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Dior has been steadily carving out a reputation for creating innovative lip products and the latest to come from the brand, Dior Addict Lacquer Plump, may soon turn out to be the one you’ll be reaching for the most. For starters, the packaging is killer gorgeous. Then there are the 16 shades and 3 finishes to choose from. But I predict that it’s the finish that will win you over.



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Dior Addict Lacquer Plump (CAN $43.00/each) | In a nutshell, these are a cross between a gloss with balm-like properties and has mega staying power thrown in. But there’s more to the story; the formula is a unique oil & water emulsion that is infused with pigment and natural hibiscus extract (the plumping effect part) as well as hyaluronic acid (for hydration), that lays down whisper light along lips but still packs plenty of impact. The outer casing has a lipstick bullet design that clearly shows what colour you’re reaching for, while the flocked applicator has a curved shape that comfortably follows lip contours and deposits enough colour with every swipe. According to the press info, the colour itself is activated when it comes into contact with your lips and once applied, lays down like a light film with the shine developing even further which almost acts as a ‘filler’ for lip lines — I’m guessing that’s where the plumping part comes in.

The range is divided into 3 colour groups: classics, neons, and glitters, with 19 shades to choose from, although some hues are exclusive to specific retailers.


My first thought upon seeing these, was that they were a reissue of the brand’s now discontinued Dior Addict Fluid Stick; the casing design is almost identical, although the Lacquer Plump exterior is banded in black with the Dior logo in cut-out lettering, and both do have completely different applicators. In order to see exactly what the deal between the two was, I pulled out Avant-Garde Fluid Stick to go up against Lovely-D Lacquer Plump — both nudes which swatched differently on my hand, but look almost identical on my lips. In a side-by-side comparison test (each shade applied to half my lips), I noticed that the texture on both is relatively similar with the same glide & featherweight feel, and each leaves a nice shine behind. Where they differ, is that this newer version does display significantly longer staying power and also I also got a light tingling/cooling effect upon initial application, with also resulted in the Lacquer Plump appearing to actually fill in some lip lines to provide a smoother-looking finish.

For convenience, I’ve divided the 9 shades into 3 groups: the neutrals hues, the metallic shades, and the deeper tones. This first group is made up of three universally wearable shades, and while the colour on both Lovely-D and Dior Pretty appears in the swatches to have pooled along my inner lip, both settled in perfectly within a couple of minutes of application. Dior Freak was the biggest surprise; applying almost translucently and with hints of initial patchiness that within seconds had not only levelled itself out, but gave my lips a juicy even-coloured stain – love this one!


For a statement lip, then look no further than these metallics with their brilliant and smooth glitter (which literally cannot be felt at all upon the lips). Of the three, Dior Platinum is the one I thought would need careful handling, and while wearing it full-on gives off a 70s vibe, its formula makes it lay down smoother than its frosted predecessors and what’s more, once the initial brilliance wears down a bit, you’re left with what I call ‘angel-wing’ colour (sounds odd, but looks amazing). You can also layer this over any other shade and when placed at the centre of the lips, it gives a spot-light effect — which winds up becoming ombré and thus, even more unique. Disco Dior is SIZZLING. A throwback colour for sure, but made modern via the texture and its amazing opacity. Dior Glitz was the only trouble-maker of the bunch, as the pigment & glitter seem to almost separate upon initial application, but a second light pass with the applicator took care of any issues AND everything was absolutely redeemed by its gorgeous coral-ness.


Of the three deeper tones here, note that Dior Pulse is technically part of the ‘neon’ group and while not fluorescent, it is positively vibrant and applies SPECTACULARLY. Known for creating some of the beauty world’s most beloved reds, J’Adior is a clever nod to both the brand name & its history and while the colour is nothing groundbreaking, in reality it’s an easy-to-wear and absolutely gorgeous red. D-Fancy, much like other intensely dark lip shades, requires a bit of work — especially if you’re going for that precise & editorial effect. That said, I found it much easier to wear by blotting off the excess and smoothing the edges out with my finger — and voilà: the easiest way ever to wear a deep lippie.



Dior has been really innovating in the lip department — and by that, I’m referring to the formulas and textures of the brand’s recent launches. I love seeing continual improvement like this, because it tells me that what the consumer wants, is being addressed. Apart from a wonderful performance, what makes the Dior Addict Lacquer Plump stand out is how easy they are to use and how amazing they feel applied. While the matte lip trend may still be around, I personally prefer something that’s hydrating with shine & colour that won’t disappear the second I drink or eat something. Guess what? I do believe my search is over.

Available at Dior counters nationwide


Kindly provided by Dior for my unbiased consideration

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