Dior · Wild Earth Collection, Summer 2019

I’ve said many times before that Summer collections are my favourites, probably because I’m a July baby, but it’s also because something about the seasonal hues really speak to me. Dior’s Wild Earth Collection is a perfect example of what I’m talking about: filled with warmth, jewel-like hues, and peppered with fire, this collection is definitely hitting ALL the right notes.

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696 Sienna 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette, limited edition (CAN $74.00) | One of two limited edition palettes (Terra, not shown), this is a slim profile compact which opens up to reveal 5 stunning shimmery shades that bear a “hand-hammered metal” motif upon the surface. The texture is buttery smooth and strongly pigmented, offering up an effortless blendability with all hues. Staying power over primer is excellent, with the colours staying vibrant until removed. The top 2 shades + the centre hue work for a soft daytime look, while the bottom 2 shades + the centre hue add a bit more depth and drama for an evening look, although that’s just a guideline and not set in stone. For what it’s worth, this palette may turn out to be a Summer staple for me, but I know that these shades will look great all year round.

  • top left: nude champagne with sparkle
  • top right: oyster shimmer
  • centre: copper gold shimmer
  • bottom right: bronze shimmer
  • bottom left: terracotta copper shimmer

10 Coral Pop Luminizer Blush, limited edition (CAN $58.00) | THIS BLUSH, OMG. Available in one other shade (Plum Pop, not shown) and packaged in a slim compact, the surface is printed with raised lettering that bear the brand’s iconic “cannage” motif. But it’s the shade that’s the real star here; what seems almost scary bright in the pan, turns out to be one helluva gorgeous shade applied. The texture is gossamer light and while strongly colour saturated, the pigment seems to lay down softly. Like magic, in fact. The shimmer seen in the pan imparts a lovely glowy sheen which never comes off as too sparkly, but more along the lines of a healthy-looking flush. Staying power over primer/foundation, is excellent as well, without any significant fading.

Dior Addict Lip Tattoo, limited edition (CAN $39.00/each) | There are 4 shades released with this collection (Natural Sienna & Natural Brown, not shown). Housed in a rectangular tube with the exterior coloured to match that of the shade found inside, they come with a bevelled flocked applicator which makes it easy to reach all of your lips’ contours. The texture is lightweight and liquidy with an initial cooling sensation felt upon application. Once applied, the dry down to a light stain that’s meant to be transfer-proof and without leaving lips feeling desiccated. You can wear these on their own, with a slick of balm on top, or even used as an anchoring base for lipstick on top.

  • 311 Natural Dune – orangey beige
  • 321 Natural Rose – dusty rose

Dior Addict Lacquer Plump, limited edition (CAN $46.00/each) | Housed in rectangular tubes with a transparent base that makes it efficient to see at a glance what shade you’re reaching for, these come with a rounded flocked applicator that easily picks up & deposits product to lips. With fine metallic particles suspended in the formula for added brilliance, they come to a glossy finish that attracts light and can give the illusion of a slightly fuller pout. The texture is light and weightless upon lips, and while not created to be as long-lasting as mattes, they still provide good coverage that can stay put for some time.

  • 358 Sunrise Pink – pop pink, cool toned
  • 638 Sunset Red – bronze red, warm toned

Dior Vernis, limited edition (CAN $34.00/each) | Let me begin by saying that Dior makes one of my favourite nail polish formulas to work with, along with one of the best brushes in the industry. For this collection, the brand has released 4 shades (Terra Gold, Orange Sienna & Wild Earth, not shown) along with one topper. With an easy flow and a brush that hugs the nail bed for an easy application, both lay down in a self-levelling way and come to a glossy finish.


026 Sun Glow Veil of Light Nail Protection and Radiance, limited edition | Created to provide light shimmery colour along with protection against external aggressors (sea salt, sun, chlorine), this is a sheer base filled with ultra fine golden shimmer. On bare nails, it can leave a yellowish cast to visible tips — something easily fixed by either adding a light strip of white/cream base to tips first or using a whitening pen on the underside of tips to lighten them up. Two coats will give a translucent look (as seen on my index finger), while 3 coats gives slightly more coverage (as seen on my middle, ring and pinkie fingers). Apart from wearing it on its own, you can also layer Sun Glow over any other shade for a unique new colour combination (as seen in the last swatch, below). No top coat.

708 Blue Drop, limited edition | A vivid turquoise blue with ultra fine shimmer particles suspended in the formula. The first coat lays down with some sheerness but becomes opaque by a second layer. Due to its shimmery nature, I suggest trying to keep your hand as steady as possible to minimize any visible brush strokes, but to be honest the flow is so good that it comes to an easy and level finish. Best part? Non-Staining, provided base coat is applied first. Swatch is shown with 2 coats, no top coat

Naturally, I had to combine the two and what I got was a softened turquoise with a strong golden presence. Depending on the light, it can appear slightly milky, quite marine-like, or even golden … and I love them all!

No surprises here, but I am quite impressed with this selection from this Wild Earth Collection. I’ve seen the other pieces I didn’t receive and I feel like these are all exactly the items I would have selected for myself, shade-wise. My picks are the blush, eyeshadow palette, as well as both nail polishes and if you’re a fan of Summer collections as I am, then I strongly urge you to visit your nearest Dior counter and check these out, because they will most disappear fast. Cue the beach vibe …

Available at Sephora and Dior counters nationwide

Kindly provided by Dior for my unbiased consideration

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4 Responses to Dior · Wild Earth Collection, Summer 2019

  1. Tracey Evans Buhr says:

    The Coral Pop Luminizer Blush is stunning! It’s that perfect shade that is never far out of reach. Thanks for the Collection review, Eugenia!

    • Eugenia says:

      Glad you enjoyed the review, Tracey! And yes, this blush is exquisite! Definitely worth picking up!

  2. Sarah Hirji says:

    Omg i love it all!!

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