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First created in 2009 as a backstage product, Dior has just added to their much-loved Lip Glow lineup with new shades and finishes for 2018. Bridging the gap between lip colour and lip treatment, it’s not only one of my must-haves but its “Colour Reviver” technology means it adapts to every individual’s pH levels to create a custom hue. Now THAT’s my kind of unique.



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Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm (CAN $41.00/each) | The Lip Glow squad is not only growing colour-wise, but moving into modern territory with the release of two new finishes: matte & holographic. Housed in transparent pink casings, these balms not only look elegant, but include concentrated mango butter in the formula to ‘ensure optimum continual hydration for 24 hours’. While I can’t actually vouch for the 24 hour part, I can say that my lips not only feel nourished throughout the wearing, but long after any traces of colour has faded as well.

The Lilac and Berry shades were both limited edition releases from a while ago, but appear to be part of the permanent range now — a good thing too, as I love them both. The Matte Raspberry shade was a bit of a surprise, as I was unprepared for the strong level of colour saturation it has and how it doesn’t leave my lips feeling dried out (yay!). Both Holo shades are interesting as well; for starters, their shimmer never feels gritty along the lips, and each has enough brilliance & colour tint that it basically makes wearing a more pigmented lipstick, superfluous. Another perk is that you can not only use these balms to prep the lips, but when layered over liner (or even lipstick), they create new colour combos while still helping lips feel nourished. I call that a win-win.

As my lips tend to lean on the dry side, I usually like to use a gentle exfoliant on a regular basis — especially useful to keep any nasty flaky bits to a minimum. One of my go-to faves is definitely Dior’s Lip Sugar Scrub (reviewed in more detail here), as it not only does an excellent jobs of prepping my lips for anything I may want to layer on top, but does so without stripping away much needed moisture.


My lips — apart from being quite heavily lined (don’t even get me started) — also need mega TLC on a daily basis. With the harsh Winters we get here in Montréal coupled with moisture-sucking indoor heating, my lips dry out quite quickly. Therefore, balm is a MUST for me and while Carmex or Vaseline are my daily workhorses, I like to jazz things up when heading out. That’s when I grab a Lip Glow (I don’t have a preference & love them all) and watch the magic happen … plus they just feel so good that it’s actually addictive to want to reapply. Oh, and the tons of compliments I get when wearing these doesn’t hurt either. Yes, I can be vain like that.

Available at Sephora and all Dior counters


Kindly provided by Dior for my unbiased consideration

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