Dior · Forever Foundation, Forever Skin Glow Foundation & Skin Correct Concealer

Dior recently launched Forever & Forever Glow Foundations to the lineup along with the new Skin Correct Concealer, and I’m finally finding the time to test everything out in detail. Considering how much I loved the brand’s now discontinued Star Skin foundation, my hopes were pretty high for these — and let’s just say that I was definitely NOT disappointed.

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Forever Foundation (CAN $64.00/each) | Available in 36 shades that come in several undertones to meet almost all complexion needs, this is a long wearing fluid foundation with light to medium coverage that also contains skincare properties to help protect against external aggressors (said to contain 35 SPF, but guidelines here in Canada restrict that from being displayed on the bottle). With Pansy Extract in the formula to help boost hydration levels along with Rosehip Extract that not only protects the skin but also helps with minimizing the appearance of pores & also happens to be the star ingredient in the entire Forever range, this foundation comes to a velvety matte finish, but one that gives the complexion a natural look and never dry or powdery.

Forever Skin Glow Foundation (CAN $64.00) | If a matte/velvet finish isn’t your cup of tea, then Dior’s got you covered with this version. Bearing the same benefits and formulation as the previous foundation along with light to medium coverage, this comes to a radiant finish that actually looks natural, and not greasy. Both foundations are said to have a 24-hour wear time and while I’m not about to ever wear foundation that long, it’s good to know about their strong longevity. I did test both out individually, as well as in a comparison by applying each to one half of my face. They wore equally beautifully and almost appeared to adapt to my skin tone to appear even better colour-wise than the initial application. I used a damp sponge as well as a brush, and I do find the sponge has a slight edge as it provides a more seamless look. I can’t say that my pores appeared diminished, but since I didn’t notice them exaggerated in any way, I’ll call that a win. Staying power with both is truly amazing, melding easily with my skin’s natural oils and warmth without showing any signs of oxidation (where it turns somewhat orange) or separation (in particular around the nostrils) throughout the duration. Without a primer underneath, I did notice a touch of shine around the 8-hour mark of wear, definitely more with the side I applied the Glow Foundation to, but that was rather minimal and not a deal-breaker.

Available in 24 shades.

Forever Skin Correct Concealer (CAN $45.00/each) | Available in 30 shades (what? WOW!), this is a long wearing creamy concealer with added skincare properties in the formula. Said to provide 24-hour wear, it has been created to correct and hide undereye circles, localized redness, slight imperfections, and blemishes — all without settling into fine lines. Very pigment-rich, the coverage is buildable to go from light to full-on, but I personally found that it’s so incredibly colour saturated that literally a scant amount goes a long, long way. I should mention that I rarely wear concealer; primarily because I don’t have undereye circles to contend with and secondly because I now find that more often than not, concealer accentuates every fine line I have.

That said, I was 100% stunned to find that this concealer was not only lightweight in feel but also in the way it applied, adding a nice finishing touch without appearing visible. The flocked applicator it comes with is rather large and while not convenient for delicate placement, it’s actually great if you want to use this concealer on larger areas of the face (as in a foundation capacity). What I do instead, is to use a flat synthetic-haired brush to pick up a tiny bit from the applicator then lay that down in targeted areas, finishing up by patting it in with my finger and using my skin’s warmth to help it then merge more seamlessly. My advice to anyone who shares my feelings on wearing concealer, is to stay away from the outer portion of the undereye area where most fine lines tend to congregate; this way you get the best out of the product without accentuating areas you’d rather not.

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with foundation, as I like having a flawless finish to my complexion but can’t stand anything that feels heavy, which is why I was so pleasantly surprised to find that both the Forever and the Forever Skin Glow foundations performed beautifully and invisibly; meaning they felt so comfortable throughout wear that I literally forgot I had anything on. I already stated that I’m not really a concealer girl, but I have to give credit to Skin Correct and how easy it is to wear. So in case you’re wondering at what I pondered in my opening, I don’t feel bad about Star Skin being discontinued, as I’ve now found something wayyyyyy better.

Available at Sephora and Dior counters nationwide

Kindly provided by Dior for my unbiased consideration

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