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There’s just something about Summer makeup that I can’t resist; maybe it’s because I’m a July baby — but in the case of Dior’s Cool Wave Summer 2018 Collection, I’m going to say it’s mainly because of the collection itself. I mean, Just look at these palettes for God’s sake ∗swoon∗ Inspired by the contrasts between aquatic hues and sizzling sunny days, Peter Philips (Creative & Image Director for Dior Makeup), has basically brought Summer to life with these pieces. Oh, yeah …



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Housed in the brand’s iconic midnight blue lacquered casing, each palette opens up to reveal an exquisitely rendered pattern, drawing inspiration by the ripple of a drop hitting the surface of water. With one palette mirroring sea & sky and the other echoing earth & sun, both colour harmonies are truly representative of what Summer is all about.


367 Cool Down Eyeshadow Palette, limited edition (CAN $73.00) | The cooler of the two palettes, these shades follow the format of all other Dior eyeshadow palettes: the top 2 shades + the middle hue are great for a lighter daytime look, while the bottom 2 shades + the middle hue work beautifully for a more dramatic evening look. The texture on all is unbelievably smooth and almost creamy to the touch (with the exception of the top right shade, but then again that one is not meant to be opaque), and the colour saturation is amazing from the very first swipe. Staying power over primer, is spot-on as well, without showing signs of fading or creasing.

  • top left – aqua, shimmer
  • top right – icy blue, sheer shimmer
  • middle – intense turquoise, satin shimmer
  • bottom left – pastel blue, shimmer
  • bottom right – denim blue, shimmer


597 Heat Up Eyeshadow Palette, limited edition (CAN $73.00) | Obviously the warmer leaning of the two palettes, the same rule applies here as with Cool Down (the layout & the formula). I actually love both palettes and even though I have this slight obsession with aqua/turquoise shades, I feel that this particular colour harmony is slightly easier to sport for most people — but don’t think for a minute that these colours are any less impactful; just look at the centre hue and how stunningly vivid it is!

  • top left – yellow gold, shimmer
  • top right – golden beige, sheer shimmer
  • middle – searing coral/orange, satin shimmer
  • bottom left – bronze, shimmer
  • bottom right – chocolate brown, shimmer



Diorshow Cooling Stick Cooling Effect Eyeshadow, limited edition (CAN $41.00/each) | Housed in a retractable format, what makes these shadow pencils unique is their texture along with the effect they impart along the skin. Created with a generous amount of water in the formula, they literally feel cooling upon application — although that sensation does dissipate with the wearing. Gliding effortlessly along the skin, they leave a lovely & non-patchy shimmer, but as they will set relatively quickly I suggest working one eye at a time. You have about a minute or so to play with the colour, especially if wanting to blend out, or you can even layer them up for more impact. Another way to wear these is by layering them under powder eyeshadow; this will not only increase the longevity of both, but add a deeper colour dimension as well. Note that the honed tip can work for smaller areas or along the bottom lash line, although be aware that it will round out with use.

  • 001 Bronze Wave – bronze shimmer
  • 002 Gold Splash – brilliant gold
  • 003 Fresh Pink – ballerina pink


The minute I saw these pencils, I knew I had seen this format before and I was right; in 2013 CHANEL came out the very same thing called Fresh Effect Eyeshadow (limited edition and no longer available), which I absolutely loved. In fact, I had taken them with me on a trip down south and they were literally the only eye makeup I wore. The Dior versions are not only housed in identical containers, but the shape, effect, and even the texture are identical — which leads me to think that perhaps the patent ran out and Dior scooped it up! If so, thank you for their triumphant comeback. For the record, the formula on the Dior pencils is far superior so either my CHANELs have dried out to some degree (although they’re still very useable), or the technology has improved. I’m also happy to see that there are no dupes colour-wise, as evidenced in the swatch below.


One thing’s for sure, Dior has definitely perfected the art of beautifully rendered palettes, and both Cool Down and Heat Up are no exception to that. As these are luxury items and come with a luxury price tag, I couldn’t be happier to see that the brand put in as much effort in the formulation/quality as it did with their visual aesthetic. The Cooling Sticks are another innovation that deserves to be explored and something tells me they’re going to get quite a bit of mileage from me, if history is anything to go by. Stay tuned for my upcoming post on the rest of this collection … you won’t want to miss it!

Available as of April 13 at Dior counters


Kindly provided by Dior for my unbiased consideration

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