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Dior has just launched what will surely become your newest obsession: Dior Addict Lacquer Stick. The latest member to the Addict lipstick range that calls upon a ‘Paris-meets-California’ hippie chic kind of vibe, these hybrid lippies are all about the three C’s: colour, comfort, and coolness (yeah, I threw the last one in, but believe me — it totally fits).


Channeling the 4 colour trends of the season, Peter Philips (Creative and Image Director for Dior) divided the shade into four groups: Pastel, Neon, Classic, and Wild, but as this is Dior we’re talking about, you just know that they’re all done with the utmost taste — and never gaudy. Meant to provide 6 hours of long-lasting wear (but you know how it goes: the lighter the shade, the less wear time), these are a hybrid lipstick/gloss/balm in one, with a bit of fairy dust thrown in for good effect as well, I’m thinking, because they feel unlike anything else I’ve ever worn.

PS: “it shade” Turn Me Dior is the one Jennifer Lawrence is wearing in the ad campaign and something tells me that it’s going to fly off the shelves. I mean, just look at it/her.

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Jennifer Lawrence for Dior Addict Lacquer Stick (wearing: Turn Me Dior)

Dior Addict Lacquer Stick (CAN $43.00/each) | Available in 18 shades (Sephora is showing 16 while the Dior website shows more ∗shrugs∗), these are a hybrid lacquer/lipstick in one and come housed in black casings outlined in purple with the Dior name embossed in silver on the outside. Note: if you have more than one, bear in mind that the name of each shade is found only on the outer case and not the lipstick tube, all of which makes it easy to mix them up so stay sharp! The formula is unique as well and includes the latest breakthroughs in cosmetics technology:

  • a proprietary combination of 5 ultra-light and nourishing oils, selected for their light refractive index that’s similar to that of glass provide extreme shine, while long-lasting wear is due to the addition of beeswax
  • a new quasi-crystalline base which is 44% more transparent than a classic lipstick base, means that more pigmentation will be revealed and thereby broadens the field for new colour combinations
  • a unique “fondant” texture effect is made possible because of the new slower & gentler process of casting the lipstick, resulting in an almost ‘melting’ sensation upon the lips

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Lightly scented with that iconic Dior rose/lipstick fragrance (which dissipates quickly after application), you can literally feel the buttery texture from the get-go; it’s like applying some luscious, velvety cream along the lips — which sounds a little weird, but it’s the most accurate way I can describe it. Depending on the shade, one swipe will yield a glowy/shiny layer, while a second pass deepens it all and produces a higher intensity. For optimum results, Peter Philips recommends applying Lip Glow first to act as a colour-enhancing balm before layering your chose Dior Addict Lacquer Stick shade on top. I haven’t tried that trick yet, but I’m curious to see what I get. All I know, is that this texture — while colour saturated — feels so lightweight that you literally forget you have anything on, and even better, is how nourished my lips feel long after all traces are gone.

PS: for the swatches below, I also created an ombré lip (centre swatch) by using Turn Me Dior all over then blotted lightly in the middle, Party Red at the outer corners and K-Kiss in the centre for a pop of pink.



To paraphrase Jeopardy, answer: Dior Addict Lacquer Stick, question: how can one improve on lipstick? Of the eight shades I was sent, I have fallen hard for all except one: Bubble (major clash with my skin tone, but I can still use it in combination with other shades, so we’re good). The two I have in my makeup bag and reach for the most are Underground and Turn Me Dior, but also how gorgeous is Party Red? Basically, this is one addiction I’ll gladly own up to … don’t send help.

Available at The Bay & Sephora



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