Garnier | New Product launches for 2015

Garnier event opener


A few weeks ago, select members of the media and I were invited to attend the preview launch of several new Garnier products that have just started making their appearance onto store shelves. The event was held at NINI Meatball House – a quaint & cozy eatery in the heart of trendy Griffintown (Montréal), and while the weather may have been a little on the uncooperative side, the atmosphere at the event more than made up for that.

After a short and informative presentation about the products, we sat down to enjoy one of the most delicious lunches I’ve had in a while (some drooling over my food pics, below, is guaranteed). The place card for each guest was a lavender-scented soy candle in a covered tin and personalized with each person’s initials, while mini bottles of antioxidant rich smoothies (there were 2 varieties – day & night versions) from Montréal’s own Glow Cleanse (you can read about my experience with this brand here) were freely available to try or take home.

With Garner set to launch so many new skincare products (from the Clean, BB, and Skin Renew ranges respectively) the stars of the event, were undoubtedly the introduction of Garnier’s new Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream™ Anti-Age + Anti-Fatigue Night Cream and Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream™ Anti-Age + Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream (what’s with these ridiculously long names?). This new technology hails from Korea where ‘sleeping creams’ have been all the rage for some time now, and whose intention is to target one of women’s (and men’s) primary concerns: the look of dullness and fatigue upon the skin. The texture is unique as well – reminding me of a hybrid Jell-O/yogurt mixture (which sounds so much weirder that it is), and a bouncy, almost ‘self-healing’ quality to it … and which just feels so good upon the skin (both products have been put into major testing since that day, and I’ll be sharing my thoughts in an upcoming review).

A huge thank you goes out to all involved for inviting me to such a wonderful event!


Garnier event storefront


Garnier event storefront 2


Garnier event 1


Garnier event Glow Cleanse


Garnier event with Katie 2

Love you, Katie! 

Garnier event 2


Garnier event products 1


Garnier event products 2


Garnier event products 3


Garnier event products 4


Garnier event BB Pure Control


Garnier event BB lineup


Garnier event Sleeping Cream 1


Garnier event Sleeping Cream open


Garnier event 3 bottles


Garnier event 4 tables


Garnier event 5 flowers


Garnier event 6 guests


Garnier event 7 candle


Garnier event 8 wineglass

I have the same initials as the Queen of England. Just thought I’d point that out.

Garnier event appetizer

Asian salmon tartar (appetizer)

Garnier event main course

Meatballs in tomato sauce with Parmesan shavings & Moroccan lemon couscous

Garnier event dessert

Ice Cream Cookie (caramel ice cream between white chocolate-chip cookies. To die.)

Garnier event closer

I absolutely love this message – LOVE!

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