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Fully embracing the matte lip trend, Dior has just launched Rouge Dior Liquid, a product with three new finishes to separate it from the rest of the industry herd. In other lip innovation news from this brand, is the limited edition Double Rouge, a lip product that’s also perfect for those that want to play with creating that fashionable ombré look but without the fuss — i.e.: no fuss at all, really. Think of these as the reinvented 90s, only way more flattering.



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Rouge Dior Liquid (CAN $43.00) | Dior was one of the very first luxury brands to create a liquid lipstick (2014’s Dior Addict Fluid Stick) which was followed up by this year’s Dior Addict Lip Tattoo) and now the brand has fully jumped on the matte liquid lip train with this latest release. Housed in the brand’s signature navy casing that comes with an elongated window along one side (so convenient in monitoring product usage as well as immediately knowing what colour you’re grabbing), they are available in 26 shades plus 3 Sephora exclusives. The first liquid formula with multiple effects to go with the strong colour impact, they come with a flocked doe-foot applicator that has a small reservoir in the centre to pick up just the right amount of product per swipe. Merging a variety of finishes with intense pigmentation, a lightweight feel, full-on coverage and long wear, they have also been designed with lip comfort in mind — a good thing too, because while I love the editorial look of a matte lip, I’m not very good with the usual desiccated feel most leave behind. Depending on the finish selected, the breakdown is as follows:

  • Matte effect: 2 to 7% pigments
  • Satin effect: 1 to 3% pigments + 4 to 7% iridescence
  • Metallic effect: 17 to 20% iridescence

Other key features include a powder coated with silicon resin for an easy glide along the lips, as well as a combination of synthetic mineral wax & a gelling agent to give that creamy texture. Finally, there is a mix of four oils which not only contribute the weightless feel, but provide lip care benefits as well. As to the actual feel upon the lips, some were definitely more drying than others (the metallic finish felt the most moisturizing) and all did a good job of not making me want to instantly dunk my lips in balm.


Rouge Dior Double Rouge, limited edition (CAN $43.00) | Back in 1953 the brand created Rouge Dior lipstick, and since then it has been reinvented several times — always improving in look, formulation, & performance. Available in 8 limited edition shades, this latest iteration took 16 attempts to find the “perfect balance for certain shades” and another 4 months to adjust the formula to perfection. Combining a highly pigmented outer ring of colour with a soft metallic core, each stick harmonizes to create a subtle ombré effect; as seen in the photos below, the effect is indeed subtle and purposely engineered this way so as to give the optical illusion of more volume (an effect that’s more visible with the darker and not the lighter shade, however). The lip feel is super creamy and coverage excellent from the very first swipe, and while I don’t really notice the metallic part of it, I can say that it appears to add more overall depth. Wear time is good for both shades that I tried, with the deeper hue lasting significantly longer.

NOTE: not available at Sephora

  • 239 Vibrant Nude – soft peach nude
  • 590 Dressed To Kill – plum berry


Lipstick continues to be a best seller for all brands across the board, and understandably  so since it’s not only the one makeup item you can change pretty much in a snap, but the right shade can do so much more more than complete your outfit: it can also elevate your mood. And while the market may be literally flooded with lipstick options, there are always those that will rise to the top — such as Dior with these latest versions. Not having tried/seen all shades I can’t speak for the entire lineup but from the ones shown here, I’ve already selected my faves: Hectic Matte, Hologlam and Poison Metal are all sublime, while Dressed To Kill may very well be the most comfortable red(ish) hue I’ve worn to date. Damn … guess that means I now need to go check out the rest, am I right?

Available September at all Dior counters nationwide



Media samples kindly provided, all opinions are my own




5 Responses to Dior · Rouge Dior Liquid & Double Rouge

  1. I have the liquid lip in Vibrant Metal and the lipstick in Vibrant Nude and I love them both!

  2. I also received the press samples but to date I wasn’t able to swatch them. Love the new shades and colors.

  3. Carolina says:

    Wow the liquid lipsticks are so expensive! For that price I can buy at least four Sephora Cream Lip Stains..

    Carolina’s Makeup Life

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