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Dior has recently added to the Capture Youth family with 3 innovative products, and while new, they are all able to integrate seamlessly into your current regimen. I don’t now about you, but Spring somehow feels like the perfect time of year for a skincare refresh, wouldn’t you agree?

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The key with finding the most effective skincare for your unique needs, is to first get to know and understand your skin; I can’t stress that enough. That said, there is some common ground: we all need to cleanse, moisturize, and maintain. What you reach for to do the job, however, will be determined by what it is you’re looking to address … and here’s where all 3 of these new Capture Youth products shine: with [very] few exceptions, they can be used by everyone, regardless of skin type.

As I’ve gotten older, my skin’s needs have shifted somewhat; I still have normal skin that’s prone to oiliness in the T-Zone, but now I find that I need more intense hydration than before. What I personally look for with my skincare regimen, is the end result i.e.: not only how my skin appears, but more importantly (to me, at least), how it feels: I need it to be soft to the touch and pillowy/plump.

New Skin Effect Enzyme Solution (CAN $83.00) | Created to be the first step right after cleansing, this is a watery solution that helps clarify the skin, strengthen its natural barrier AND stimulates cellular activity. And you thought this was just a toner, am I right? Oh, and did I mention that it’s also hydrating? The natural exfoliating properties of Papaya enzymes help with cellular turnover, while Iris Florentina adds an antioxidant boost. The texture is very much like water, and I found it’s easiest when applied using a saturated cotton pad; quickly absorbed, note that the formula contains glycolic acid which may impart a very subtle tingle along the skin, basically letting you know it’s actually doing something.

I’m not really one for toners and yet from the very start of testing this solution, it’s as if my skin had a wake-up call. Immediately after cleansing I go in with this solution, followed up with a pump of my beloved Mineral 89 from Vichy (reviewed in detail here) for an extra shot of hyaluronic acid, then I apply the Intense Rescue serum. The last step is moisturizer, but I’ve even gone without a few times during my initial testing phase, and was quite impressed with how hydrated my skin felt just the same.

Intense Rescue Age-Delay Revitalizing Oil Serum (CAN $120.00) | The newest addition to the range of Capture Youth customizable serums (all previously reviewed here), this one stands apart by virtue of its texture and the quick results it provides. Designed to help restore your skin’s lipids, it delivers major hydration in record time and acts very much like a “reset” button. Key ingredients are Argan Oil (to restore the lipid content), Tamanu fatty acids (an oil-seed from Asia, strengthens the skin’s barrier), and Iris Florentina (an antioxidant that helps “boost skin’s internal resistance process via glyoxalase stimulation to delay visible signs of aging“). As with the other serums, you can either wear this on its own, or mixed in with your favourite moisturizer to help add an added jolt of hydration. Dispensed via a dropper, the texture is slightly viscous (a little really goes a long way) and fragranced — a light floral that I’m not all that crazy about (at times I get hints of Coppertone, at others it’s a bit old-fashioned), but I’m 100% willing to overlook that in light of the amazing results I’ve seen with my skin.

From the very first day of testing, I knew there was something special going on because my skin definitely sat up & noticed. In fact, this oil-serum is so hydrating, that I can literally skip moisturizer and my skin maintains a nourished feel. One of my usual tests, is to lightly run the back of my hand along my cheeks; any roughness would be immediately picked up this way but with this serum (and little else), all I get is an incredibly soft, plump, and dewy skin feel. I literally can’t stop touching my face all day long — weird, I know … but still.

Age-Delay Advanced Eye Treatment (CAN $95.00) | Targeted to the thinner skin around the eyes, this fresh gel-crème treatment was developed using a 3D computer modelling of the eye, focusing in particular to the way daily stressors and physiology affect the appearance along the orbital area. The formula includes Crithmum — a natural alternative to retinol (which helps in minimizing fine lines), Albizia and Siegesbeckia, two botanical compounds that aid in reducing congestion, and Iris Florentina, the star ingredient in all three of these products. In a nutshell, the aim of this treatment is to help densify, de-puff, and deflect light from the skin around the eyes to provide a more rested appearance. I’m definitely down for that.

I confess that while I’m religious about cleansing and moisturizing, my eye cream game is a little weak, but I’ve been making improvements in that department. Now, I can’t vouch for any brightening effect of this treatment (probably because I don’t have dark circles to begin with that need to be addressed), and without specialized equipment I can’t exactly measure if my fine lines are actually being reduced, but I am still impressed just the same. Why? Because visually, the delicate skin around my eyes appears somewhat smoother and by extension any makeup applied on top looks better. I call that a win.

I call this pairing my Dynamic Duo

I am unapologetic about my obsession with skincare and to be honest, I really love spending the “me time” my ritual provides. Of course, at any given time you’ll find me testing one range or another, but it’s products such as this three, that make it to my permanent lineup. Products that deliver visible results, I might add. In my opinion? Dior’s Capture Youth range — in particular this trio — are well worth your time to investigate. Your skin will definitely thank you.

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Kindly provided by Dior for my unbiased consideration

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