Dior · Lip Glow To The Max & New Lip Maximizer Collection

For Spring 2019, Dior is adding to both the Lip Glow and Lip Maximizer ranges with new shades, textures, and even formulation tweaks — then takes everything a few notches further by making these new additions just so much fun and pretty to look at too. So basically, you now have even more reason to want to whip one of these out in public … not that you needed the push, am I right?

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Dior Addict Lip Glow To The Max (CAN $42.00/each) | Housed in the same translucent nude-pink cases as the rest in this range, these are differentiated via their colourful pinwheel design on the bullet (which runs right through and is not simply a surface decoration). Enriched with Color Reviver technology that self-adjusts to your unique ph levels and thus gives a customized colour, this iteration is also infused with “extra butterfly pearls and extra colour reviving power“, along with a new formulation that is said to deliver 29% more volume to the lips to go with 24-hour hydration. Personally, I can’t vouch for either the volume increase of the extended hydration — at least not without specific tools that can measure these things — but I will say that my lips certainly feel nourished throughout the wearing. Available in 7 new shades: 5 dewy and 2 holographic.

  • 201 Pink – rose pink
  • 204 Coral – peachy coral
  • 206 Berry – light plum (cool toned)
  • 207 raspberry – red rose
  • 209 Holo Purple – ultra pink with blue shift
  • 210 Holo Pink – pink with pink shift
  • 212 Rosewood – nude rose

Dior Addict 011 Holo Rose Gold Lip Glow (CAN $42.00) | Also new in the Lip Glow family, is this rose gold shade which I believe may still be a Sephora exclusive. bearing the same formula as the rest, this leans a touch peachy (on my lips) and has non-gritty ultrafine shimmer for a nice touch of brilliance (see above swatch). Even though these were not designed to be long-wearing in terms of colour, I find that they leave a nice stain behind on the lips (which will obviously vary depending on the shade selected) and what makes them all even sweeter, is that they’re all goof-proof to apply: no mirror needed.

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer (CAN $42.00/each) | Having gone through several tubes of the original Lip Maximizer, it’s safe to say that I’m a fan. The 2019 versions have had a few changes to the formula, namely: apart from their featured collagen spheres, they are said to deliver a 29% volume increase to lips, and include a revolutionary hyaluronic lip treatment that is purported to help stimulate collagen production in lips within 15 days of use (and thereby, helping to soften the look of fine lines & wrinkles). Available in 8 shades (#013 Beige not shown), another nice touch is that while they can certainly be worn on their own, they can also be matched up with any of the new Lip Glow To The Max shades — thus boosting shine while giving lips an extra shot of nourishment.

Note that while 001 Pink is the original shade, the formula has been reworked.

  • 001 Pink – milky pink
  • 004 Coral – soft peach nude
  • 006 Berry – muted mauve
  • 007 Raspberry – rose
  • 009 Holo Purple – milky pink with blue shift
  • 010 Holo Pink – milky pink with with pink shift
  • 012 Rosewood – nude

I do love wearing lipstick when the occasion warrants, but I’m definitely more of a gloss/balm girl, mainly because I really prefer the ease of a swipe-and-go product (#lazy). The Winters here in Montréal can be quite harsh — as in the brutal weather we’ve been locked into since mid-January — and my lips have been taking quite a beating, which is yet another reason why I turn to balms. So, what makes these stand out for me? Well, apart from the obvious aesthetics (so gorg), is that Lip Glow To The Max & Lip Maximizer formulations have shown that they work (on me) and now, these new versions give a girl some colour options too. I call that a win-win-win.

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Kindly provided by Dior for my unbiased consideration

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