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For Fenty Beauty‘s 1st birthday, Rihanna drew inspiration from the glittering sheer dress she wore at the 2014 CFDA Awards, creating Diamond Bomb and Diamond Milk — both utterly brilliant products, both in terms of their concept and how beautifully each wears. Oh, and since I began writing this post, all I can hear in my head is “shine bright like a diamond” (so sorry for the ear worm …)



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Rihanna in her “diamond” dress at the 2014 CFDA Awards




Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil (CAN $46.00) | There’s silvery highlighters, and then there’s Diamond Bomb; I’m fairly certain that this powder applies like no other out there. Housed in a hexagonal case with what looks like diamond dust embedded along the lid, this highlighter stands out texture-wise: a jelly-powder formula that has bounce to it upon pressing down with a finger, and which actually feels cooling upon initial application, but also melts easily onto the skin without any gritty after-feel. The pan is obviously large enough that you can swirl even your fluffiest brush across its surface, but the beauty of this product is that you can also use it as eyeshadow (it looks unbelievable at the inner eye corner), lightly pressed onto lips for a nice pop of sparkle, or even dusted along collar bones, shins, or shoulders/upper arms for a stunning & light-catching effect. Staying power is also amazing, and that’s whether worn on bare skin or over primer/foundation.





Everything about Rihanna’s entire look here so totally works

Diamond Milk Universal Lip Luminizer (CAN $23.00) | When the original nude shade was launched, I immediately picked it up and then just as fast felt guilty that I had fallen for the hype — but it turned out to be one of my favourite nude glosses to wear and 100% worth the investment. With Diamond Milk, I was again driven by the hype but this time my expectations were even higher, as these types of milky hues are my thing; thankfully, not only does this shade deliver but I’m pretty sure I’ll be picking up a few back-ups very soon. Housed in the same hexagonal tube as its predecessor complete with a broad flocked applicator (and bearing the same yummy scent — a vanilla/peach candy fragrance that’s actually quite pleasant, and never cloying), there are zillions of diamond-like particles suspended in the pearly base, while the non-sticky texture lays down smoothly along the lips without bunching or pilling up. I prefer to wear this solo, but you can easily slick it on over liner or other lip shades, as well. Staying power is another welcome surprise, lasting well (approx. 3 hours) even through eating and drinking, leaving a light glitter wash behind — along with a hydrated lip feel — when most of the gloss has gone.




When Fenty Beauty launched last year, the brand hit the floor running and many competitors were caught by surprise, all scrambling to catch up. I’ve only indulged in a few items to date, although I’ve been impressed enough to want to try more. That said, both Diamond Bomb and Diamond Milk are going to keep me happy for a long time as I’m having a moment with silver anything, and with holidays fast approaching (why, though?!), I have no doubt both products will be featuring quite prominently in most of my looks. Bottom line: you’ll want to add these to your collection … STAT.

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