Dior · Lolli’Glow Spring 2019 Collection

For Spring 2019, Peter Philips — Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, has imagined a cotton candy world of light-hearted colour with the new Lolli’Glow Collection, and I don’t know about you, but after the apocalyptic Winter we’ve had, I’m so ready to take a ride on this beauty carousel.

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On a side note, the collection also includes several other pieces that I did not receive (some lip products, a blush, and 4 nail lacquers) but something tells me I’ll be visiting my nearest Dior counter to check them out. Oh, and everything is limited edition — thought you’d like a head’s up.

Dior eyeshadow quints have gone through several phases; I own some that were made decades ago which are quite pigmented and still wearable (but let’s just say they have more sentimental value to me now). The next phase brought palettes that were intricately worked, but their quality stood on shaky ground. That said, the last few years have seen a marked improvement in colour saturation and blendability — and while both palettes of this collection aren’t intensely pigmented (which would completely be out of whack with the whole theme of the collection, no?), they are well crafted and perfect for creating a uniquely modern ‘pastel smokey’ look. As with all Dior 5 Couleurs palettes, the top 2 hues + centre shade are perfect for a casual daytime look, while the bottom 2 hues + centre shade can take you into evening … but these are just guidelines, not set in stone rules.

5 Couleurs Lolli’Glow 257 Sugar Shade (CAN $74.00) | The more cooler leaning of the two palettes, all the shades here have varying levels of shimmer (no mattes at all), with the 2 lightest having a touch of sparkle as well, although it’s of the smooth and not chunky variety. The deepest hue has more saturation and more satiny in nature, and all blend easily along the skin. Overall, these hues feel very faerie-like in tone, although you can intensify their impact by applying them with a dampened brush.

5 Couleurs Lolli’Glow 257 Mellow Shade (CAN $74.00) | The warmer leaning of the two palettes, the pigmentation is a touch deeper with the centre and bottom 2 hues, and all can be applied with a dampened brush for more depth of tone. In the swatch below, the shade on the far left is absolutely mesmerizing; what appears like a muddied white in the pan actually has this ethereal green-pink shift that’s almost magical — and I imagine it would also look really cool worn as highlighter.

Diorshow On Stage Liner Waterproof (CAN $35.00) | Following the success of earlier shades in this format, Dior has launched 3 Easter-egg hues for this collection, and all in a waterproof finish. The product is dispensed by clicking the top end, and each liner has a felt-tip point sharp enough to help you create precise lines, or used with more pressure towards the wider segment for a thicker look. Imparting a 60s-mod effect, each hue may be pastel in nature but still offers good coverage.

  • 241 Matte Pastel Blue | soft Robin’s Egg blue
  • 451 Matte Pastel Green | pale pistachio
  • 761 Matte Pastel Orange | Creamiscle orange

The undisputed stars of the collection, these are absolutely sublime highlighters. It’s no secret that the Dior Luminizers have pretty much locked down the formula for creating highlighters with a stunning skin-effect, and what sets both of these apart from those in the permanent range is that extra bit of sparkle they contain. As to the finish? The word “ethereal” comes to mind. So, so, gorg.

07 Peach Delight Lolli’Glow Luminizer (CAN $61.00) | Warm toned, this is a soft apricot/peach with a complex golden shimmer — very reminiscent of NARS’ Orgasm, but as a pressed powder highlighter.

08 Pink Delight Lolli’Glow Luminizer (CAN $61.00) | This is a soft pink hue with silvery flecks that capture the light in such a lovely way. While it may be cool toned overall, I feel that something about this particular shade of pink can also suit those with warmer complexions as well.

Thank you, Dior, for bringing a much needed breath of Spring air to my beauty vanity. Of everything here, both highlighters are the ones I’ve been reaching for the most and the must-haves of the collection. Both palettes have a confetti ice-cream prettiness to them, and I’m making it a point to step out of my neutral box and try to create looks with them — the liners help in this area, as they provide a nice graphic — albeit pastel — edge. Finally, we come to the name: Lolli’Glow … it just rolls off the tongue, no?

Available at Dior counters nationwide

Kindly provided by Dior for my unbiased consideration

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