ‘Raise Your Glass’ for Holt Renfrew

Deborah Lippmann – ‘Raise Your Glass’ for Holt Renfrew


‘Raise Your Glass’ – is a lusciously deep & rich magenta hue, filled with vivid fuchsia fine hexagonal glitter. The rather thick formula which gives excellent coverage and opacity even by the first coat, which also means that it will stay put exactly where applied, without running or pooling into the cuticle area. Its crème base seems to have some jelly-like qualities to it, brought out clearly with the addition of a top coat. The ultra-fine glitter doesn’t sink into the depth of this colour, but seems to float near the surface level – giving the final appearance a slight “sandwiched” tone, or as though seen through a filter.
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Paradoxically, the glitter – which is very visible to the naked eye, seems quite camera-shy here, with the swatches only barely revealing hints of its brilliant flashes, but it certainly serves to add a beautiful dimension of depth overall. While the application is relatively smooth despite the glitter, the final finish not only looks a little rough, but feels gritty to the touch – I applied 2 layers of top coat here, in order to truly enhance this vivid beauty. Some elbow grease is definitely required for complete removal, although on the plus side, it’s a 100% non-staining shade. All swatches are with Seche Clear Base Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat. Coats applied: 2

in sunlight

in sunlight/alternate angle


shaded light

with flash

shown against the iconic colour of a Holt’s shopping bag

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Final thoughts: For all you non-Canadians out there, I want you to know that Holt Renfrew is our “holy grail” department store … or, at least it is for me, and has been since I was about 3 (I believe my first word may have been “luxe”). I tend to shy away from many pink shades, mainly because I’ve always felt that it wasn’t a colour suited to my particular skin tone. ‘Raise Your Glass’ is a far cry from feeble, and I absolutely love its strong intensity; the fine glitter looks especially gorgeous when sunlight glints off the nail surface, giving your mani a sly “zing” – captivating, really. As this is a Holt Renfrew exclusive (retailing for CDN $22.00), it is only available through the store itself and if my sources are correct, for a limited time as well. Get some of your “Canadian” on, eh?!
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