Givenchy · Couture Edition Le Rouge, Prisme Libre & Khôl Waterproof



Luxury beauty brand Givenchy has been steadily climbing onto people’s radar, releasing not only top-tier products and unique innovations (they’re the creators behind one of the first ball-shaped mascara brushes), but also putting out some of the most exquisite packaging details. The finely rendered magnolia blossoms decorating the genuine leather of these Couture Editions turns them each into a display-worthy objet d’art, but it’s the performance of the products that makes them even more amazing, in my opinion.



Prisme Libre Edition Couture #1 Mousseline Pastel (CAN $66.00) | A four-colour face powder meant to set your makeup while also providing colour-correcting properties. The finely milled texture of the powder and its performance lies with the pigments, treated with ‘atomization technology’ which translates as being reduced to incredibly tiny particles, helping it to glide effortlessly along the skin and leaving behind a perfectly even ‘impalpable feel and natural result’. The luminous-matte finish also aids in extending the look and duration of makeup, keeping your entire look fresh and even helping to blot up some of your natural oils. The powder bears a light lilac/white musk scent that dissipates relatively quickly once applied and includes a  small velvety puff for application, although that’s probably best used to pat the product onto the skin only; any vigorous buffing with the puff may move your foundation around. Best part? The actual feel of this powder along the skin: unbelievably luxurious and kitten-soft. The shade breakdown:

  • pale mint green
  • icy baby blue
  • delicate peach
  • light cool violet


Givenchy · Prisme Libre Couture Edition #1 Mousseline Pastel


Givenchy · Prisme Libre Couture Edition #1 Mousseline Pastel


Givenchy · Prisme Libre Couture Edition #1 Mousseline Pastel


Givenchy · Prisme Libre Couture Edition #1 Mousseline Pastel


Givenchy · Prisme Libre Couture Edition #1 Mousseline Pastel swatches



Givenchy ·  306 Carmin Escarpin & Le Rouge Perfecto 01 Perfect Pink



Le Rouge Perfecto 01 Perfect Pink (CAN $42.00) | Inspired by Givenchy’s leather Perfecto jacket, this is a 3-in-1 product that combines the moisturizing qualities of a balm, a lip plumper, plus tailor-made natural colour via an ingredient that reacts with your unique lip ph levels. Encased in a genuine leather pink case and made with ultra-nourishing shea butter, this universal shade can be worn either alone for a butter soft shine with a just a hint of colour, or applied under lipstick to act as a hydrating primer. Unscented, there’s an initial slight tingling felt upon application but which dissipates within minutes after that. Totally backup-worthy on every level.


Givenchy · Le Rouge Perfecto 01 Perfect Pink



Le Rouge Edition Couture #306 Carmin Escarpin (CAN $44.00) | Described as a warm poppy red, this is definitely a warm-leaning hue but still universally wearable by a broad range of skin tones. Housed in a limited edition leather case that’s printed with magnolia blossoms, this shade is nevertheless part of the permanent range (but seriously, who wouldn’t want THIS case?!). The texture is sublime: buttery smooth and offering full opacity even at the first stroke. Staying power is excellent as well, without the colour bleeding off or migrating in surrounding lip lines (of which I’ve definitely got more than my share. Sigh).


Givenchy · Le Rouge Edition Couture #306 Carmin Escarpin



Khôl Couture Waterproof 05 Jade (CAN $30.00) | A retractable eyeliner in a long-lasting waterproof formula that’s available in 6 shades (not shown: black, brown, turquoise, cobalt & lilac). With and integrated pencil sharpener to help keep the point sharp (and thus avoid messy shavings floating about), the creamy texture of this pencil makes it glide effortlessly along the delicate skin around the eyes and even provides good colour payoff when worn along the waterline. While I can’t attest to how waterproof this liner truly is, I will say that it wore beautifully without any smudging or creasing (over primer) and showed up quite well along the waterline, even hours after being first applied. By the way, I’ve actually been on the hunt for a vibrant emerald/jade green eyeliner exactly like this. Seek and ye shall find, they say (although in this case, it found me).


Givenchy · Khôl Couture Waterproof 05 Jade


The classically timeless beauty of Audrey Hepburn comes to mind whenever I think of Givenchy, given her close ties with founder Hubert de Givenchy who dressed her for some of her most iconic looks. That same elegance and sophistication is seen with these Couture Edition products, albeit with healthy dollops of new technology and modern pigments thrown in, as mandated by today’s consumer. If you’ve yet to discover this brand or are looking for something outside of the more commonly seen luxury brands, then get thee to a Givenchy counter and play. Have fun … just please don’t shoot the messenger, especially when handing over your credit card.

Available exclusively at Sephora early October



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8 Responses to Givenchy · Couture Edition Le Rouge, Prisme Libre & Khôl Waterproof

  1. O2 says:

    The packaging of those lip products are stunning!!! Though in Canada, I could only find Givenchy beauty in Sephora, but many products are not available. 🙁 Especially that lip balm.

    • Eugenia says:

      Givenchy is only available through Sephora in Canada, if I’m not mistaken (but if anyone else has seen the products at other retailers, then please feel free to let us know). As to the products themselves, if some products aren’t showing available online, you could always see what your local Sephora store has in store – that might work!

  2. anastasiias says:

    Packaging!!! So gorgeous! I don’t need another loose powder but I’d like to have it 😀

  3. I LOVE the packaging on that powder! I wish there was a way to control which color came out and not have them all come out at once. It is still an amazing product though!

    Kate |

    • Eugenia says:

      There are actually other shades in the Prisme Libre range that you can also explore. As to controlling the powder, you can add a piece of tape over the holes of the shade you don’t want too much off – that works! But I personally like the mix of all 4 as I feel it gives a more realistic coverage (on my skin, that is)

  4. Lucy Bertoldi says:

    I LOVE LOVE 306!!!!

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