Dior #763 Corail Bagatelle Blush (Limited Edition), Trianon Edition

Dior Corail Bagatelle opener


The Dior Trianon Collection for Spring 2014, has some seriously breathtaking pieces in its lineup, and in my opinion, the #763 Corail Bagatelle blush (Limited Edition) has got to be THE star of the entire launch. With cream blushes from every brand storming the recent makeup counters, it’s nice to see that the powder version is still quite a presence. Add to that an amazing colour and a sculptural bow, and well … I’m definitely sold.

Dior Corail Bagatelle compact

Dior – #763 Corail Bagatelle Blush

Dior Corail Bagatelle label

Dior – #763 Corail Bagatelle Blush

Dior Corail Bagatelle ingredients

Dior – #763 Corail Bagatelle Blush, ingredients listing

Dior Corail Bagatelle

#763 Corail Bagatelle Blush, Trianon Edition LE (CAN $44.00) – A beautifully pigmented and ultra-finely milled powder blusher in a peony pink hue with strong coral undertones in the base, housed in the brand’s signature luxurious royal blue lacquered compact case. Initial swatches reveal a subtle hint of shimmer, which serves to add a nice dimension of depth, while also providing a drop-dead gorgeous lustre to the skin. As #763 Corail Bagatelle is quite colour-saturated, I recommend beginning with a light hand and then upping the intensity to your desired level.

The raised bow & dotted pattern on the surface is absolutely adorable (I’m such a total SUCKER for these things) but sadly will eventually erode with continued use – and believe me, this is one of those universally flattering shades that is sure to see a TON of use in your beauty routine. There’s a lovely rose scent to the powder, although nothing I notice once it’s actually applied. The small angled brush that’s included in the compact is surprisingly quite good – softly bristled and able to not only pick up a nice amount of product, but also gives a decent enough application – although I personally prefer using my own brushes for the job. Still, it’s good to know that this can also work in a pinch. Lasting power is quite impressive as well, especially when #763 Corail Bagatelle is applied over foundation, going easily to the 9 – 10 hour mark before fading.

Dior Corail Bagatelle 2

Dior – #763 Corail Bagatelle Blush

Dior Corail Bagatelle 3

Dior – #763 Corail Bagatelle Blush

Dior Corail Bagatelle 4

Dior – #763 Corail Bagatelle Blush

Dior Corail Bagatelle detail

Dior – #763 Corail Bagatelle Blush, detail

Dior Corail Bagatelle 5

Dior – #763 Corail Bagatelle Blush

Dior Corail Bagatelle swatch

Dior – #763 Corail Bagatelle Blush: swatched heavily on the left, blended out at right

Dior Corail Bagatelle swatch 2

Dior – #763 Corail Bagatelle Blush: swatched heavily on the left, blended out at right


If you pass on everything else from this collection, I suggest you do NOT skip this little beauty, especially if you happen to be as blush-obsessed as I am. With its perfect balance of cool and warm tones, this shade will suit a wide variety of skin hues and will be THE perfect colour once the warmer weather sets in. Bear in mind that this is a limited edition (and totally backup-worthy) piece and as the Summer collections will soon start trickling onto counters, you may not want to put off snagging one of these for yourself.

I purchased this from The Bay (Canada).

Dior Corail Bagatelle closer

14 Responses to Dior #763 Corail Bagatelle Blush (Limited Edition), Trianon Edition

  1. You know, I do love a gorgeous blush – and this IS gorgeous – but like Liz, it doesn’t tempt me…probably because I have a billion shades just like it! I’m in a market for more unusual shades now I think…

    • Eugenia says:

      I had my phase where I wanted to break out of the shades I usually go for (and I’ll most likely go through another similar phase again – such is the nature of this addiction!), but in the end, I now opt for shades that I know will work with my skin tone. Especially when you’re dropping $$$ for a product, you want to make sure it’s something you’ll reach for often. That’s not excluding whatever else catches my eye, however….!

  2. Is it madness that I’m still not on board with Dior’s blushes yet? I was super excited about this before it was released but felt strangely underwhelmed in person. Your pictures are stunning though… it’s making me want to take a 20th look at it, lol.

    • Eugenia says:

      Other than the cream blush I picked up last year (Panama), can you believe that this is my first Dior blush as well? I can’t speak for any other shades, past or present, but this one has amazing quality – I’m quite impressed, but also mad: now I’ll have to start collecting these too, lol! Yes … do give it another look-see; after all, you changed your mind about Chamade! 😉

  3. PRETTY. But before this came out I bought one of the permanent ones called Happy I think? It’s pretty similar. But MAN what a great blush formula!

  4. sobsessed says:

    Absolutely divine photos and review. I love, love this blush too!!! It’s too pretty to use <3

  5. Linda says:

    Absolutely beautiful! As you said, even the compact brush looks quite full and lush, like you could actually use it! So often the brush included in a compact leaves a lot to be desired!

    • Eugenia says:

      Seriously thought, some of the brushes that brands include are absolutely ridiculous – makes you wonder why they even bother. I usually just throw them out, but some of the higher-end brands have actually made pretty decent brushes – like this!

  6. Miss Molotov says:

    SO so pretty! Your pictures are gorgeous!!

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