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I may be a Summer baby, but Autumnal beauty collections have my number, more so than any other releases which come out during the year; the Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 Collection is just one such launch. Filled with the season’s richness of colour, there are several new innovations in this collection, starting with the Dior Addict Fluid Shadows (CAD $36.00) that are topping the list.

Exactly as the name implies, these are a liquid eyeshadow in a hybrid formula that combines intense pigment with a mirror-like enamel finish. Housed in a rectangular clear tube and banded in black with the Dior logo on the toggle cap, the applicator at the end of the wand is a small brush versus a doe-foot sponge. A word of caution here: upon unscrewing the cap, I suggest removing the wand gently, or else you may find yourself splattering the product if you tug too hard, as the inner sphincter in the cap appears to be very tight (I’m guessing it’s to maintain the integrity of the product, along with ensuring the contents don’t spill out easily if the tube is placed on its side – which it may do, as make no mistake about it: these ARE fluid).

The brush has a good flexibility & splay to the bristles, ensuring a decent amount of product can be applied per use, although that also will depend on how much you scoop out as well. There is an initial cooling sensation upon the skin first felt at application, although that quickly dissipates and once applied, the Fluid Shadows take approximately 1 minute to fully set. Once set, however, they are iron-clad and will not budge until removed.

Now for the tricky part; my first testing of these Fluid Shadows involved applying them directly to my eyelids and then using my middle finger to blend them out. This turned out to be a total disaster, as the product appeared to cling more to my finger, resulting in a patchy application, at best. I was crushed, because I so desperately wanted these to work — I mean, just look at them! After trying several methods, I finally hit the jackpot: I begin by applying primer (I used Dior’s Backstage Eye Prime which works perfectly in tandem with the Fluid Shadow formula) and then use the brush applicator to deposit the shadow on my lid, followed up by patting the product into my skin with the help of a flat synthetic-haired brush (NOTE: upon initial deposit of product, I suggest waiting a few seconds before opening your eye, to avoid the shadow from accidentally sticking to other parts of the lid). This method not only provides the most even application, but enables me to blend out any edges and/or seamlessly merge two differing shades together. Using a light up & down patting motion will maintain the integrity of the mirror-like finish of each Fluid Shadow — a more side-side sweeping motion combined with a touch more pressure during patting, will diffuse the product out. As to staying power, applied over primer yields the best results on my oily lids (those with drier lids can probably skip primer altogether), and each shadow stays put until removed – with no flaking, creasing or fading in sight. In fact, the colour looks as fresh at the end of 12 hours, as when first applied.

Dior Fluid Shadow packaging

Dior | Dior Addict Fluid Shadow

Dior Fluid Shadow 1

Dior | Dior Addict Fluid Shadow

Dior Fluid Shadow 2

Dior | Dior Addict Fluid Shadow

Dior Fluid Shadow 3

Dior | Dior Addict Fluid Shadow

Dior Fluid Shadow 4

Dior | Dior Addict Fluid Shadow

Dior Fluid Shadow 5


Dior Fluid Shadow swatches

Dior | Dior Addict Fluid Shadow swatches

Dior 275 Cosmic Fluid Shadow

275 Cosmic | Amethyst coloured and cooler leaning, but still able to easily suit warmer complexions. Of the five, 275 Cosmic gave me the most issues when I tried applying/blending it using my finger, but redeemed itself by being one of the easiest to apply with the brush. The most spectacular shade to emphasize green eyes, and an absolutely perfect Fall colour.


Dior 275 Cosmic Fluid Shadow swatches

Dior | Dior Addict 275 Cosmic Fluid Shadow swatches

Dior 545 Phénix Fluid Shadow

545 Phénix | Champagne gold that has enough silver in it to make it work equally well on both cool and warm skin tones. The most intense brilliance and mirror-like shine of the five, hands down. When 545 Phénix is blended out, you can not only see the complex shimmer involved in this shade, but it also works beautifully (when worn as a base) to amplify a less intense gold eyeshadow applied on top (an option to consider if you don’t want to wear this shade full-on).


