essie – Resort 2014 Collection

Essie Resort 2014 opener


Back in October when I was attending the World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto (previously reviewed here), I was given Essie’s Resort 2014 Collection for review (but I couldn’t reveal it until now, obviously). While none of these shades initially made me think of a steamy getaway, I have since revised that opinion; they are all absolutely and perfectly curated to represent luxury and vacationing at its finest. Think: a lavish spa in Bali, or a yoga retreat in Costa Rica … maybe even a jaunt to St. Tropez. All of the afore-mentioned would suit me just fine, especially since that damn groundhog just predicted another 6 weeks of Winter. Sigh …


Essie Resort 2014

essie Resort 2014


Essie Resort 2014 B

essie Resort 2014

Find me an Oasis – Before I get into the description, let me say that last year I was obsessed with white, but that was then; 2014 is going to be all about this ‘cloud blue’ shade for me. Icy and utterly clean looking, the first coat applies a touch patchy, but that’s totally resolved by the second layer. Super glossy and the most modern way to wear white, it takes 3 thin coats to achieve a perfect finish – but the end result is so.  Coats applied: 3 (thin), plus top coat


Essie Find me an Oasis swatch

essie – Find me an Oasis

Essie Find me an Oasis swatch 2

essie – Find me an Oasis


Resort Fling – A semi-sheer, soft cantaloupe hue in a hybrid crème-jelly formula, that also holds a pink/peachy tint in the base to warm it up. Self-levelling and über-glossy at the finish, I love the slight translucency it gives my nails at 2 coats, although there was still some visible nail line showing (will not show on those with shorter nails). Application could not have been more perfect and buttery smooth – something I’ve never experienced with a lacquer before. Coats applied: 3 (thin), plus top coat

Essie Resort Fling swatch

essie – Resort Fling

Essie Resort Fling swatch 2

essie – Resort Fling


Cocktails & Coco – A sandy nude hue that holds mauve/pink tints in its base, with a finely ground silver & pink shimmer throughout. Semi-sheer but also totally self levelling and with a ridiculously high glossy shine at the finish, I love how this isn’t the ‘invisible’ type of shimmer, but the type that can be seen even away from direct sunlight – but definitely not over the top either. Very ‘café au lait’ in tone, I may have just found my absolutely perfect nude. Coats applied: 3 (thin), plus top coat

Essie Cocktails & Coco swatch

essie – Cocktails & Coco

Essie Cocktails & Coco swatch 2

essie – Cocktails & Coco


Under the Twilight – the deepest indigo crème in an INSANE formula: basically a true 1-coater, self-levelling, high-watt glassy shine and 100% non-staining upon removal. Yes, you read that correctly. There’s a hard to describe, almost dusty quality to this shade (it sounds like an oxymoron, I know, but it’s literally glossy & murky at the same time – at least, in my eyes) and the application almost has that jelly-like feel to it. Really stunning, sexy and a gorgeous alternative to black. Coats applied: 2, plus top coat

Essie Under the Twilight swatch

essie – Under the Twilight

Essie Under the Twilight swatch 2

essie – Under the Twilight


I can sum this collection up very easily: back up worthy, each and every shade. With its mix of pale, dark, crème, jelly and shimmer, this capsule collection of just 4 shades are all unique – perhaps not overtly, but take a second look: the ethereal blue tinge of Find me an Oasis, the cushiony tone of Resort Fling in the most wearable orange-y hue ever, the opalescent shimmer of Cocktails & Coco that adds an edge to an otherwise safe neutral, and the mysterious purple depths of Under the Twilight – they all have an understated sophistication to them without sacrifice any fun. Well done, Essie … well done.


The Resort 2014 Collection will be available as of early March 2014 – find more information via:

Essie Resort 2014 closer

*Disclosure: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

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