Givenchy · Gypsophila Floral Edition Poudre Bonne Mine, limited edition


Some products are just so breathtakingly beautiful that it’s actually painful to even think of marring them with a brush, such as the Floral Edition Bonne Mine Powder from Givenchy’s Gypsophila Collection, limited edition for 2017. But I’m nothing if not a trooper and after taking about a zillion shots, I forced myself to dive in. Like its namesake flower, this bronzer packs a contradictory subtle yet powerful punch, leaving behind an ethereal glow. Cue the angelic choir …



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Gypsophila, also known more commonly as Baby’s Breath

Floral Edition Poudre Bonne Mine 02 Douce Saison, limited edition (CAN $78.00) | Housed in an oversized black lacquered compact with logo details in rose gold, it was literally love at first sight upon viewing this bronzer. The surface bears raised gypsophila flowers and the texture of the powder appears to be baked as it feels rather hard, but which is easily picked up by a brush — like magic, almost. Relatively unscented, the shade is an interesting mix of both neutral and tan tones, rendering Douce Saison as totally wearable by a broad range of skin tones.

With absolutely no powdery kickback seen upon swirling a brush across its surface, this powder is so incredibly fine-milled that you can pick up a scant amount for the barest hint of colour, or layer it on for more depth and dimension. Once applied, the effect it imparts to the skin is truly that of a healthy glow or ‘bonne mine’, while staying power — especially over foundation/primer — is excellent without ever showing signs of oxidation.

I wanted to see how similar Douce Saison was to Ambre Saison (reviewed here) and as is clearly evident from the above swatch, they may leave the same effect upon the skin but Ambre Saison is warmer and more orange-leaning.


Do I even need to say it? If you like your bronzer to be without noticeable shimmer yet still provide that gorgeous Gisele Bündchen-type of glow, then you absolutely must check out this Floral Edition Douce Saison. I love that the surface is hard enough that it’ll take quite some time before the stunning pattern starts to wear down, but at the end of the day it’s about performance and as far as I’m concerned, Givenchy has absolutely nailed it here. I’m still thinking that this probably needs to be framed, however.

Available at Sephora



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  1. The hsade is very pretty and pattern is just LOVE!:)

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