Dior · Glow Addict Collection, Spring 2018


Pink, which happens to also be the House of Dior’s iconic signature shade, was seen all over the Spring/Summer 2018 runway shows, and now stars in the brand’s latest Glow Addict Collection. The “woven” pattern on the palettes draws inspiration from Maria  Gazia Chiuri’s first collection, calling to mind her exquisite tulle detailing — and almost makes you want to cry at the thought of marring these gorgeous surfaces, wouldn’t you agree? But there’s a catch: the dreaded limited edition …



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Say what you will, but few luxury brands can outdo Dior as far as detailing is concerned. Take for example the intricate pattern on the surfaces seen here and how realistically the tulle design has been rendered — not to mention the beautifully worked ‘threaded’ logo on the centre shade. Le swoon

667 Flirt Glow Addict 5 Couleurs (CAN $73.00) | The more muted of the two palettes, you could say that this is a more neutral take on the rosy theme. All shades display excellent pigmentation with hardly any fall down (that said, I always tap any excess off my brush first just the same), and blend with ease. Staying time over primer is great as well, with the colours lasting true until removed.

887 Thrill Glow Addict 5 Couleurs (CAN $73.00) | Kicking things up a notch, this palette is definitely the more eye-catching of the two — in particular that electric pink middle shade. With a mix of shimmers, metallics, and one satiny matte (the deepest hue), the pigmentation of all 5 is amazing, with each shade showing effortless blendability as well. Once again, staying power over primer is spot-on, without showing any signs of fading or creasing until removed.


I absolutely adore highlighters and while I occasionally foray into something über-blinding, my tastes usually run towards the less blingy variety. That said, I have found that Dior has been really nailing it with their range of Nude Air Luminizers, creating a product that is incredibly fine-milled and with just the right amount of glow to enhance the skin, as opposed to overwhelming it. These latest additions in the Glow Addict range take that concept and tweak it with touches of subtle iridescence … and are just so, so gorgeous.

001 Pink Holo Glow Addict Luminizer (CAN $75.00) | A soft baby pink hue with soft prismatic hints, which will work on both cool & warm skin tones. Totally wearable as a highlighter for the inner eye corner & under the brow bone, this shade also works towards brightening the complexion as well. Staying power (over foundation/primer) is excellent, with the radiance seeming to almost meld with the skin in a ‘natural’ way — giving off that lit-from-within type of glow.

001 Gold Holo Glow Addict Luminizer (CAN $75.00) | More of a gentle rose-gold with subtle iridescence rather than a straight up golden hue, this shade can also be easily worn by both cool & warm skin tones. With the same ultrafine texture and wear power as Holo Pink, this can perform double-duty as eyeshadow as well; add a few coats of mascara and BAM! Look done.


Rummaging through my collection of Dior Luminizers/highlighters to find duplicates, I was actually surprised to find that both Holo Pink and Holo Gold have no competition; first up are the comparisons to Holo Pink:

  • 001 Glowing Pink (N/A) – several degrees lighter, no prismatic shimmer
  • 002 Luminizer – a more white based pink, no prismatic shimmer
  • 001 Luminizer – warm toned, golden based pink

Looking for duplicates to Holo Gold, I selected the more gold-leaning of Dior Luminizers/highlighters in my stash, although it’s interesting how the shades actually swatch somewhat differently than what’s seen in the pan — but in a good & unique way. Please note that in the photo above I mistakenly included 001 Luminizer which should have actually been 001 Precious Rocks as seen in the swatch below.

  • 001 Precious Rocks (N/A) – nude pink with very subtle radiance
  • 002 Glowing Nude (N/A) – gold based pink, no prismatic shimmer
  • 004 Luminizer – bronze gold, no prismatic shimmer
  • 003 Luminizer – true gold, no iridescence


I have been crushing on pink EVERYTHING for several months now; it began with a pair of hot fuchsia silk pumps I bought back in September, and continues with my most recent purchase of ballerina-pink satin runners … and no one is more surprised at this turn of events than me, since this is a shade I’ve tended to avoid in the past. Then Dior comes along and creates these two palettes and and just like that, I’m a goner. Oh, and the highlighters? Absolutely worth every penny. By the way, is this not the most Valentine-perfect Collection? 

Available at Dior counters nationwide


Kindly provided by the Dior team for my unbiased consideration

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