Dior Le Vernis #204 Porcelaine & #187 Perlé – Trianon Collection Spring 2014

Dior Porcelaine & Perle opener


Dior’s Trianon Collection for Spring 2014 takes its inspiration from Marie Antoinette and her private domain, the Petit Trianon – a stunning ‘Greek-style’ mansion (more like mini-palace, if you ask me) surrounded by gardens on the grounds of Versailles. Of the limited edition lacquers released with this collection, I opted for #204 Porcelaine – a dreamy pale blue, and #187 Perlé – a shimmery matte top coat, and while I hadn’t intended to pick up the latter, I’m so happy that I did as the effect it leaves behind needs to be seen … and felt.

Dior Porcelaine & Perle

Dior – #187 Perlé & #204 Porcelaine

Dior Porcelaine

#204 Porcelaine (CAN $25.00) – An icy baby blue shade in a crème formula with an effortless flow: self-levelling and ending in a high-gloss shine. As beautiful as this shade is, it’s not without a little bit of fuss – but so, so worth it. I found that the best way to get a flawless application with Porcelaine, is to have patience – a wait time of at least 3-4 minutes between coats will yield the best results. Coats applied: 3 thin (athough shorter nails can definitely get away with 2 coats), and Dior Gel Coat Top Coat

Dior Porcelaine swatch

Dior – #204 Porcelaine

Dior Porcelaine swatch 2

Dior – #204 Porcelaine

Dior Perle

#187 Perlé (CAN $26.00) – A milky base filled with pink, lilac, and prismatic ultra-fine shimmer that comes to a satin/matte finish. The formula is on the thick side but flows easily – staying exactly where placed. Layering Perlé over another shade is where its unique look really comes alive – giving the appearance of frosted glass and the feel of velvet or suede. Or sueded velvet. Simply amazing. Coats applied: 2, no top coat

Dior Perle swatch

Dior – #187 Perlé

Dior Perle swatch 2

Dior – #187 Perlé

Dior Perle over Porcelaine swatch

Dior – #187 Perlé (1 coat) over #204 Porcelaine (3 thin coats) – is this not pure gorgeousness?


The other two limited edition shades released with this collection, while lovely on their own, somehow didn’t seem original enough to warrant me picking them up (although I’m still thinking about it), but I couldn’t resist the crystalline allure of Porcelaine. Perlé winding up in my stash was a bit of an accident, as the sales agent had originally given me that shade instead of Porcelaine – but I decided to keep it just the same. Would I wear Perlé alone? Probably not – but whether it’s layered over dark or pale shades, the effect is just jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

The Dior Trianon Spring 2014 Collection is available now, but it is limited so be warned. Find more information via:

Dior Porcelaine & Perle closer

26 Responses to Dior Le Vernis #204 Porcelaine & #187 Perlé – Trianon Collection Spring 2014

  1. Snail Polish says:

    I bought these two in January – love them too. And I have just taken delivery of Bloom and Bouquet. Really looking forward to using them and there is nothing too similar in my stash. The closest I had to Bouquet was Chanel Starlet, which actually looks muted in comparison!

  2. Chantal says:

    Oh wow, these 2 together look absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Ooooh pretty! I was just thinking that I preferred Perlé to Porcelaine and then you go and do the layering! I have a weakness for frosty (as in Wintry) looking polishes/nails and that look really fits the bill for me. I seriously think my last several beauty purchases have been from your blog posts and I think the next couple might be too! 😀

    • Eugenia says:

      LOL! I knew immediately that I wanted to layer them … well, as soon as I brought them home! 😉 I’m also happy to hear that my swatches have helped with your purchasing decisions, but I do apologize for your bank account shrinking, lol!

  4. Julia says:

    I saw Porcelaine at Christmas and knew that I HAD to have it. When I bought it at Bloomingdale’s about a month ago the SA told me that it was the last one–and that was a month ago! I wore it right away and got lots of compliments. I actually didn’t have too many problems applying Porcelaine, or if I did the polish leveled off quite well. I also loved the Petit Trianon theme–the day that I went to Versailles it rained buckets in the afternoon, so I couldn’t really explore the gardens. Instead I went to the Petit and Grand Trianon, which is much more my speed anyways! Unfortunately all I have are the world’s worst iPhone photos, but you know–memories!

    • Eugenia says:

      Memories are a wonderful thing and Versailles is not something that can be fully captured with an iPhone in any case, lol! Happy to hear you managed to grab this shade – it’s apparently selling out everywhere!

  5. I caved and bought ‘Bloom’ last week – and LOVE it (though it’s not super-original, true, it was a totally unique shade to my stash) – and I had to seriously resist picking up Porcelaine as well. That kind of blue just draws me in! But it looks so close to Sally Hansen’s Barracuda, which doesn’t look all that fantastic on me, so I’m holding off. Gorgeous swatches my dear!

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks, Toya! I was worried that Porcelaine would look too similar to a few other pale blue shades I have, but it has a unique tone (thank God!) – not sure about the SH shade you mentioned, as I’ve only seen online shots of it, but it appears to be several degrees deeper and possibly with some green in the base (which would account for why it’s not suiting your skin tone). If you find yourself at a Dior counter, swatch it quickly and see what it says to you!

  6. refinedandpolished says:

    I really like Perle. I’d like to see it over a darker blue or black base.

  7. mynailpolishonline says:

    Oh my, Porcelaine looks amazing! I also love how the two polishes look together!

  8. These two are a perfect pair! So delicate and pretty!

  9. Larie says:

    Perle is so, so pretty! I think I’m gonna hold fast and not buy it, but ugh, so pretty.

  10. Linda says:

    I love this one, too! The other pale blue you showed us was maybe a little too pale, I thought. That topcoat is lovely as well.

    • Eugenia says:

      I’m guessing you’re referring to the Essie shade from the Resort 2014 Collection – that one has more of cooler/greyer base. Which is a good thing; makes it easier to justify owning both! 🙂

  11. andypuskar says:

    Love love these colors! The white one is adorable.

  12. That blue is gorgeous! Great swatches!

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