Dior ‘Rock Your Nails Collection’ (swatches & review)


Going directionally away from Summer and more in line with the cooler months to come, I bring you Dior’s ‘Rock Your Nails Collection’ which debuted this past Spring (that’s quite a few seasons mentioned in one sentence!). What makes this collection unique, is Dior’s innovative ‘Rock Coat’, designed to give your nails a smoked out yet glossy look. Every single one of these shades stands out on its own as well – Dior’s fabulous formula and super-glossy finish, notwithstanding. An interesting feature of these shades is that while they appear rather opaque, they all bear a very fine inner shimmer.  All swatches below are with Sèche Natural base coat, and two coats of lacquer.


‘Purple Mix’ is a muted, almost dirty looking prune shade, but with a touch of vampiness to it.


Sunlight seems to bring out its more reddish base and definitely lightens the overall tone.


I love how shaded light gives this polish a sultry, brooding look, but it never comes off as looking too dark.


Purple Mix & Rock Coat


Looking like a dark filter was draped over ‘Purple Mix’, by adding one layer of ‘Rock Coat’, the shade is instantly transformed. Even without enlarging the above photo, the myriad shimmer of ‘Rock Coat’ is in clear evidence.


Seen in shaded light, there’s not much colour variance than ‘Purple Mix’ alone, although the shimmer of ‘Rock Coat’ adds a nice touch and more depth to the overall look.


‘Nirvana’ is utterly gorgeous – a deep blue/green aqua with the most subtle shimmer hidden deep within.


This shade comes alive when seen in full sun, yet still manages to maintain a slightly muted look.


Shaded light gives ‘Nirvana’ a deeper and cooler tone, lending it a teal-like vibe.


Nirvana & Rock Coat


Just like that, a layer of ‘Rock Coat’ brings ‘Nirvana’ from sophisticated chic to downtown edginess! Once more, the added shimmer seems to give this shade such an interesting depth of hue.


Looking close to a blackened teal, shaded light only adds more mystery to the overall look.


‘Underground’ is rich looking coffee bean brown, with a deep earthy appeal.


Interestingly enough, full sun seems to deepen this shade into luscious melted chocolate.


Shaded light lends a slivery aura over this lacquer, while paradoxically giving it a more faded appearance.


Underground & Rock Coat


Since this is a deeper shade to begin with, by adding one layer of ‘Rock Coat’, the newly created shade doesn’t stand out as much and is obviously darker, but it’s the shimmer that becomes the focus now.


Once more, shaded light mysteriously seems to almost lighten this look, but the shimmer is still quite visible.


‘Blue Label’ is such a regal navy blue shade, but with an elegant urban appeal.


When viewed in full sun, you can definitely see how midnight blue this shade truly is.


Shaded light brings this shade into the black range, although subtle hints of deep blue linger around the edges.


Blue Label & Rock Coat


With such a dark shade to begin with, I didn’t expect ‘Rock Coat’ to make a difference, and while the overall look may be a degree darker, it’s only the added shimmer that stands out now.


Even shaded light doesn’t add anything new to this combination, although it does seem to take on the look of a darkly starry night.


‘Perfecto’ is a deep, dark grey shade, almost bordering on charcoal.


Looking like wet concrete when viewed in full sun, it also has the most glossiest natural finish of them all.


I found that shaded light seems to add a slight greenish tinge to this shade, but it’s still dark grey perfection!


Perfecto & Rock Coat


Adding one layer of ‘Rock Coat’ to an already blackish shade might seem redundant, but I still wanted to see this combo in action. The new shade appears obviously a hair darker, but once more, it’s ‘Rock Coat’s shimmer that makes the difference here.


The only swatch where shaded light didn’t make that much of a difference, there are nonetheless subtle shimmery hints still visible, but only just so.


To offer a better idea of the effect that ‘Rock Coat’ gives, the above swatch is one layer over bare nails, both in full sun (top) and shaded light (bottom).


Two layers of ‘Rock Coat’ is noticeably darker, but might seem excessive over a base shade.


Final thoughts: Having never come across a top coat that was meant to “darken” nail lacquer, I eagerly anticipated the launch of ‘Rock Coat’. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the lacquers of this collection were all so visually stunning, which made it difficult to resist bringing them all home (!), but I have also been a long time fan of Dior’s formula – easy to apply, richly pigmented, smooth finish and amazing mirror-like shine. I’m still not completely sold on the overall effect of ‘Rock Coat’, but I cannot deny how unique it is, nor the sophisticated appeal of its shimmer. As to the rest of the shades…..sublime!


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