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Today’s post focuses on several new launches from Dior, along with an industry standard — the foundation — that for some inexplicable reason, I hadn’t tried … until now. Don’t get me wrong; I was not only aware of the love makeup artists & consumers have for this product, but I happen to already own several shades as well, so when the matching new setting spray and brush came in, I was fired up to give everything a go. Adding to the common thread of long-lasting makeup, these new Dior brow products seemed to fit right in … and thus, a post is born.


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Airflash Spray Foundation in 305 Almond Beige (CAN $78.00) | Available in 18 shades, this is pretty much the equivalent of ‘an air-brushed finish in a can’. Inspired by backstage makeup techniques and editorial shoots, the formula is water resistant (up to 12 hours) and contains light-diffusing pigments to instantly smooth the complexion as well as as mother-of-pearl pigments to boost radiance. The unique micro-diffusion system of the pump dispenser delivers a fine mist, providing the complexion with a velvety soft & flawless finish.

There’s a reason why makeup artists turn to this foundation time & again for achieving the most flawless look to the complexion (it’s become a bridal makeup staple, in fact): both the finish & hold are superb. That being said, it’s not without a few learning curves. After giving the can a few solid shakes to ensure all the components are properly mixed, I strongly recommend you spray the product onto your brush at a distance of about 4 inches (never mind what the instructions say to the contrary) OVER A SINK and held AWAY from you, in order to help minimize any accidental contact. Start with a small amount and build up, as this is highly pigmented and a little will go a long way. The best part? How lightweight it feels along the skin yet still manages to provide amazing coverage.

Airflash Radiance Mist Primer & Setting Spray (CAN $62.00) | A first for the brand, this is both a primer AND a setting spray that can be used either a) before you apply makeup (hence the primer part), b) after makeup application (ditto for the setting part), or c) as an evening/late day touch-up to refresh a tired-looking complexion & boost radiance. With a formula boasting a cocktail of energizing minerals and hyaluronic acid, it bears the same dispensing system as that of the foundation and needs a few shakes before going in with application. In the first swatch below, I’ve sprayed it on rather concentratedly to showcase what it looks like, but bear in mind that the actual finish is transparent.

Using this spray before going in with foundation (it works so perfectly with the Airflash Foundation, by the way), I found that I get THE most even coverage and amazing hold, not to mention how fine lines seem to get filled in a bit as well. I’ve yet to try it in its ‘refreshing’ capacity (let’s face it; I’m not about to tote this can around with me), but as a setting spray it definitely does a great job of keeping my makeup intact — although I feel that its particular finish might not make it ideal for those with very oily complexions.


Backstage Pros Buffing Brush (CAN $60.00) | Designed by Peter Philips, Creative & Image Director for Dior Makeup, this may be a brush but provides the seamless finish you get from a sponge. The ergonomically designed shape fits comfortably in the palm of the hand, while the incredibly soft & densely packed bristles not only holds product beautifully, but ensures you get an incredibly even distribution along the skin. TIP: use circular motions when applying foundation with this brush, in order to achieve that gorgeous airbrushed-looking finish (see swatches below for results).




Diorshow All-Day Brow Ink (CAN $34.00/each) | In essence, this product aims to provide a ‘tattoo effect’ for the brows much like microblading does, but without the commitment. With a formula that’s loaded in waterproof polymers and high-intensity pigments, it boasts a 36-hour hold and comes with a bevelled flocked applicator. As seen in the swatch below, it has an initial creamy-wet texture that dries down to a soft diffused finish. Incredibly long-lasting & budge proof, it can still be easily removed with a dual-phased makeup remover. Also available in 021 Medium (not shown)

  • 011 Light – blonde taupe
  • 002 Dark – soft brown

As I’ve gotten older, the unibrow of my youth has definitely become sparser — thanks to over plucking (there’s a lesson here: don’t do what I did), and the ends in particular are mere shadows of their former glorious selves. Sigh. I haven’t ruled out getting a microblading treatment done, but I’m not there yet … and drawing on a full-on Instagram brow is so totally NOT my thing, as I prefer a more natural look. What makes this product so interesting for me, is two-sided: how long it lasts (I put it through the sweat test and it passed with flying colours) and how soft the finish is. There is a warning though; the applicator is excellent for depositing colour in larger areas but difficult to maneuver along finer parts, so do yourself a favour and have a fine eyebrow/liner brush on hand to help you with any needed definition.



It’s not always about the limited edition items (which I both love + absolutely hate), since at the end of the day it’s the products we turn to the most that are the star players. The Airflash Foundation may need you to rethink your application technique, but if you’re looking for the most flawless finish sans filter, this is totally worth that extra bit of effort. As to the Radiance Mist, my preference is to use it before foundation to help provide a great base to work with. Finally, if you weren’t blessed with Cara Delevigne brows, there’s still hope via the new Brow Ink. All in all, a great group of products to discover, if you haven’t already done so!

Available at Dior beauty counters nationwide



Kindly provided by Dior for my unbiased consideration

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