Elizabeth Arden Fall Glam Look … plus a giveaway! (swatches & review)


I have a very personal connection to this brand; when I was allowed my first “real” makeup at the age of 15 (quasi-strict Greek upbringing – enough said), the first lipstick I ever bought was from Elizabeth Arden, in this gorgeous plummy shade (may have been called ‘Spiced Apple’?) which I wore until there was nothing left in the tube. A truly venerable name in the beauty industry, Elizabeth Arden has come a long way from your grandmother’s (or even great-grandmother’s) day, with the latest spot-on trend colours, luxe packaging and some of the most innovative ingredients available – this is a line that is definitely worth a closer look … or two.


The cosmetics maven we all know as Elizabeth Arden, was actually Canadian-born Florence Nightingale Graham (1884 – 1966), from Woodbridge, Ontario. Along with a partner (later dissolved), she opened her now-famous ‘Red Door Beauty Salon’ in 1910 on New York’s 5th Avenue, but it wasn’t until returning from a trip to France in 1912 that we can all thank this pioneer, for introducing modern eye makeup to North American women. With the ‘Elizabeth Arden’ brand considered one of the most upscale of its time, catering to royalty (Queen Elizabeth) and celebrities alike (Marilyn Monroe), she also helped to bring modern science into the cosmetics industry, thus helping to revolutionize the very products we use today. With her products being the first to be shown in ads throughout movie houses, she was also infamous for another fact: her legendary feud with rival Helena Rubenstein – the stuff that Hollywood movies are made of!

For fall 2012, Rebecca Restrepo – Elizabeth Arden’s Global Makeup Artist and a well-known name in the industry, catering to the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Amy Adams and Michelle Obama (to name but a few), created a feminine, yet powerful look using products from the Elizabeth Arden range (see face chart, below).

*Giveaway: At the end of the post, I’ll let you know how one lucky winner can be the recipient of the entire collection of products shown here – read on!

Fall Glam face chart

Heathered Plums Eyeshadow Duo

Heathered Plums Eyeshadow Duo

Heathered Plums Eyeshadow Duo

Heathered Plums Eyeshadow Duo swatch – in sunlight

Heathered Plums Eyeshadow Duo swatch  – indirect light


Beautiful Color Eyeshadow Duo in #04 Heathered Plums – (CAD $32.00) Two complimentary hues housed in a metal compact that bears a nice heft to it, the dark plum shade is a true matte, yet applies rather softly with no discernible fallout, while the lighter hue is a shimmery mauve with some taupe leanings and applies silky smooth. Neither colour is exceptionally pigmented, which means they can easily be worn during the day, but can definitely be built up for more impact – although do not expect serious drama. This duo will particularly enhance green eyes, but is also versatile enough to suit all eye colours.

Nectar Cream Blush

Nectar Cream Blush

Nectar Cream Blush

Nectar Cream Blush swatch – in sunlight

Nectar Cream Blush swatch – indirect light


Ceramide Cream Blush in #1 Nectar – (CAD $30.00) A buttery smooth peach coral hue, housed in a sleek metal compact, there is absolutely no shimmer here to detract from the colour. This shade is universally flattering for all skin tones, and imparts a subtly natural flush to the skin. Application is effortless and it blends exceptionally well – able to be worn as a slight tint, or built up a few degrees to a deeper tone – drying down to a slight sheen. Lasting power was approximately 5 hours before I noticed any significant fading (quite decent, actually), but that’s to be expected with a product as emollient as this.

Crimson Lip Pencil


Color Smooth Line Lip Pencil in #01 Crimson – (CAD $18.00) With a brush on one end and the colour on the other, this pencil instantly reminded me of the look of a much pricier CHANEL version. The colour looks more red-brick than crimson, in my opinion, making this a much more versatile and wearable hue. I found the pencil quite smooth, as it literally glided along my lip line without any tugging at all, and when worn with the lipstick, the two blended exceptionally well together, fading at the same rate – no tell-tale ring left behind.

Sparkling Ruby Lip Gloss


High Shine Lip Gloss in #02 Sparkling Ruby – (CAD $15.00) Once more, the shape & applicator of this gloss bears the look of a CHANEL, but at more than half the price and with a slightly lighter feel to the packaging. This garnet-hued gloss has just enough colour to be able to be worn alone if desired, and when layered over a lipstick, it will add a nice depth of tone along with a glassy shine. The shimmer is quite fine and evenly dispersed throughout the product, feeling quite smooth when worn – never gritty. Lasting power was about 2 1/2 hours before it faded away, but still left a slight sheen on the lips.

Mulberry Lipstick

Mulberry Lipstick

Mulberry Lipstick


Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in #25 Mulberry – (CAD $29.00) Housed in a hefty embossed metal compact and infused with Elizabeth Arden’s patented ceramide technology, this lipstick is a lightly shimmering gorgeous cabernet/garnet shade in a formula that is well pigmented and very smoothly applying. My lips felt saturated and hydrated throughout the wear time, which was an impressive 6 hours for a product this moisturizing, and even when it had finally worn off, my lips still felt quite soft.

*Just have to add that I love the satisfying “snick” heard when closing this tube … very glamourous!

left to right: Mulberry Lipstick, Crimson Pencil, and Sparkling Ruby Gloss swatch – sunlight

left to right: Mulberry Lipstick, Crimson Pencil, and Sparkling Ruby Gloss swatch – indirect light

Mulberry Lipstick – indirect light

Mulberry Lipstick – with flash

Mulberry Lipstick & Sparkling Ruby Gloss – indirect light

Mulberry Lipstick & Sparkling Ruby Gloss – with flash


Final thoughts: The other day when I found myself before the Elizabeth Arden counter, I was stunned by the range of products offered in the cosmetics section; for some time now, I have associated this brand with skincare and spas, but the time has come to take a closer look at the cosmetics – if the products shown here are anything to judge by. If you’re looking for exotic or extravagant shades, you definitely won’t find them here, but for staple colours that deliver in quality, you will not be disappointed. The prices, while higher than drugstore brands, are still well within reason, as far as higher-end brands are concerned – another plus.

Overall, I was pleased with the wearability of the eyeshadow duo, and while I don’t wear lip liners as much, I liked the smooth feel of this pencil. The gloss, while pretty, is not a shade I normally turn to but I liked it well enough, however the lipstick was the real winner for me here. As to the blush, I loved the colour and felt it really complimented my skin tone, although my personal preference is for powder blushes – primarily because I have combination skin to begin with and don’t like adding any excessive shine in that area. And now, for the goodies!

Giveaway Rules: PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS GIVEAWAY IS OPEN TO CANADIAN RESIDENTS ONLY. All you need to do is email me at ommorphiagiveaway@gmail.com with the name Elizabeth Arden in the subject line, and provide your name and address (all information will be kept strictly private). Contest will close on Thursday, November 1, 2012 at 8 pm eastern standard time. I will then select and notify the winner, who will have 24 hours to confirm – failing which, a new winner will be then be chosen. Please be aware that the prize will arrive from the company/PR firm directly and thus I cannot be held responsible for any damages that may occur while in transit.

Don’t forget to enter & Good Luck!




*Disclaimer: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

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