Getting red-carpet ready with: ‘GlamGlow’ Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask (trial and review)


I love all things “squishy”. True story: when I was 3 years old, my mother found me hidden in a kitchen cabinet, where I was busy creating sculptures with a block of “squishy” softened butter. She was not impressed, but boy did I have a good time! Imagine my delight as an adult, in learning that I could still indulge in that childhood fascination – and this time, not only would I not get into trouble for it, but reap some beauty benefits as a result! When celebrities and other non-mortals wax poetic about something, in this case a jar of magic mud called ‘GlamGlow’, I may not always believe – but I do listen. For a skeptic like myself to be so completely bowled over by a product, you just know that it must be something extraordinary … and that’s no Hollywood hype!

get your very own (virtual) red carpet/paparazzi experience! (source)

exterior security cellophane-wrapped packaging

the (rather large) matte black & silver box

everything you need to know about this product is clearly stated on the back of the box

info closeup

directions closeup

ingredients closeup

inner packaging which holds the product securely in place (+ information leaflet)


‘GlamGlow’ Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask’ or as I like to call it, the “fountain of youth”, is my new BFF and the one product I don’t ever want to be without. Seriously. I first heard of ‘GlamGlow’ from Tracy of Beauty Reflections and I was instantly intrigued; one (sort of small) jar of mud that almost turns back the age clock? The answer, my beauties, is a resounding YES!!!

The size of the jar, which is a glass container encased in an aluminum skin, was actually a bit of a surprise; I was expecting something larger, or so the exterior packaging led me to believe. At US $69.00/CDN $78.00 for 1.7 fl. oz/50 ml, this is a bit of a pricey indulgence, but one well worth it in my opinion. Also, bear in mind that you will not be using this mask daily and when you do, it’s a relatively small amount that is applied; still, the cost to amount ration should be noted.
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With exotic-sounding ingredients such as Volcanic Ash and French Sea Clay heading the list, ‘GlamGlow’ also bears many other healing botanicals in the lineup, with the antioxidant benefits of green tea figuring prominently – as well as some crushed green tea leaves that round out the secret to its success. NOTE: not for anyone with a paraben sensitivity.

Claiming to give you “super sexy super radiant skin” with a glow that can last up to 3 days, I was eager to put this claim to the test. From the second I removed the exterior cellophane packaging, I could faintly smell the green tea, which only got stronger (in a really good way) upon opening the jar itself. As a matter of fact, this has got to be the best smelling mud mask I have ever come across, a natural scent that seems an integral part of the product and not something included to cover up any noxious odors. My 10 minute experience went as follows:

  • Avoiding the eye and lip area, I applied a thin layer all over my face; 30 seconds later, the tingling sensation became quite pronounced – anyone with ultra sensitive skin should definitely do a patch test first – but in my opinion, this semi-fiery sensation actually felt good, like a massage even, which then began to diminish.
  • At the 1-minute mark, I noticed a tightening effect as the mask began drying, going from an olive green colour to a dusty sage
  • By the 2-minute mark, I still had a slight & pleasant warming sensation while the mask continued to dry, and I felt the tightening more around my eyes and mouth – anywhere the mask wasn’t – while the bits of tea leaves became more visible.
  • At the 7-minute mark, all tingling/warming had basically gone and the mask felt completely dry to the touch
  • Using tepid water to remove the mask 10 minutes later, I wet my face and began the exfoliating part of the process; using my fingertips and applying light circular movements, I gently rubbed the mask along my face, followed by thoroughly rinsing it off – do not skimp on the water here, as you want to remove every last bit.

The results:

  • my skin felt softer than: silk/butter/a baby’s bottom … insert whatever appropriate word here that you wish – you get the idea
  • my pores were almost non-existent, especially along my nose and apples of my cheeks where they’re at their most prominent
  • any fine lines, with the exception of my eye area, looked almost blurred away – erased, even
  • no tight-feeling once it was washed off; I almost skipped moisturizer
  • there was a plumpness to my skin and an incredibly healthy, ruddy glow that lasted a full 2 days, with a residual nice tone still seen by the 3rd day
  • can also be used on the neck and/or décolleté areas – next on my list

But the best proof of how effective ‘GlamGlow’ is, came from my almost 18-year old daughter (and we all know how brutally honest our kids can be), where she said: “you look so young”!
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the inner seal

first look at the contents

all the bits and pieces clearly visible

test: 3-minute mark

test: 6-minute mark

test: 8-minute mark

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Final thoughts: It always pleases me when I come across a product that not only lives up to its claims, but totally exceeds them AND then proceeds to torpedo everything else similar in the marketplace, completely out of the water. That’s how impressed I am with ‘GlamGlow’ and the results I saw/felt for myself. For anyone looking to refresh tired skin, or to give your face a boost without resorting to plastic surgery, this is an amazing option; I’m not surprised that celebrities swear by this mask when prepping for their spotlight moments. Another huge plus to the Volcanic Ash and French Sea Clay that are at the core of this product, is that anyone who suffers from breakout or acne-prone skin, can greatly benefit from their purifying properties, while the botanics add a nice soothing touch afterwards. The only thing I take issue with, is with the amount of packaging – just a bit much, in my opinion. Nevertheless, this is truly an incredible product … Ponce de Leon could have saved himself a lot of trouble!

In Canada, you can purchase ‘GlamGlow’ through Murale; feel free to follow the company on twitter or visit their website for more information.


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