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We may be in the heart of Summer, but that doesn’t mean that the beauty industry is in sync, which accounts for today’s post on Dior’s Metallics Collection for Fall 2017. Drawing inspiration from editorial beauty and the play of light makeup can produce, Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for the brand, has created a collection for the season that’s filled with rich textures, opulent colours, and even a few innovations thrown in for good measure.



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5 Couleur Eyeshadow (CAN $72.00/each) | The iconic 5 Couleurs palettes come housed in the brand’s traditional deep blue lacquered compacts, with 2 new colour families for this collection — one warm leaning and the other cool, but both with a mix of textures to play with.

  • 677 Hypnotize – silvered taupe (shimmer), pale gold (sheer glitter), rust/brick shimmer (centre), warm brown (glitter flecks), deep chocolate (matte, bottom right)
  • 077 Magnetize – platinum (shimmer), sheer silver (glitter), frosted grey shimmer (centre), charcoal (glitter flecks), ebony (matte, bottom right))

677 Hypnotize

077 Magnetize

Diorshow Metalizer (CAN $32.00/each) | Inspired by professional makeup (4 other shades available, not shown here), this innovate product comes house in a squeeze nozzle tube and can be worn on both eyes or lips, using either brushes or fingers for application. On eyes, you can sheer it out for a wash of colour or layer it up using a flat synthetic brush to create a burnished high-shine metallic effect — just make sure to work one eye at a time as it is relatively quick drying. A dab at the centre of the lips can create an eye-catching ombré effect and while you can definitely play with wearing it on its own, I personally found that that way really emphasized my lip lines and felt somewhat drying (the deeper shade more so than the lighter one).

  • 528 Platine Fusion – pink champagne
  • 678 Bronze Tension – taupe bronze

Rouge Dior Lipstick (CAN $43.00/each) | Dior has added five new shades to the range (three not shown here), and if you’ve yet to try this formula, then you absolutely MUST get on board. With a buttercream-smooth application and lip feel, these are not only highly pigmented and long-lasting, but feel throughly moisturizing along the lips throughout the wearing. By the way, Dior’s iconic red N°999 has been given a reboot for this collection as well.

  • 996 Eccentric – soft mauvey taupe with brownish undertones (and my new love)
  • 999 Metallic – fiery orange red


The calendar says it’s Summer, although the crap weather we’ve had to date speaks otherwise (ugh), so talking about Fall is bittersweet for me — unless it’s about beauty. This latest collection from Dior is interesting; the new Metalizers are in a word: fun — they’re also super easy to use, especially if you want to make an impact with minimum fuss involved; a quick dab or swipe, and done. Boom. The eyeshadow quints have the most beautiful selection of colours, and while the 2 glitter shades in both apply much sheerer than expected, I actually prefer this finish to something chunkier and/or heavier, as it makes them eminently more wearable (you can always layer either over a matte shadow for a unique new twist). As to the lipsticks, both are presently contenders for the “my new favourites” category. How much do I like them? let’s just say that they’re wearing down at an alarmingly quick rate. In other words, backup-worthy.

Available August 2017 at all Dior counters nationwide



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6 Responses to Dior · Metallics Fall 2017 Collection

  1. I loved the collection, especially the eyeshadows are stunning.

  2. Lynmed says:

    Wow!! This collection looks incredible! Hypnotize is absolutely stunning!!
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Eugenia says:

      Dior has been really doing a great job with their palettes the last few seasons, but I’m really obsessed over the lipsticks even more this time around!

  3. carolynnnaaa says:

    Love the palettes!


  4. The palettes look absolutely stunning! I need to try them!

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