Givenchy · Healthy Glow Powder, Solar Pulse Summer 2019

It may be September, but Summer is definitely NOT over (at least, not until I say so lol) and Givenchy’s Healthy Glow Powders from the Solar Pulse Summer 2019 Collection backs me up. That said, can we all take a moment and just breathe in the stunning marbled design?

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Healthy Glow Powder Marbled Edition (CAN $68.00/each) | Housed in the brand’s black lacquered packaging complete with the iconic 4G logo and stud closure, these are hybrid bronzer/highlight powders meant to provide that coveted French “bonne mine” (or healthy glow) effect upon the skin. Both limited edition powders come with a lovely marbled pattern on their surface which actually has a purpose apart from the aesthetic; the combination of shades when swirled together, imparts a subtle multi-tonal hue. The shimmer is incredibly fine and does not sit at surface level, but rather melts into the skin once it warms up with your natural oils. Staying power is excellent, when applied over foundation and/or primer.

2.5 Naturel Rosé Healthy Glow Powder | The lighter option and the one more suitable for fair to light complexions, this imparts a rose-pearly glow to the skin. In my opinion, this shade can work as a straight up highlighter on darker skin tones as well.

4.5 Naturel Doré Healthy Glow Powder | The deeper hues of this option make it more suitable for light-medium to darker complexions. The shimmer is actually quite complex, and I also like wearing it as an eyeshadow — which is a great way to pair it with the bronzer along the face.

There’s something about Givenchy’s powders that just speak to me; for one, the quality is superb, with an ultra soft texture that’s a dream to both apply and wear, and then there’s the artistic element that I love. I mean, how can anyone resist this marbled surface? The only downside? They’re limited — was if they’ve caught your attention, I strongly recommend you snap them up while you still can. Because just like Summer, they’ll be gone soon too. #makesummerstay

Available at Holt Renfrew Ogilvy

Kindly provided by Givenchy for my unbiased consideration
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