Dior 545 Phénix Fluid Shadow swatches

Dior | Dior Addict 545 Phénix Fluid Shadow swatches


Dior 655 Univers Fluid Shadow

655 Univers | A greyed out taupe shade, as well as the most universally wearable of the 5 shown. When applied straight from the tube, its silvery tone is quite evident, but blended out reveals a more varied and complex shimmer. My favourite way to wear 655 Univers, is as an eyeliner on the lower lash line (and NOT sheered out) with tons of mascara on both upper and lower lashes – to create a simple, yet dramatic eye look.

I pulled out a few similar liquid/crème taupe shades for comparison thinking that one might be a duplicate for 655 Univers, but as the swatches clearly show, they’re all unique from one another. When applied straight from the tube, the YSL #3 Taupe Drop appears very similar to the Dior, but blended out proves differently. To note: of the four shades shown in the comparison, only the Dior has issues when applied with a finger — but also seems to be the one with the most intense mirror shine factor.


Dior 655 Univers Fluid Shadow swatches

Dior | Dior Addict 655 Univers Fluid Shadow swatches

Dior 655 Univers Fluid Shadow with comparisons 1

Dior Addict 655 Univers Fluid Shadow & comparison swatches (applied heavy)

Dior 655 Univers Fluid Shadow with comparisons 2

Dior Addict 655 Univers Fluid Shadow & comparison swatches (blended out)


Dior 825 Aurora Fluid Shadow

825 Aurora | Antiqued pink with subtle rose-gold undertones, and the best stand-alone shadow of the five. This shade works beautifully to provide a brightening effect when applied as a wash all over the lid, but can be amped up by adding a winged line on the upper lid with the the same shade full-on. Tone on tone taken to a new & modern level with 825 Aurora, and that’s a fact.


Dior 825 Aurora Fluid Shadow swatches

Dior | Dior Addict 825 Aurora Fluid Shadow swatches


Dior 875 Destinée Fluid Shadow

875 Destinée | THIS SHADE. A mix of cranberry, ruby, and deepest claret, what my product photo fails to capture is the sly bronzy oxidized glint seen in the tube (and while I’m sure it gives depth to the colour, it doesn’t actually translate in application). The second of the five to give me trouble when using my finger to apply, but the brush-method compensated a million-fold for that drawback, resulting in a lush & intense look. I can’t say which I prefer; applying 875 Destinée full-on for its in-your-face impact and that unique dark/brilliant combo effect, or smudged out to create THE perfect Fall eye. Good thing I can do both, if desired.


Dior 875 Destinée Fluid Shadow swatches

Dior | Dior Addict 875 Destinée Fluid Shadow swatches


What makes these Dior Fluid Shadows so unique, in my opinion, is how perfectly that reflective and almost patent-like finish is captured in an eyeshadow product – an effect and formulation that was previously limited to nail polish and perhaps a handful of lip gloss shades. The ability to wear these Fluid Shadows in a variety of ways also makes them stand out; by applying them in a direct/blended out combination, it’s like getting 2 products in one, with their mega lasting ability (on primed lids, if they’re oily like mine) only sweetening the deal. If you’re looking for something different to add to your beauty wardrobe, I’d recommend starting here – good luck choosing just one shade, however.

Available August 1st exclusively through Sephora and sephora.com, September at all other Dior counters nationwide.

Dior Fluid Shadow closer

Press samples kindly provided for my unbiased consideration

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  1. Mel says:

    So gutted the marketing team at Dior decided not to release destinee in Europe. That was my favourite.

  2. Thank you for the application tips! I have been having a hard time maintaining that gorgeous metallic finish. As of now, I’ve just been putting it on my lid and crossing my fingers lol

    • Eugenia says:

      Hahaha! You’re welcome! I swear, I was ready to throw these out the window UNTIL I tried the brush method! Some people have actually had success using fingers, but I guess my skin isn’t compatible to use these shadows that way!

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