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Inspired by his work behind the scenes at runway shows, Peter Philips created the Backstage product line in 2018 — a range that is simultaneously professional and intuitive in its approach to makeup. Each season, the brand’s Creative & Image Director finds a way to transmit his pro secrets through essential and universal products that deliver on performance, but also happen to be so easy to use. All I know, is that I’ve yet to be disappointed by anything in the lineup … and that record is still holding strong with this launch.



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Peter Philips, Dior’s Creative & Image Director, putting the product through its paces


Dior Backstage Face & Body Powder-No-Powder (CAN $50.00/each) | Available in 10 shades, each powder is housed in an acrylic compact with a transparent lid — making it super easy to know at a glance what colour you’re reaching for. The surface is embossed with the brand’s iconic Oblique pattern, and even though that will wear down with use, it’s gorgeous just the same. Infused in a gelled base, the formula contains soft-focus pigments that instantly give the appearance of “erasing” imperfections and smoothening out skin tone, while also providing a soft matte finish. At the same time, the micro-pearls in the formula help in boosting radiance and brightening the complexion. The ultra fine texture of the powder fuses with the skin to impart a natural-looking and more importantly, non-powdery finish, for lasting comfort and hydrated wear.

*Made without talc or mica


Thanks to the neutral undertones in each powder (hence the “N” beside the number), the colour range is surprisingly broad, despite the fact that there are only 10 shades. There are a number of ways this product can be used; alone to provide a soft evenness of tone, over foundation to increase its longevity and thereby act as a setting powder, or in the case of the darker hues, worn as bronzer. The texture is buildable and the finish will be determined by the type of brush used; for a diffused wash of colour, I suggest using a dual-fibre brush but the brand’s recommendation of their N° 18 Buffing Brush yields a truly flawless & air-brushed finish. As this product has been designed to look seamless along the skin, it’s also a great option for men who want that natural-looking tone smoothing effect.

Peter Philips wanted to create a finishing powder that wouldn’t leave that telltale powdery texture behind, and I’d have to say that he completely succeeded with this. The luminous matte finish looks natural even under close scrutiny and what’s more, seems to continue improving throughout wear as it melds with skin’s warmth and natural oils. As someone over 50, I tend to steer clear of powder foundations and only reach for setting powder when I’m doing a special event makeup look, but I have to state how impressed I am with both the way this looks on my skin, as well as the way it feels/performs.


2N – light skin, neutral undertones

3N – light medium skin, neutral undertones

4N – light medium to medium skin, neutral undertones

5N – medium skin, neutral undertones



Dior Backstage N° 18 Buffing Brush (CAN $60.00) | Made of synthetic bristles, the wood triangular base is compact enough to make it portable, as well as ergonomically easy to hold. The brush head is dense and velvety smooth … and feels so good along the skin that I almost don’t want to stop using it, lol. You can also use this brush with liquid foundation and if there’s one piece of advice I’d pass along, it’s to be careful in washing it so as to not allow water to affect the wood (mine is showing some cracks near the bristles, but it’s more an aesthetic thing as it doesn’t affect the performance of the brush).



Gorg factor aside (I mean, just look at them!), I wasn’t initially sure where these powders placed in the scheme of things, as I didn’t know whether they were created to work as a dry foundation or setting powder — neither of which I usually reach for. It turns out that while they can be used as a sort of “light” foundation, their real beauty is in how natural they look upon the skin without the need to layer on a ton of products to achieve that effect. If you’re someone who prefers a subtle approach to complexion products, then you will definitely want to check these out.

Available at Sephora & Dior counters nationwide




Kindly provided by Dior for my unbiased consideration

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