Giorgio Armani – Fluid Sheer Radiant Pigment #13 (LE), Effetto Nudo Collection Spring 2014

GA Fluid Sheer #13 opener


The Giorgio Armani Effetto Nudo Collection for Spring 2014 is speaking my language (see previous review here). Executed with the attention to detail that Mr. Armani has become known for, this collection takes the nude theme … and then perfects it. A true innovation in the field of liquid luminizers, Fluid Sheer #13 is meant to provide you with a radiance that does everything right to enhance the complexion; the translucent formula kisses the skin and leaves you glowing.

Just like a true Italian lover.

GA Fluid Sheer #13

Giorgio Armani – Fluid Sheer #13

GA Fluid Sheer #13 detail

Giorgio Armani – Fluid Sheer #13

GA Fluid Sheer #13 label

Giorgio Armani – Fluid Sheer #13

GA Fluid SHeer #13 B

Fluid Sheer Radiant Pigment #13, limited edition (CAN $52.00) – a liquid highlighter in a pearly golden hue and which bears a pink iridescent sheen (or “Kaleidoscope Pearls”, as the brand calls them) – once  applied the effect is so harmonious, as to blend beautifully into the skin. On the more subtle end of the highlighter spectrum, Fluid Sheer #13 can be worn alone (on strategic points of the face) or mixed in with your usual liquid foundation to provide a soft luminosity. The particles are so incredibly fine that it’s hard to tell where your skin ends and the shimmer begins – it’s THAT seamless.

If you prefer your highlighters to be more obvious, then perhaps you’ll find Fluid Sheer #13 to be somewhat underwhelming. For those who like a more understated glow, then you seriously need look no further. The combination of oyster & champagne hues, gives this product the ability to suit cool and warm skin tones equally, with the pink opalescent tint rounding it all out. The dewiness of this liquid on the skin that is initially felt, becomes absorbed into the skin with the wearing – and while it’s stated to also work as an eye primer, I’m guessing that would be more for those with non-oily lids like mine.

GA Fluid SHeer #13 C

Giorgio Armani – Fluid Sheer #13

GA Fluid Sheer #13 nozzle

Giorgio Armani – Fluid Sheer #13

GA Fluid Sheer #13 D

Giorgio Armani – Fluid Sheer #13

GA Fluid Sheer #13 swatches

Giorgio Armani – Fluid Sheer #13

top: applied

middle: slightly blended

bottom: fully blended


From the day this highlighter has come into my hands, I have literally dropped all the other liquid versions I own. And while my love affair with shimmery face products continues unabated, they’re not always easy to wear on a daily basis – or during the day, for that matter. Fluid Sheer #13 is unique, in that it’s effortless to apply and has the advantage of working so well with your skin that you forget it’s there until you catch a glimpse of yourself in a certain light — then, it’s like “oh wow”. Is this a must have product? I’d have to say yes – a totally wearable highlighter is definitely worth owning. Just remember: it’s limited and selling out quickly.

Giorgio Armani Cosmetics can be found at Holt Renfrew and select Hudson Bay stores across Canada. Find more information via the website.

GA Fkuid Sheer #13 closer

*Disclosure: Product sample provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

6 Responses to Giorgio Armani – Fluid Sheer Radiant Pigment #13 (LE), Effetto Nudo Collection Spring 2014

  1. LOVING the pearly white gold hue! I have a sample of #2 and I do like it, but I’m still 100% bowled over my Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfectors – the glow they give is unreal. But this is still gorgeous!

    • Eugenia says:

      I have shied away from these in the past, primarily because I wasn’t sure what to do with them, lol! Turns out that this shade is just so universal and since it’s not too blingy, it can be worn comfortably at any time of the day. I must look into the Becca ones you mentioned – have heard great things!

  2. Marianne Owens says:

    This fluid is almost not perceptible. So sorry!

    • Eugenia says:

      Like I said, it’s subtle and for some people, that might not be enough but I’d rather you know! What it’s meant to do is not draw attention to any specific area where its applied, but rather to provide a healthy glow.

  3. I love subtle highlighters these days Big Sis! This one looks really pretty! Is this the same size as the coloured ones-you know the ones that can be used as blush?

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