Fenty Beauty · Sun Stalk’R Bronzers & Brushes

Once again, Rihanna has shown that she not only understands what consumers want, but delivers it too — and the recent launch of the Sun Stalk’R bronzers brings this point vividly home. Available in 8 shades and more importantly, dedicated to a variety of undertones, she’s got you covered. Literally.

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Sun Stalk’R Instant Warmth Bronzer (CAN $38.00/each) | Housed in octagonally shaped rose-gold packaging with a full sized mirror on the inner lid, there are 8 shades available in total. The finely milled texture feels incredibly buttery to the touch, and blends seamlessly into the skin without showing any signs of oxidation throughout wear. The finish is interesting; definitely matte although not of the light-absorbing variety, but rather one that imparts a natural sheen to the skin.

I tested these bronzers out applied over a new foundation that came in (which has completely blown me away — but that’s for another post), and I could tell by even the first swipe that there was a whole lot of good going on. For one thing, each shade lays down beautifully with just the right amount of pigment per brush-ful, and secondly, the effortless manner in which each blends out is truly amazing. Finally, the wear time closed the deal, with my skin looking as good at 10+ hours later, as it had from the start.

Inda Sun | Fair with neutral undertones and the lightest shade available. As seen in the swatch below, not only does this provide a light whisper of colour, but can also double as a contour. Personally, I like to “cocktail” my makeup by layering several hues, so I use this shade for the centre of my face where it gives a more believable touch of colour.

Shady Biz | Light with warm undertones, and the best “tan” hue for my skin tone. There’s an obvious warmth to it and I prefer applying this shade along larger areas (side of cheeks, forehead, neck) then go in and diffuse a bit of Inda Sun on top for the most natural looking finish. It gives that “I just got back from a day at the beach” kind of glow.

Private Island | Light to medium with warm undertones, and the deepest of the three shown for my skin tone. This shade is a bit too intense for me right now, but something tells me it’ll be spot-on perfect once I’ve picked up a light tan. And yes, since my skin doesn’t tan perfectly even on its own, adding a light touch of a bronzer such as this definitely helps.

Cheek-Hugging Bronzer Brush 190 (CAN $45.00) | Made with plush synthetic bristles, the chiselled angled shape of this brush has a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of using it, let’s just say you’ll have a hard time going back to any other bronzer brush. The softness of the bristles is astounding and not only can I not stop touching them, but I absolutely love the smooth & gliding feel along my skin. There’s just the right amount of density to pick up powder to perfectly deposit it along the face, while the brush’s unique contours helps to get into all areas which then provides the most natural-looking finish.

Sculpting Bronzer Brush 195 (CAN $42.00) | The custom “cat paw” shape of this brush not only works beautifully for applying traditional bronzer, but makes it perfect for applying contour as well — and then you can do what I do: use this brush to diffuse the two seamlessly one into the other. I’ve also used this brush to apply both highlighter and blush, and I’m totally impressed with the way it handles itself in those areas too. Oh, and it’s just as soft and plush as the previous brush aka: totally addictive.

Note that all shades were swatched intensely to show up clearly for the camera

With Spring a no-show around here and sun in short supply (enough with the rain and gloom, already), I’m turning to bronzers for an injection of some much-needed colour — and these Sun Stalk’R shades are 100% pulling it off. Of course, honourable mention should also go to these brushes and I’ve always said that if there’s one thing you should definitely invest in, then that would be in quality brushes; thankfully these not only fit the bill, but do it at a great price point too. So if you’re a bronzer & brush fiend like me, you definitely need to check these all out. So, so worth it.

Available at Sephora

Kindly provided by Fenty Beauty for my unbiased consideration

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